Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Summer in the City

We're in the middle of a proper heatwave (107 F/42 C) that will probably stick around until for a few days. It is terribly humid, which just adds to the suffocating feeling. Our neighbours are moving today and we were joking that at least it isn't raining. What else can be said? I feel bad for them, and they're moving to the deep south where summers are even worse. I'll miss them though-they were a nice family to have next door. 

I've been making sure to splash some water on the plant leaves for the various insects and caterpillars needing a drink. This hungry caterpillar (it munched through several stalks of parsley) will eventually be a swallowtail butterfly. 
This one is invasive and destructive though-and definitely not welcome in the garden. They're beautiful, but bad news.

Our ceiling is scheduled for plastering/painting the second week of August, which is fine. Hopefully the heatwave will be but a memory and we'll be able to open the windows as the anti-mould treatment they need to use is definitely not something you want to breathe in a closed room. I'm looking forward to getting things put away, but I've also been using the chaos as an opportunity to go through and get rid of some stuff I no longer need. I also had time to dust the perfume trays which took hours. I've cleared out several bottles of that as well knowing I won't miss most of it. These days I've more or less settled into wearing the same few fragrances though obviously as the seasons change I'll want different stuff. Right now I've been enjoying wearing Coriandre as it plays well with high heat and humidity. 

I've been stuck in bed for the past few days (just more of the same being same, but annoying as hell) but on the days when I do need to get dressed beyond a pair of shorts and tee shirt, I'm struggling to put things together. Nothing really fits right after a thirty pound weight loss, and I'm not going to go out and buy new clothes knowing this is going to be temporary (sooner or later my body goes back where it belongs, and I stopped trying to interfere with that years ago). I don't mind wearing oversized clothing, but I do mind wearing ill fitting clothing, so that's been bugging me a bit. In cooler weather I can rely on sweaters instead of dresses with gaping arm holes. I'd settle for a cardigan that didn't slide off my shoulders when worn open. 
See that bagginess at the back of the top? That drives me mad. Then, I put a cardigan over it and forget about it until the cardigan starts sliding around. As for something bugging me I could actually do something about-I packed away the winter coats hanging in the hallway. I'll guess it is finally safe to do so, though as a friend pointed out, we're only about a month away from September and it could, in theory, snow. Midwest living is never dull. 

There's a new thrift store that opened nearby. They're a bit more expensive than the typical thrift shop (though they are also a true charity and the money goes directly to the cause) but they also have better-than-typical stuff. If I required attire for an office or upscale event I might turn to them for clothing, but my life being what it is, that's not the sort of stuff I would wear. The accessories however, are very, very, good. This vintage copper and enamel set were sold separately in different parts of the shop (I wonder if they even knew it was a set when pricing it) and ended up being quite the bargain. I adore copper, and this set has already been worn a few times since being purchased. I can see it becoming a summer staple with the shiny white enamel. Anyway, that was a pleasant surprise and as the shop is across the street from the post office, it is in a spot I frequently need to go by anyway. 

Sometimes, I find incredible things in unlikely places. Dan wanted to call in at the antique mall to look for some baseball cards, so I went along not expecting to find anything interesting for myself. Well! What I found were decidedly not antique, but worth the ten dollars I splashed out for a brand new, unworn pair of Irregular Choice shoes. 

They're a bit large, but nothing a few holes punched in the strap can't solve. I've never owned a pair of magenta shoes. Aren't they absolutely beautiful? Dan found some good baseball cards as well making the trip successful for all concerned. 
The yellow 70s pantsuit from Sears made an appearance. Hideous, sure but that's half the fun.
Let's have a better look at those flares. That's 1976 for you right there. The blue shell top is also vintage and has the obligatory zipper in the back so you don't disturb your hair getting dressed. 
Vintage Walborg raffia bag to complete the look. I'm happy the summer bags are getting a bit more wear than last year, even if I'm not going out all that much. Given the recent resurgence of the virus (thanks, Covidiots!) I'm limiting my trips out again . I never stopped wearing a mask, and it turns out that was a good decision. I'm having a hard time feeling sympathy for people that had access to the vaccine and didn't take it, and I'm going to be seriously angry if I (a person taking immune suppressive drugs) get a breakthrough case because of some ________( fill in the blank with the expletive of your choice). Anyway, crowded stores are going to be a firm, "No" for me and I'll go back to shopping early in the mornings or late at night. I'm worried about what will happen when school re-opens and offices go back to full capacity, but other than doing what I've been doing for the last year, there isn't much more to be done. Sorry-what was I taking about? Oh that's right, summer handbags. Sorry if I got a bit off topic there. 
This is a super-lightweight cotton dress originally from a fast fashion house (Forever 21) that ended up in the window at Hand Me Ups, and for a dollar I really couldn't refuse. I'm not exactly built for strapless dresses but I'm also not built for 107 degree F heat so we're all getting out of our comfort zones these days! When my weight eventually restores I'll likely turn this into a maxi skirt, but for this summer it is just about perfect. 
Looking forward to a haircut when the weather cools off. No point trying to do anything with it in summer as it will just frizz up the minute I step outside. I've been giving it conditioning treatments because it seems like the thing to do. The lovely young woman working at the Sally's took the time to help me check the ingredient list on the various hair masques as I'm allergic to mangoes and avocadoes (both in the latex family) and they're popular ingredients in products for curly hair. Even with new specs it is near impossible for me to read the tiny print of cosmetic packaging. It was very kind of her to help. I'm long past being embarrassed by getting old.
This dress is very old-I bought it new in the early 90s (I think. It might have been late 80s). It has a bit of stretch in the fabric and as a result can accommodate a wide range of dress sizes without looking too big or too small. I mean, there's a limit-I couldn't wear it over a size 14 without looking like I'd been squeezed into a sausage casing, but otherwise it is quite wearable. So I wore itšŸ˜€ 
Here's the dress back in November of 2013!
and 2014
and 2018...
Anyway, you get the idea-I wear it a lot.

Grabbed the opportunity to wear another summer bag and an arm full of bangles (Only the large brown one is Bakelite, but the imposters do play the part well). 
Our postman brought a package all the way from the UK containing this beautiful bag (and a bracelet I forgot to photograph) from the lovely Mim of Crinoline Robot. To say I adore it wouldn't quite capture the delighted scream I let out when I opened the package. I have very little snakeskin(must pronounce it "SNEK") in my collection although I love it. This is going to be my autumn go-to handbag as I wear so much brown and black. The beautiful bracelet will I promise get photographed for the next post. Thank you Mim for being such a good friend and knowing my taste so perfectly. I might not have any clothes that fit, but I have the best handbag in Omaha (if not Nebraska). 

That's about it from here for now. I hope summer is going well where you are. Stay well. Don't let anyone breathe on you. 




Emily said...

Your garden is looking so good! The picture of the swallowtail caterpillar is especially awesome. Viewed up close, it looks like an elevated train or a rollercoaster zooming over a bright green track. It's thoughtful of you to splash water on the leaves so that these little guys can have a drink during your heatwave. My next-door neighbors are also moving out, but here at least, our temperature is back to normal by Oregon standards, so they're having an easy time of it.

Your new shoes are so pretty, and great job on piecing together a matching set of jewelry at the new thrift store! That's always an exhilarating feeling, like winning a scavenger hunt.

Like you, I'm limiting my trips out and still wearing masks. I just hope I don't turn into an agoraphobic misanthrope by the time the pandemic ends. : )

Your new purse from Mim is really lovely, and it will go with so many outfits. Glad to hear you've got a date set for finishing the repairs to your apartment. Wishing you some cool, breezy weather that day. Get well soon!

Vix said...

Your garden is thriving despite the heat! It was a full-time job trying to keep ours alive in feeble 32°C!
I'm so sorry you're still struggling with your health but I bet that lovely bag from Mim was a huge boost. Your favourite 1980s/1990s dress looks fantastic, how fortunate it still fits you so well despite the massive weight loss!
The enamel and copper set was a cracking find and I love the beads you're wearing with your Forever 21 dress!
I sold the same Sears yellow trouser suit to a friend's teenage daughter, it's still her favourite outfit five years later! xxx

bahnwƤrterin said...

where to start......
oh yesss - the yellow suit!! totally LOVE it! the best power suit i ever saw!
this stark colored trouser suits are a "trend" since a while - but your´s is the real deal and looks wayyy better then the modern fast fashion rags you see dotted over the internet.....
fabulous new jewelry and how cool to find the several pieces! copper and white is so you!
the irregular choice shoes are a great find - they will match clothes of all colours yet making a statement every time you wear them......
lovely bag sended over from from mim! but can i send you some of my "pounds"? my hormons are in prepper modus at the moment.....
the caterpillar is beautiful!
stay cool and safe!!! xxxxx

SeƱora Allnut said...

Sorry for the high temperatures and humidity!, such an unpleasant weather!. We're having a 'civilized' summer this year, no heatwaves, but I keep my fingers crossed.
I've read about your roof problems in your previous post, and it's really shocking. Glad that you're managing it and having people to repair it properly soon!. Hope everything goes well!
I'm loving your enamel and copper set, so fabulous pieces and summery!. Also admiring your Irregular Choice shoes, they are Beautiful!, such a lucky find!
Love your yellow suit, those are Fabulous Flares, so cool!, and you rock them and rock your accessorizing (wow, this raffia bag is gorgeous!).
Totally agree about strapless (or thin straps) dresses, I'm not built for them neither I'm built for heatwaves!. When it's hot, sleeveless is the right choice in my book.
Love your floral dress, no wonder you've worn a lot of times through the years!, you look fabulous!. Love a dress that keeps rocking years and years!.
Love the purse that Mim sent you, so cute and totally your style!, she's lovely and knows your taste perfectly, which is Fabulous!
I'm also keeping myself far away from people as much as possible. Despite the vaccination process is going well, the infection rate is increasing (due to some restrictions being lifted). Hope we will achieve the herd inmunity this summer!

Polyester Princess said...

I'm sorry to hear your health is still playing up, and having to contend with a heatwave on top of that cannot be much fun!
Loving the copper and enamel set, and those Irregular Choice shoes. They look quite comfortable with their wedge heels, unlike the pair I once came across in a thrift shop, which were miles high.
Your yellow 1970s pant suit is fabulous, and I love how you paired it with navy. And isn't Mim a sweetie sending you that gorgeous bag?
We've got our fair share of Covidiots too, and I'm a firm believer of making vaccination compulsory. No excuses! I'm still wearing a mask in busy places too. There's still a mask mandate in shops here anyway, which is a good thing! xxx

Anonymous said...

I like the way you styled the Yellow pant suit. The large pendant and blue shell are just right. I must say I am partial to the wide leg cut of the pants.

Are you in grow zone 6 ? I also noticed last week on my last years over wintered parsley caterpillars like you have . I was planning to leave them to do their thing. Unfortunately a praying mantis has taken note. So who knows how many will survive.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

JanF said...

You look good, I am sorry for your health problems. I did not realize you were in for such a rough time, hope you will feel good again soon.
You have the same skirt ( last photo) which our daughter bought in a local thrift shop. She gets compliments every time she wears it but some of the sequins fall off from time to time, we find them when she visits us!

Bibi Maizoon said...

I think those Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward polyester pantsuits will survive anything. I love how you've styled it & it looks very on trend. I am loving how the youngsters nowadays wear them with platform trainers in matching colors.
Those Irregular Choice wedgies & that snekskin purse Mim sent you are swoon worthy!
Your garden looks sublime despite the inferno weather.
We got the J&J! Yup, we are all vaccinated in our household (maid, gardener, & driver too!). Our arms feel like they've been hit with baseball bats but we are all a-ok!

Mim said...

Hoorah for new thrift shops with good stock, and for being able to find those magenta shoes at the mall - you deserve some nice things because 2021 has been an absolute horror for you so far.

I was looking out for the right thing to send you for ages - I was feeling bad because it was taking so long but I wanted to try hard to get it right. Then a new vintage shop opened up in town and the bag was right there, on top of a pile of bags. FATE.

Goody said...

I'm glad the weather is cooling off there-what a crazy summer it has been. Hopefully you'll get people you like living next door. Our new people haven't moved in yet, but the painters and carpet layers have been in there working for the past few days,.
I think by the end of this we're all going to be slightly agoraphobic.

Thank you. In the heat there's only so much you can do for the plants before hoping for the best. We're hot and humid now, so at least I don't need to water the garden. I'll bet there's thousands of these suits floating around. They were well made, to last!

Thank you. The suit has definitely lasted well through years of washes-don't think the fast fashion pieces will be able to claim that. Clothes were so expensive then, they were made to endure typical wear. I'm certain it will outlive me!!!

Thank you. Trying to stay stylish in the summer heat is challenging. You're always such an inspiration though-you do know how to keep outfits bright and cheerful.
I hope things calm down soon but wearing a mask does give an extra bit of security. Stay well.

As silly as it sounds, I feel like I should be able to just force myself to get over it already and power through feeling ill. I know that's nonsense, but I'm feeling guilty about it anyway.
Glad to hear you have a mask mandate. I really wish we did, but in the US each state gets to decide what to do. I'm just really happy I don't live in Florida!

Technically, we're in 4b, but my garden has micro-zones that are much warmer. The south facing spot is also by the dryer vent, so it stays pretty warm all year.
Our praying mantises get eaten by hummingbirds. The food chain can be quite merciless.

I enjoyed the photo you sent. It is a great skirt, though I need to buy a packet of sequins and do a little repair.

Hallelujah! I am so, so happy for you and your family.

It really did cheer me, mostly knowing I have such great friends. I really wish there wasn't an ocean between us, but thank goodness for the internet.

Miss Magpie said...

I'm very behind on my blog reading! I hope you are feeling better by now. Isn't Mim the best at finding lovely presents??