Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Here Comes The Rain Again


The holes in the ceiling are at long last repaired and just in time too, as Omaha was hit with another round of severe weather last weekend. I don't know what god we've managed to offend, but this has been one wild summer. At least I wasn't stuck in a flooding elevator. 
We live at the top of a high hill so flooding is less of an issue for us, but driving around our neighbourhood the day after the storm there was mud and debris piled up at the bottom of the hill. Something to keep in mind if you're ever looking to move somewhere. We got out of the latest storm with a bit of hail damage in the garden but nothing I couldn't salvage by harvesting quickly. 

Now that everything needs to be put back in place, I'm using it as an opportunity to do a serious clear out. Danny's room hadn't been properly gone through in years, and were I to describe him as a pack rat, that wouldn't come close to what greeted me when I started going through his closet. As we were tearing it all apart anyway, the room is getting a proper re-do. He was eight years old when we moved here, and at sixteen he requires less room to play and more space to work. It was time for a new bed as well because six feet and two hundred pounds wasn't going to fit that mattress much longer. The bed arrives Friday, and after that we can look for a desk, nightstand, etc. I found him a new (vintage) lamp from the 50s at a rummage sale last weekend for five dollars. He'd been using two tiny lamps that really weren't adequate for anything other than a bedside, and his desk was my great aunt Annie's which you can just see to the left of this photo. I've moved it into my room where it will get more use and we can find him something a bit more user-friendly for a teenager. We'll be taking down the Woody Woodpecker decorations I made from foam board and packing them away with the Make Way For Ducklings decorations I made for his nursery. I'm not sure what he'll want now, but odds are I won't be drawing anything on foamboard. He'll only be living at home for a couple more years (leaving for university in Europe, but that's another post), and as I've learned a couple years sails by rather quickly. I'm excited for him. School starts again next week. 

In going through the closet, I'd forgotten just how deep it is. I pulled out a large carton containing my fabric stash and thought that was it, only to discover yet another mysterious moving box behind. Imagine my surprise when it contained clothes I thought had been donated long ago. After eight years of not seeing these things, it was a delight to find they were not only in good condition, but fit well. This yellow dress was a favourite at one time.
The bodice is an eyelet fabric, and the skirt a textured cotton with circles. The waistband has fine pleats none of which shows well in the photograph. It is fully lined, and just so nicely made for something that I'm pretty sure I bought off of the sale rail at Sears years ago. While summery, it should be possible to stretch the wear into autumn with the addition of a jacket or cardigan. I found a few other treasures packed away as well, including a 60s bikini, some trousers, and a few more sundresses. I'm all in favour of getting rid of things that no longer fit, but I'm glad I thought to hang onto these pieces, "Just in case". 

These days, I spend most of my time in a dressing gown. Sometimes I just throw it on over shorts and a tee shirt, and I've been tempted to wear it out. I mean, this is Dior,  not some crappy bathrobe. Silk is surprisingly warm. 
Maybe a velour track suit would be better? I wear this one quite a bit inside to keep me from freezing to death in the air conditioning. 
These denim shorts were something I purchased at The Gap in the 80s (I know I had them as a college student but I might have bought them earlier, I just can't remember). The Gap isn't anything special now, but in the 70s and 80s they were a fantastic place to buy denim as they stocked a range of sizes and cuts assuring that you'd find something that didn't look like you'd stolen a pair of jeans off a farmer. I found a pair of late 90s Gap jeans in Dan's closet that I'll be showing you once the weather cools off. They're a straight leg boot cut that is already back in fashion after twenty years. Fine with me-I never liked skinny jeans. Want to see something else I got in the 80s?
Yep, the tiniest tattoo. Ignore the scar on my navel from the recent surgery that I'm told will eventually fade (probably when I'm too old to care). Women getting tattoos in the 80s was still considered very rebellious, and my mother promptly lost what was left of her mind when she saw it. I'm certain if she were alive today she'd be sporting several, but it just wasn't a done thing back then. I don't have any others, though I have been considering getting DNR tattooed to my chest as a quick instruction to any paramedics that might be tempted to revive me. I do have an advanced directive drawn up by a lawyer with instructions for when to resuscitate or not that I'm so glad was completed prior to Covid happening, but a tattoo might get the message across quicker. Something to consider as I get older. I don't have plans for any additional artistic ink work, though never say never, I guess!
In other news, the prayer plant flowered for a second time this year. The flowers are short lived-about two days, but it is nice to see. 
It seems happy in the sunny kitchen window, but I find that I need to shift the plants around with the seasons. In winter it seems happier in the living room with a north east exposure that gets the morning light. Who knew houseplants would be so demanding? 
The outdoors plants just want water occasionally. Well they certainly got plenty of that this week!

How about florals you can wear? This 90s rayon dress has the strangest wrap/tie thing at the waist that really adds nothing but would be too complicated to remove. I can't help thinking it would have been so much nicer with a belt. I'd have given it away, but that beautiful print with the vibrant colours convinced me otherwise. It literally matches everything. 

In theory, this straw bag out to match everything, but in practise it is hard to wear. If I wore much beige linen it would likely get more use. Experience has taught me that buying things expecting them to match or go well with the rest of the wardrobe will only lead to disappointment. Instead, I just buy what I like and eventually the pieces come together. 
These 90s trousers are fun. They're sheer but have built-in shorts for modesty. 
Not that I'm overly concerned with modesty.
The bangle is inlaid wood, and the necklace is ultra lightweight plastic. 

And that's about it from here. I'm taking things very slowly as I'm still a bit weak, but eventually bit by bit things get done. I really, really, hope we're coming to the end of the severe weather until winter. 

Take care and stay safe, everyone. 


Emily said...

The yellow dress is gorgeous!!! And you look totally glamorous in that Dior dressing gown.

Can you tell us what the tattoo is supposed to be? I couldn't quite make out the shape, but maybe it's abstract and it isn't supposed to be something specific.

Times have changed. These days, it seems more subversive *not* to get a tattoo. Almost everyone has one now, or so it seems. I may be one of the last hold-outs.

I look forward to hearing more about Dan's plans to see Europe.

Goody said...

It is a small rosebud. Imaginative, I know! It has stretched a bit over the years. Looked impressive when I was expecting though.

Emily said...

Ah, I can see the rosebud now. The whole tattoo appeared to be a uniform blue-green color on my computer, which is the only reason why I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be.

Your rosebud was an excellent choice that has stood the test of time. It says, "I'm subversive enough to get a tattoo, but still a nice girl."

Vix said...

Yellow really looks good on you! I love that Dior wrap and the huge ring necklace you're wearing with your trousers, too!
My Mum never found out about my tattoo or the huge snake one my brother has wrapped around most of his arm - she had no problem with them on other people, just us!
I'm very excited to hear more about Danny's plans. xxx

bahnwärterin said...

the weather gods are grumpy - which is easy to understand.........

thanks goodness your roof was already mended.
yellow is such a grat colour on you and the dress is extremely chic! i eagleeyed the rainbow bag - but in the closeup i saw the problem: the natural wood details - something i struggle to wear with light colourful outfits, esp. as i´m not the "wood type" anyway.
love all your very interesting jewelry - every piece is special and pretty and very decorative in its own way.....
me is not surprised by the warmth silk spends - silk is made of protein and all protein fibers are warm (wool!) - on the other hand the celloulose fibers - made from plants - are cooling. the synthetics try to copy one or the other.......

Polyester Princess said...

I think the whole world has incurred the wrath of the weather deities!
How horrible to be hit with a storm and horrendous rain yet again. That elevator story was pretty scary, I'd have been so terrified.
Having had a very sloppy teenage stepdaughter, I can only imagine too well what Danny's room must have been like after all those years. I bet he's glad it's getting an update. And fancy finding that box of forgotten clothes!
The yellow dress is gorgeous! The Dior dressing gown is fabulous, and so is the 90s rayon floral dress and the bag and jewellery you accessorized it with! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Sorry to hear you've had more horrible weather. The yellow dress is fab and looks lovely on you. I also loved your Dior dressing gown - I would definitely wear that out!

I can't believe you found a box of clothes after so long! It's also fab that they still fit you. Loved the floral dress with the green cardigan such a brilliant print. The wood inlay bracelet was gorgeous and that was such an unusual necklace.

I have a tiny home made tattoo done when I was 14 which was meant to be the start of my name but the boy that did it only got as far as V and I chickened out! In the days when I wore sleeveless tops/dresses people were always rubbing at it thinking it was a smudge of cigarette ash...

Danny's coming to study in Europe? If he's in the UK would love to meet up with him or he could come and stay for a bit...

Señora Allnut said...

You've got your own sunshine in the form of a yellow dress, such a fab piece!, you rock yellow actually!. And yellow shorts!
So lovely to find some forgotten stuff that still fits!, it's like finding money in the pockets of an old coat.
As I wrote in the IG, I admire your determination to do a clear out before even plan to move. This is something I always wanted to do and never had the courage, time or energy to do. Then I have to deal with clutter after moving, doubled annoyance!.
Love your floral rayon dress, so beautiful print and colours, and so cool with the rainbaw Straw bag, really lovely ensemble. Love your trousers with the fab accessories, the massive necklace!. And love that you're wearing a Dior Dressing Gown! wow!

Goody said...

Thanks! I wear a lot of yellow, to the point where I counted seven yellow blazers/jackets/coats and I suspect there are more. Might be time for me to try out mixing it with different colours.

You're right-the wood does seem to be the problem now that you point it out. I try to buy interesting accessories that will actually get worn unlike scarves which just sit looking pretty but useless.

This has been such a wild summer of weather here. I'm glad no one was killed in that latest flood, but it is still terrifying how fast it happened.
It will be very interesting to have the house to myself again after Dan heads back to school and Mr. ETB to the office in September. Maybe I can finally get things in some sort of order instead of cleaning around them. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch, but a *little* tidying would be nice.

You haven't been tempted to finish the tattoo? I probably wouldn't have either. Danny wants to study languages and foreign relations so he's planning to apply to schools in Brussels-which makes sense. As he put it, "I want to move somewhere I can speak French without moving to France." I thought he would say Canada, not Belgium. I can't blame him wanting out of here.

Our last move included thousands of books which we've since slowly gotten rid of. After such a big move I am sure I never want to do that again. The trick is not bringing in anything else once I get rid of stuff. That's the hard part.

JanF said...

Lovely clothes, especially the yellow dress and the floral with a green cardigan! Also very exciting news about Danny's plans. I seem to remember him thinking he would be an exterminator! BTW does he still love baking?

Mim said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all the rediscovered clothing from Danny's room. It must be nice for him to be revamping his space and making it more grownup too.

University in Europe? That sounds like a great adventure!