Monday, August 23, 2021

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel...Uncomfortable.

 More of a hot, humid breeze actually. Like standing over a pot of boiling water. But eh, that's August in the Midwest.

Hello friends. We've nearly made it through August which for us means, Back To School time. While I no longer need to purchase school supplies like crayons and glue, I did splash out and buy Danny some new shoes and athletic clothing. Not that he really requires them as their PE class consists of lifting weights and occasionally walking around the track. But he'll look cool doing nothing. He jokingly said he wanted an Adidas track suit so he could look like a Russian YouTuber. Ultimately he ended up with Fila. JC Penny's had a mega sale which I was grateful for. I can get most of my clothing at a thrift store, but it is a bit trickier for menswear. Anyway, he's happy, I'm happy, and he doesn't look like he's about to abandon a stolen car on a railroad track (have you seen these crazy Russian videos?!).  

The bright colourful backdrop is my temporary bedroom window covering. My blinds broke. I have a replacement, but haven't got around to putting them up because that would require getting out a drill and well...yeah. I'll get to it eventually. The fabric is a very silky polyester I bought to make a caftan and much like replacing my blinds...yeah. I swear this isn't a pattern with me, just a coincidence. I'm usually rather good with chores. Anyway, I like how it looks when the light is coming through as it almost has the feel of a stained glass window. I might make proper curtains once the blinds go up. Well...yeah, I wouldn't hold your breath. 

Since moving the full length mirror in the bedroom I find it a pleasant spot to take selfies. It does require that I make my bed as I can't easily crop it out, but I make it most days anyway. Now that Danny's back in school I've been making his as well because I think it is nice to get into a made bed at night. I only do the linen once a week though. I haven't completely lost my mind.
I have my index finger strategically placed on my phone concealing my telephone number. Yep, I put my telephone number on the back of my phone. Look kids, my brain is full. I don't have space for learning a telephone number I almost never use. Pathetic? I don't know, but I do know that I have pretty much zero shame these days. 
Back to the carton of forgotten clothing for this pair of y2k era boot cut jeans from the Gap. They're massively uncomfortable thanks to the complete absence of  stretch material, but they also look better than jeans with stretch material. Such a quandary. Since the surgery I really haven't been able to tolerate things pressing on my abdomen, so these jeans might need to go back in the carton until I'm better healed. 
But before I go I'm obligated to flash my behind at you because why else wear a pair of jeans? 
This is more my style. I bought this dress back in the early 90s though it was made from a vintage 50s tablecloth. I wore it quite a lot in the years I lived in Boston, and thought of it now and then but assumed I'd given it away. I'm so very glad I didn't get rid of it. It is a little shorter than I'd wear these days but with summer clothing I think it is acceptable without looking silly. 
I was joking on Instagram that it gives off the vibe of a waitress that would dump soup in your lap! Whoops!
The rattan bag has a cotton lining with a drawstring. That solves the biggest issue I have with these types of basket handbags. I'm happy I was able to use the bag this summer. That giant orange plastic bracelet is in two pieces held together with magnets. I'm not sure why there was a fad for magnetic jewelry in the 70s (earrings were popular too) but I find quite a lot of it in thrift shops. I wouldn't have guessed I could manage to pinch my skin in it but I did! Left quite the impressive bruise as well. So be warned. 
We've had some storms again, but nothing like the flash floods we experienced earlier in the month. So far the roof repair seems to be holding. 
I made it back from my walk just as the first raindrops were falling. I take my walks around the college campus next door. Four laps around equals a mile and I don't need to worry about random idiots on the street as the school has a security guard that makes rounds visibly in a golf cart. The world keeps getting stranger, so I stick close to home when I can. Never did make it over to the pool this year, but I guess there's still a bit of time until it closes at Labour Day. 

The "Dog Days" cicadas have been singing.  These aren't the ones you read about in the news that only emerge after 17 years. I've noticed quite a few cicada killer wasps around, so I hope this one made it away safely. They're beautiful insects. 
Still trying to make meals that satisfy everyone's tastes. I made a batch of sugarless plum sauce and was looking for something to do with it. The tofu turned out nicely. I have to try brushing it on chicken before baking-it would probably be amazing. Ginger and plum is such a lovely combination. Right now the Italian prune plums are hitting our stores, and it is a very short season. I might need to get out the canner and make a few more jars. 
I have a bumper crop of basil this year, so expect to see it artfully scattered across everything. 
More plums being used in savoury dishes. This time I've "artfully" strewn the dish with coriander. Clearly I missed my calling as a food stylist. 
Finally, a homemade Salisbury Steak, which is more or less a meatloaf with mushrooms and onions. To someone my age that grew up eating the Swanson frozen dinner Salisbury Steak this seems a little on the fancy side. 
It was money from Swanson's frozen food empire that built my Omaha neighbourhood (and our library) so I can't say anything negative about it. I always enjoyed a TV dinner as a kid because it was something my mother couldn't ruin-not without considerable effort anyway. 
This dress is a recent purchase when I found myself killing some time at Ross Dress For Less waiting for World Market to open next door. I don't buy much new aside from undergarments, but I liked the style and the lightweight printed mesh fabric. It was an absolute bargain and looks to be well made. With some gentle care it ought to last better than most modern clothing. I had the perfect handbag to go with it.

I can imagine this as an all-seasons dress with the addition of tights and a cardigan. I think it was $15.00 well spent. I did eventually make it to World Market for tea. I resent paying almost $10.00 a box for PG Tips. I understand imports are more expensive now, and there's a pandemic, etc. etc. but it also feels a bit extreme as a box of Yorkshire Gold is only $6.00. So I bought a box to try. 

If you didn't already know I'm stupid-well, helooooo. I brewed up a cup of the Yorkshire gold and thought it looked sort of weak-so I left the bag in for something like eight minutes and then gave the bag a healthy squeeze just to extract a bit more. I grumbled about it being watery and weak, drank it down and then went about my business for a few minutes until the caffeine hit my bloodstream. Well that was a surprise. *Slaps forehead* you can't judge the strength of Gold Blend by comparing it to the colour of PG Tips black tea. Oh. Well that's fine-I'll take whatever little jolts of energy I can get these days. I've never smoked meth but I imagine it is probably a lot like leaving a tea bag to steep for eight minutes. No? Well the house was very tidy after that caffeine hit, that much I'll say. I really can't handle drugs caffeine. 
I never knew I needed a pair of yellow shorts until these came into my life. Off the dollar rack at the thrift store, they're now in regular rotation in my wardrobe-I'm wearing them now as I type. Two side pockets and two back pockets make them perfect for doing chores or just running out with my keys and phone. Yellow and grey is such a pleasing colour combination that I think I'll have a look through as I unpack next season's clothing to see what I have in those colours. 
This was an extremely lucky find, though I'm honestly not in love with Arpege but I will give it another try. I was wearing an N95 mask with a surgical mask over it so there was no way to smell it at the store. For $3.99 I took a chance. Smelled it when I got home-it smells like Arpege. Maybe this is a perfume I needed to age into. We'll see. I don't want to try it until the heat breaks. 
The pricing at Goodwill is silly. This they practically gave away when they wanted an obscene $40.00 for a bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo. I suppose the randomness is what keeps thrifting exciting. 
"Quick, make a face like a jack-o-lantern!"
How's that for unexpected and random? Oh good. I like to think I'm still full of surprises. 
Finally, I have this modern Vera Neuman print dress. It is too big, and not very well made, but the print is so adorable.
Good opportunity to wear my tiny fish brooches.

The colours are just so good!
The fabric creases easily-another strike against it. I even pulled out the steamer before putting it on. It is a shame, but sometimes even the best print can't make up for poor quality. I'll give it some time to consider having it altered, but I'm likely to just get rid of it. I'm ruthless these days. 
That's about all from here. I'm hoping to get my third dose of vaccine this week (I'm on medications that suppress my immune system) and try to keep as cool as possible while Omaha bakes in the late summer sun. I hope you stay safe, well, and take some time to listen to the singing of cicadas. Take care. 





John said...

Hello! First time commenting here. Just to say if Danny wants to look authentically like a Russian YouTuber it needn't be expensive because I believe the majority of the tracksuits are fake. Ahem.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Looking very svelte there, Goody!
Loving the Ross dress, smocked waists are always so comfortable.
The 50s tablecloth dress is fab. I didn’t know Vera made clothing? The print on the Vera dress is divine, don’t toss it!
All your dishes look scrummy! It’s been a long monsoon this year and my garden is down to book choy, okra, and Malabar spinach.
I can’t even handle black coffee anymore without heart palpitations, so I know what you mean about 8 minute tea and blitzkrieg housecleaning!
Stay safe!

Polyester Princess said...

Danny wanting to look like a Russian YouTuber made me laugh - and wonder where he gets his sense of humour from - as did your new commentor John's comment. I guess he's got a point there!
What a treasure trove that forgotten box of clothing is. They might not be comfortable right now, but that pair of jeans looks amazing on you. The tablecloth dress is delightful, too. As is that new dress!
I can't get over that Swanson's TV dinner and its three courses ...
And that's it: I'll be on the lookout for Yorkshire Gold tea: my house needs cleaning and I can't seem to find the energy to do so! xxx

Emily said...

With heat and humidity like that, it's understandable that you're not in the mood to mend clothes and sew curtains. I know that when cooler weather arrives, we'll all return to what I call "industrious squirrel mode." In the meantime, there's always highly caffeinated tea to get you going. : )

Your food looks scrumptious as always, and your latest outfits are divine. I love the fish brooches that you strategically placed on your dress. They look like they're about to take a thrill ride down a waterfall.

How wonderful it is to have a Ross next door to a World Market! And to find such a beautiful floral dress!

I've always been more of a My Sin person than an Arpege person, so I suspect I also have to age into that one to appreciate it fully.

My husband (it must be a guy thing?) likes watching Russian YouTubers.
One of his favorite Russian Youtube programs is called Stop a Douchebag. He agrees that a lot of Russians on Youtube like to wear tracksuits. : )

Vix said...

I don't need to watch YouTube, those sportswear wearing Russians used to be everywhere in Goa back in the naughties, they made the British package tourists look well-dressed!
I could eat that tofu right now, it looks and sounds delicious! That Swanson's concoction looks like something you'd get on a plane.
Your new dress is really pretty, I can see why you couldn't leave it behind.
Yorkshire Gold is our tea of choice and I usually leave it to brew for 10 minutes. No wonder I never sit still! xxx

Señora Allnut said...

Love your window covering, I thought you were wearing a massive fascinator or hairclip when I see your first photo!. Lovely colours!. It took me a month to hang our extra blinds (yes, I have doubled blinds in the summer) even if it's a really easy task. I subscribe to your 'no shame' policy!
Glad that Danny is not going to look like a Russian Youtuber (or a fan of reggaeton) in his track suit!. Good news! ;DD
Love both your striped dress (looks really comfy&cool) and your cute 50's dress, its fabric is amazing and colourful and cute!. And love your basket, glad it has this linen to keep your goods safe (and unseeable). I use a toilet bag into my straw bags to prevent any missing (don't care particularly about pickpockets as I don't go anywhere).
Your dishes look really tasty!, lots of mushrooms, plums and coriander (which I love!). Really inspiring.
Love your dark floral dress, and perfect bag indeed!.
Totally understand the feeling when having that 'eight minutes tea', usually I forgot about my tea, and then I drink that shot of bitter tea, a shock to my system (and also to my palate!).
Love your yellow shorts (summery color and fab shape!) and also love your fishes dress (and delightfully matchy brooches!). Sorry that this dress is not as good as it looks!, but the colours are fab!
Hope you get your third dose soon!

bahnwärterin said...

here we could do with some of your heat - it feels like autumn at the moment - much to early......
who thought that looking like a russian youtuber is something to go for?? ;-D
i´m more into a certain omaha blogger - who has a fish dress!! so very cool - esp. as i do not care about wrinkles (in a dress!!)
the new new dress is beautiful, even better if the quality is better then the avaerage..... 10 years ago a young russian desinger launched a collection called *datcha style* - this dress could be from. (datcha is a russian summer house in the country - but its more then a house, its a lifestyle).
lots of russian influences today......
gorgeous food!!

Beth Waltz said...

I vote you keep the new fabric window covering -- the stained glass effect is beautiful! -- at least until the weather and light turns wintry. Even then, it might serve as an undercurtain.

A dark print dress with long sleeves is my favorite find, Goody, especially when it's adaptable for 9-season wear. At $15 it costs less than the caftans peddled on racks at our drugstore check-out lanes! Well scored!

Talk about 'builder's tea: An 8-minute Yorkshire Gold brew would probably fuel a clean out of my study closet. "Very tidy", indeed! Be sure to tell Danny about this caffeine reserve, in case he needs to pull an all-nighter. It's cheaper and safer than the energy drinks. (And, no, I can't envision him as gopnik. How long can he squat and eat sunflower seeds? And I don't think he'd enjoy driving a Lada.)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Yes, you're so right Goody - it's the randomness of thrifting that makes it so addictive. I found a pair of of Lotta of Stocholm clogs this week for 2.50!

What fab outfits. You look amazing in the jeans and shorts; the dresses are gorgeous and I loved the bags and the little fish brooches. The new retail bought dress is just lovely on you; fab sleeves.

The food all looks really tasty and as for tea; I believe Yorkshire tea is meant to be one of the strongest of teas. I only drink Earl Grey tea (usually from Aldi as it's not so weak as most other supermarket brands) so can't comment from personal experience but if it assists you with the housework - far cheaper than amphetamines!

The cicadas sound is wonderful - wish we had them here...

Goody said...

Ha! You're correct. And welcome.

The Vera clothing from the 60s/70s when she was still alive and had a hand in the design was much better quality. I have a couple blouses and a maxi skirt from the 70s that are real treasures.
My god, if you gave me a black coffee I don't know what would happen!!!

Danny really shocked me with being able to speak/understand a bit of Russian. He's good with languages, so he basically went online and taught himself better understand these awful videos! Not to better understand literature, not to watch arthouse films, but to watch Russian prank videos. That's my boy?!?

Oh no, your husband is watching that stuff too?! It HAS to be a guy thing!
The Ross is fairly new. We have a second one that's on the north side of the city next door to a Target and a Big Lots, so both locations have good neighbours. It is an interesting place. I get the sense there are regulars that go there early to stalk out the deals.
My Sin is a beautiful perfume. I think you sold me a mini years ago. This is such a tough time of year for wearing fragrance especially as the wasps get super-aggressive in late summer. I don't want to do anything to attract them. After the first frost I'll probably start shopping/wearing fragrances again.

American tourists dress pretty awful too (cropped pastel trousers come to mind).
I was completely caught off guard by the amount of caffeine in the tea. I'm so pathetic. You're made of tough stuff, lady!

@Senora Allnut
Danny came home from school and informed me he can in fact do push-ups. I don't know why he thought I'd be impressed by that, but it justifies the athletic clothing in his mind. Boys!
Mushrooms are expensive here but they also go on sale when they start to get just a bit dark (which is silly as they're fine). As a result, sometimes I have to find creative ways to cook a lot of mushrooms before they get too old.
I was thinking the window covering reminded me of your big floral skirt. You'd definitely know what to do with this fabric.

I will never understand the mind of a teenaged boy :)
I think he's getting in touch with the Slavic side of his heritage.
As mentioned above to Ann, he taught himself Russian. I told him he needs to learn Ukrainian and Belarussian and he responded, "They're not hard" so I don't underestimate that kid.
I feel somewhat without a style at the moment. I'm sure I'll feel more like getting dressed when it cools off. I wish I could send you the heat.
Take care.

Right now with the tree behind the house in full leaf, you can't see my window from the street, but I'll have to see what it looks like in Winter. I don't want to be offering a shadow strip-tease to drivers along our street.
Danny's drink of choice is that overnight-soak cold brew coffee concentrate. About two fingers in a glass with ice cubes and topped up with oat milk each morning to get him through the day accompanied by a couple multi-grain English muffins. I'm glad he's moved on from Pop Tarts-that just felt like such a poor excuse for breakfast.
I'm sure if he drove anything (which is looking more and more unlikely) it would be a Zil limousine from the Soviet era :)
I hope you're doing well and getting your strength back.

I learned about the tea the hard way! I love the smell of Earl Grey-reminds me of perfume.
Cicadas can get loud, but I've gotten used to them. If there's a tree in the Midwest, there's Cicadas.

Miss Magpie said...

I love the table cloth dress, that box of old clothes is really the gift that keeps on giving.
I love the smell of Arpege, my Mum had some for special occasions and I loved it when she wore it, she admitted recently she was never a fan, how funny.

You need to ask a Brit. I only drink Yorkshire tea and it's well known over here for being builders tea, ie; strong.