Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Three Dollar Chicken

I'm not one to let being vegetarian stop me from a good bargain, particularly when one member of the family is happy enough to eat animals. It took all day, but that three dollar chicken produced the following:

2 quarts of chicken stock (made with saved carrot peelings, celery trimmings, etc. that I store in the freezer).

Enough shredded, seasoned meat for ten large burritos (wrapped and frozen for lunches at work)

3/4 cup rendered chicken fat

Tomorrow, I'll cook part of the stock down to a glaze, and freeze the rest. Yes, I had to deal with a whole chicken, but I had enough experience dealing with that growing up that I dare say I could take the damn thing apart blindfolded. Like riding a bike I guess, though I can't say for certain I'd be able to stay on a bike more than ten seconds.

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Raymond said...

A lengthy post describing the process would be cool, tho quite an undertaking. It'd be a good lesson for we poor folk out here in gold rush land (Sacramenny) struggling to get by in these hard times.