Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Owl Get That

The kid speaks owl. When the great horned owl took up residence on the farm, kiddo went outside at dusk, and kept a call/answer thing going with it for several minutes. He knows their different calls (from listening to recordings online), types of nests, and pretty much anything you'd want to (or not) know about owls. He's pretty good with other birds as well.

Last weekend, Danny had the opportunity to speak with a "renowned owl expert", which is my kid's idea of a celebrity. So they got to talk owl, and all was well until we got in the car to leave.

"I forgot to tell him my great joke!"
"Which joke was that?" I asked.
"What do you call a small owl that got caught in the rain?"
"A moist owlet."

I'm kinda relieved he forgot to tell it.

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Raymond said...

I love it! Good one.