Wednesday, June 07, 2017

80's Does 30's

I always thought I was too short for a dropped waist dress. I was wrong.

 This 80's does 30's dress is the sort of thing my mum liked to wear, but she was quite tall and had great legs. I assumed I'd look like a potato in a dress like this, so I avoided them. Looking at the way this dress worked on my build, it opens up all sorts of  wardrobe possibilities. There's no shortage of these 80's dresses, and I will now be giving them a bit more attention on the rail than I previously had.
 I could have done without the fabric flower, but it is sewn on rather securely. The busy floral print made accessorising tricky, but I knew I bought this long strand of beads for a reason.
I had the perfect straw hat as well...

I found this hat at Goodwill on a display with ratty baseball caps and winter stocking caps.
Looking at the photos, I'm wearing this hat too far back on my head. That's fine for a schoolgirl, but I'm a grown woman, and it really belongs evenly atop my head. Time to employ a hat-pin. Photographing myself for the blog has made me aware of these small things that I can correct.

Outfit Particulars

Saks 5th Avenue 80's dress-Thrift World
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Earrings-K Mart
Vintage hat-Goodwill
Gold leaf-design bracelet-New Life Thrift
Adjustable bracelet-Goodwill
Shawl-ages ago at a shop on Devon Ave. in Chicago
Handbag-Marshall's about 20 years ago
Fragrance-Patou 1000

I started going through my stored clothing with a very critical eye. I really own too many clothes. When we moved to the city from the farm four years ago, I had very little clothing outside of my vintage collection pieces, and they were rarely worn. I think in the 13 years we lived out there, I wore the same five dresses over and over with jeans and sweaters for winter attire. The hard water from the well was murder on clothes, and the second I'd step outside I'd either be covered in blowing dirt, or mud. Country living isn't compatible with nice clothes. 

Once we arrived in Omaha, and I saw how inexpensive the thrift stores were, I splurged. Four years on, I can honestly say I'll never need to buy another item of clothing. I'm not saying I wont-just that the need isn't there. Going from having almost nothing to wardrobes bursting is understandable, but I understand that just because it is .49 cents I don't need to have it-and if I must have it, I need not keep it. I'm being rather cold-hearted in the cull, but unless it is wonderful, vintage, or valuable-away it goes. 

This dress has already been moved along, but I did learn that I can wear a style of dress I previously avoided. That alone was enough reason to bring it home. Have you ever been surprised by a style you didn't think you could wear?


Bibi Maizoon said...

While I love the silhouette of that drop waist dress it reminds me of one of Carol Burnette's characters on her show: Eunice Harper Higgins. (And her cantankerous mom played by Vicki Lawrence) I wonder of it's the flower that gives that Bob Mackie-esque costume-y flair?
The straw hat is a lovely piece of vintage Omaha! The beaded bag is fab too.

Oh the joys of living in a consumerist culture- declutter, cull, onwards. I'm decluttering my makeup collection. As always I have several dupes of every shade of pink, mauve, and rose gold one could imagine.

Mim said...

The shape does look lovely on you.

I was surprised that I could wear wiggle dresses - thick waist, small hips, flar butt. But because of my shape, I can get away with wearing them without looking all va-va-voom; they just look smart on me.

Vix said...

The style of that dress really suits you and shows off your killer legs. I love that your hat came from Omaha!
I suppose I was surprised that I didn't look as crap in pastels that I always imagined that I did, still not tempted to keep any though! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

That dress actually looks great on you, Goody, and you accessorized it well with that long string of beads and that pretty bag. It's good to break out of one's comfort zone once in a while. I have been pleasantly surprised a couple of times when I did.
Not all that long ago, I mostly wore jeans and boring tops, but once I started buying vintage/second hand, there was no going back and I accumulated a lot of clothing in a short time as well. I need to do a serious cull too, but I'm not very good at getting rid of things. I know I have to, though. xxx

Melanie Folly Bird said...

I think this style of dress really suits you and it's good to know that they're easy to come by. The hat is a perfect finishing touch too.

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to different styles, I know what suits me (well I hope they suit me!) and stay on that path. I like wiggle dresses on others but couldn't get one to fit me nicely and I have long, long since stopped wearing trousers, as my hips are too big to wear trousers in a flattering way. It's prints that I have been surprised by, and colours. I always thought 'my colours' lay within the reds, purples, pinks spectrum, but since blogging, people have said powder blue suits me, which really took me by surprise.

Beth Waltz said...

This dress calls out for pearls and a bit of gilt -- but, yes, there is a faint echo of Margaret Rutherford in that corsage centered in the bodice. The bag is amazing!

I've been following the example of Vix in editing my wardrobe. When an item is added, something is subtracted (binned or donated), UNLESS it's a true collector's item or intended for specific events. (Yes, like every proper Midwestern woman of a certain age, I do have dresses for weddings and funerals, appropriate for the occasions but not what I'd wear otherwise.)

Veronica Cooke said...

It's a wonderful dress, Goody and looks fabulous on you. I love the print as well. I had a dropped waist dress I bought new at the end of 1980s; I loved it and wore it to death; I never thought about my height at all!

I love the hat (made in Omaha, I see) and the black jacket/ duster over the dress looks very elegant.

We had a couple of pearl hatpins donated to the Red Cross shop a few weeks back and sold them pretty fast.

I understand exactly how you managed to accumulate so many clothes and it's good you are culling them down to those you love etc. I used to be the same about books; I thought I had to keep every book I bought! Of course, I didn't and once I realised it was quite liberating. I only keep the ones I want to reread or those I haven't read yet...

Have a great weekend.

Goody said...

YES! I didn't put it together until you said it. I need a curly wig now.
Letting go of makeup is hard. I don't know about you, but my reasoning is that if I wore it once, I might want to again, even if it was five years ago. I have some lippy that's older than Danny.

I really like the way you look in a wiggle dress-the lines are good on you-you have that beautiful brown evening dress with the matching jacket that's so perfect on you.

You do pull off the pastels well, but I know what you mean about not wanting to keep them. Fun on a whim though-I enjoyed your post modelling them.

I meant to tell you, I was inspired by your use of space bags to try some out-they worked great. The problem of course is I now have more space for more clothes! Still, thank you for showing those on the blog-it has made my storage more manageable.

I really adore that Hawaiian dress you wore this week with the red petticoat. I rarely wear trousers for much the same reason.

Who wouldn't want to channel Margaret Rutherford?!
My funeral dress is a navy crepe Liz Claiborne dress from the early 90's. Long sleeves to be appropriate in a church, but lightweight enough that I won't faint from heat graveside. In winter I just add a coat. I've never worn it for anything but funerals. No one I know has got themselves hitched in over a decade so I'm spared the wedding guest attire.

I find it much easier to get rid of clothes than books. You're wise getting rid of them though-if you ever need to move house the books are the worst part. I swore never again after the last move, but I need to do better getting rid of them.

Radostin said...

You look wonderful in this! Having plenty of boob and an extravagance of belly I also always assumed that there was no way a drop-waist could work on me, but I have one hand-me-down from a friend that somehow manages to avoid being too tight anywhere without looking like a box, and it's such fun to wear! Love the frills and your colour scheme.

Goody said...

I just had a look at your instgram-if that's the drop-waist dress, it looks lovely on you. And you don't have an extravagance of belly.

Radostin said...

Awww, thank You!