Monday, June 12, 2017

Asymmetrical Chillies

I suppose it would be an understatement to say I own some, "strange clothes." I blame my mum-she shouldn't have let me hang around the art school with her when I was young and impressionable. Give a small child a colour wheel and access to paint and you've doomed them to a life of being unable to blend into the crowd. I always consider colour first when purchasing clothing and accessories. That's not to say I don't have my share of grey and beige, but even the neutrals eventually end up in a shocking combination of contrasting colour. Orange and grey, olive green and purple, and so on. Today's outfit isn't holding back on colour.
Blue, green, purple, red, yellow, white-this isn't a print for blending in with the masses. I've owned it for a few years, but this was my first time wearing it. Like all my best outfits, I road-tested it at the library, where everyone already knows I dress exuberantly. It was met with approval. I mean, come on-it has chili peppers all over it-if that doesn't scream, "summer party!" I don't know what does. It was 90 degrees F (32 C) and humid today, so anything keeping my arms free from the extra fabric of sleeves was going to be perfect. 
 I had the perfect bag and bangles to go with the outfit.

 A giant ring is never out of place in my world.
 Outfit Particulars:
1980's top and skirt-Goodwill
Vintage bag-Goodwill
Earrings-Nobbies costume shop
Bangles-all over
These photos were taken at Swanson Library in Omaha, Nebraska. The Master Gardeners from the local Extension office have turned the grounds into a lovely spot to sit and read, or in my case, take photographs.
I neglected to take a photograph near the shrub roses that are flowering like mad at the moment. It is a strange experience smelling the roses wafting on the air and mingling with the very strong scent of old books from the library itself. As someone that loves both gardens and libraries I can assure you if there existed a perfume that could mimic the combination, I'd buy it. Next visit, I'll be certain to photograph the roses before they're gone.
Our neighbours moved over the weekend, and they left us a giant container-planted cantaloupe plant. It is flowering, much to my surprise, and it will be interesting to see if it bears any fruit. I can't touch the plant (latex allergy) but I've been watering it. I'm sure Mr. ETB would be happy to have anything it grows. We once had pumpkin growing in our compost heap on the farm, so perhaps vine fruit will grow anywhere there's dirt. My peas are finishing up, and I'm  moff to the garden centre tomorrow for something to finish out the season in that spot. I can't believe it is June-until this week's warm-up it felt like March. I'm still not packing my coat...I don't trust the sunshine.

Hope your Monday treated you well. I'm officially on holiday now-the syllabus for 2017-18 has been submitted to the Board of Education. Whoo hoo! I'm sleeping in until noon tomorrow.


Melanie Folly Bird said...

Wow! What an incredible dress! Certainly no blending in to be had here! And I love the bag too and that beautiful ring!

It sounds a lovely spot for a library from your description. Ours is in the middle of town and right next to the square, so no roses for me, just cars, boooo!

And huzzah for holidays and lazy mornings!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Ay Caramba!
That is one hottie of a dress! I have to say that red yolk on the skirt gives the vague impression of what I've heard called a 'firecrotch.'
We're broiling up here in the pre-monsoon heat at a sultry 94F with a real feel of 104F. The only consolation is that it's 110F in Delhi with a real feel of 110F (YUK!)

Vix said...

On the morning that I've gone outside to check how my chillies are growing and some bastard slug's eaten half of them this is just what I need, a fabulous chilli co-ord (as the kids call 'em)!
That dress is seriously fabulous, I love it. The bangles and bag are spectacular accompaniments.
We're enjoying the giddy heights of 20 degrees this afternoon. Amazing, huh? xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I've never seen a print like that, but it's absolutely you! Who wants to blend in anyway, it's so boring! Love your stack of bangles and that pretty red bag, but oh my, that ring! It's beyond cute! Oh, and if you ever bottle that books and gardens scent, please send me some! I especially love the scent of old books, and people always look at me strangely when the see me open a book and sniff it! xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Serious bag and ring envy going on here.

Bibi Maizoon said...

I meant yoke NOT yolk. Sheesh I need to drink my AM cuppa before venturing online.

Veronica Cooke said...

Oooh, get you with your one shoulder look!

What a fabulous print - at first I thought they were red seahorses! I love the myriad of colours in the dress - so many options and yes you're right; the bag and bangles are perfect. Such a cheerful summery outfit and you look amazing in it.

I'm like you, I scan the rails in charity shops for colours, pattern and texture and I hate it when they group everything into colour collections as I'd rather look at specific items. That way I try to buy only what I need rather than what I want but it doesn't always work...

Goody said...

Our library is in the heart of the city as well-but they let the gardeners do their thing among the cement barriers and brutalist architecture. You'd never know there's an expressway just beyond the sidewalk.

I can now add "Firecrotch" to my vocabulary ;)
I hope the monsoon arrives quickly (you thought I was going to say, "son" didn't 'ya?)

You must have some badass slugs! Hot peppers are about thing they won't eat in my garden.

I always sniff the books for mildew before I buy them as it can spread through a collection. That being said, sniff carefully lest you inhale a spore and end up with, "Book Dealer's Lung". I'm told it is a real thing, like "Farmer's Lung."

@Miss Magpie
Thank you.

You're supposed to blame it on Autocorrect.

Our Goodwills group by colour-I hate it.

Mim said...

I agree with the dislike of chazzas that group by colour. Just put all the things in my size together so I don't have to look at three things on each of a dozen different racks!

I'd say your mum freed you from a lifetime of feeling you have to blend in with the crowd. Colour wheels for all! I can't imagine you without some colours in your life.

Goody said...

Our shops only size roughly by SML, and even then it is rarely helpful.