Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shiny Things, etc.

Here's a photo-heavy post filled with lovely things to look at as I'm feeling a bit challenged for words at the moment.

 Recently purchased baubles. The Sacred Heart bracelet had a D&G vibe to it, and with Autumn coming soon I like to pile on the velvet, gold, and rhinestones.
 By the back of this piece, I suspect it is a fur clip-anyone have another theory? A hat perhaps?

 Is this a hat box? I couldn't decide, but I bought it anyway as it reminded me a bit of my Nantucket Basket.
 Brown is an underrepresented colour in my earrings.
 Here's some of my compacts, though I couldn't locate my favourite a mid-50's Stratton with a floral enamel top. The black Stratton is from the 70's. The reddish compact is modern-from Sephora. The Guerlain in the upper right is 90's, The other two compacts are both vintage.
 Originally the conmpact held small brushes on top...
 And modular eye shadow and rouge in the bottom.
Here's my little red camera in the reflection.

This tourist purse is so tiny it barely holds a phone and a wallet, but it was too cute to leave.

What's baking you ask? Coconut washboards...

                                                              Graham crackers...

 ...and buttermilk oatmeal raisin. From here on out it is all breads and cakes. We have 7 days left to pull this thing off. Well, Danny does. I'm sitting back and watching he doesn't burn the house down.
You've seen everything here before in one outfit or another, but you probably haven't seen my travel mug (on the chair) that transports my tea so I don't need to drink inferior tea when away from home. Perhaps it is just Nebraska, but lukewarm water thrown over a tea bag isn't my idea of a cup of tea. What do these people have against boiling water? Even the coffee is served warm rather than hot. Anyway, best ten dollars I've spent in some time.

Keeping it short. Have a great week!


Sue said...

OMG I hate warm drinks that are supposed to be HOT!!! If I order a coffee anywhere I always ask for extra hot these days. Just been catching up on your other posts, and the pink shoes took me back to my wedding day. I wore shoes very similar and the exact same pink! Gorgeous colour and what I love best, never fashionable!! I'm not sure I have been on trend since I was a child!! So much baking, good luck with the comps.

Bibi Maizoon said...

OOO I love your baubles!
I had a collection of enameled compacts (Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Houbigant, Guerlain) I sold in Singapore. It's a big thing in Asia to pull a $$$s fancy compact out of your $$$$s Birkin & flash it around discreetly.
I bet you house smells divine with all those treats baking.
I like my tea scalding as do Indians & Nepalis.

Mim said...

I'm glad you make tea with boiling water. If the water's not hot enough, the tea just doesn't taste right.

The back of that pin is intriguing; I've never seen one like that before. I'd be worried about it falling off. Could it be designed to adorn a hat?

Polyester Princess said...

My eyes are watering looking at your bevy of shiny things. I think you are spot on and the mystery object is a fur clip, although I've never seen one in real life ... I love the brown earrings and those compacts are divine. A nice little collection! I would have picked up the Mexican souvenir bag too, it's very cute. I think I can smell cookies ... xxx

Vix said...

I love the outfit you're wearing especially that bad ass neon sugar skull adorning your neck.
The Mexico bag is fabulous, I can't resist a foreign holiday souvenir, although most of the ones you find in the UK hail from Spain (hence my large collection of tacky flamenco dancers.)
Those biscuits look wonderful. xxx

Goody said...

My dad had a friend that owned a group of restaurants and he'd carry a baking thermometer with him to check the temperature of soup being brought to the tables. That was in the 60's-he'd have LOVED the invention of instant-read thermometers.

You might not be fashionable, but you sure as hell are STYLISH!

I had no idea compacts were popular in Singapore. I guess if people have a lot of money they need to spend it on something and looking at yourself in a mirror seems appropriate!

And don't get me started on people that don't warm the teapot... (every day I become my grandmother more and more).

The funny thing is, Danny only needs 6 of each cookie to enter on a plate, but he's baking dozens of extras to get the 6 perfect ones. We're going to be giving away a LOT of bakery goods after drop-off day (I'm not eating all that).

Every time I see a flamenco dancer doll I think of you.

Radostin said...

Oh, what beautiful cookies. The graham crackers in particular look as though they must be terribly moreish. I think my favourite of your sparklies must be those brown earrings, they are so flamboyant yet severe at the same time. Love!
Great outfit you're wearing too; I like the colours of the skirt and your gold sandals are great.

Beth Waltz said...

Mrrff! I do covet those topaz earrings! And now you've got me wondering why one sees so little brown in the jewelry trays...

My pet gold sandals finally disintegrated at the supermarket and I had to flop my way out wearing a produce bag on one foot. The vintage goddesses heard my howls and blessed me with a "new" pair that afternoon at Goodwill. Huzzah!

Yes, boiling water over a tea bag is beyond the skillset of local "family" restaurants. The iced tea made from powdered tea boxes is worse.