Monday, August 28, 2017

"You Look Like a Lawyer on the Way to Sue Someone:"

 Okay, but I'm billing for this time.

I wasn't exactly offended by the observation as I was thinking this suit was a wee bit too professional looking for my life at the moment. I couldn't pass up a vintage Pendleton linen suit for $7.99, but I really don't have much occasion to wear it. The skirt will get tonnes of wear though. I recently bought a vintage Dior linen suit in pale pink that is also completely useless for me, but it was too good to skip. I'll try to get that one worn at least once before summer is over.

 Outfit Particulars:
Pendleton vintage linen suit-Goodwill
Laura Ashley sleeveless top-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage clutch-Goodwill
Shoes-K Mart
Pearls-Filene's about 25 years ago
Lippy-Revlon Super Lustrous in Siren (finally, the perfect coral shade for my skin tone!)
Fragrance-L'Air du Temps

I managed to get fifteen miles in today, but I'm really struggling with the crazy schedule I've been keeping and the serious lack of sleep. Thrice in the past week I've woke in the dead of 3 AM with a baking dream. This morning, I woke to the sensation of wrapping a loaf of bread in cling film. I'll be glad to see this over. I don't know why this year seemed worse, though obviously having a flare right in the middle of it all hasn't helped. I'm looking forward to getting my routine back even if I need to work school around it. I hate grading papers, but not as much as I hate doing dishes. I can promise you, I'll never wake in the night dreaming about calculus. Ever.
This plum pie needed five minutes longer to prevent the extra liquid. I've made a note to correct that, otherwise I'm really happy with the pie. Plums are underappreciated in pies, but they're delicious and you can't beat that colour. I might do a spiral top on the final pie to show off the filling. I'm saving my lattice for the cherry pie.

It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting the flip-offs of late. Here you go. See you in court on the flip (off) side. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

OMG! Is that Gloria Allred on your blog today? Certainly no ambulance chaser there. I don't think the hairdo is properly shellacked into a crash helmet though.
That coral lippy is divine on you!
Love the tart sweet flavor of plums in pies. Plums are really out of fashion in the US now, too bad as they're such a delicious & versatile fruit.
Thank you for that middle finger salute!

Emily from Etsy said...

You do look like a very stylish attorney in that Pendleton suit! Which, as I type these words, sounds like it could be a nickname for the outfit:

"Honey, what are you wearing tomorrow?"

"Oh, I think I'll wear my Pendleton law suit."

I hope you feel better soon.

Polyester Princess said...

I missed your flip offs, so thank you for that! I must admit that I thought blogger was playing up when I opened your post. Who is that stern looking woman, I thought, then I saw it was you ;-) You're looking quite the business in that suit. Your plum pie does look delicious, but after all that baking I can very well imagine pies turning up in your dreams. xxx

Vix said...

That's a killer suit, I'm dying to see the Dior number! We get really excited when we find Pendleton here, Jon snaffled a 1950s fake fur collared coat from a clueless vintage seller a few weeks ago, it's about 3 sizes too big but he doesn't want to sell it.
Your pie looks ace. We've been eating Transylvanian bullace jam today, which apparently is a member of the plum family - it's bloody gorgeous. xxx

Connie said...

I've really been off blogs for quite a while now though I do check in from time to time. And I am so happy that I logged on today because I got a long over due flip off and pie!!! Two for one. You would make an excellent and quite gorgeous lawyer. You can spot bullshit a mile away. That is a priceless skill. You'd be worth every penny.

Goody said...

Turned out the plum pie was the least liked by the judges-4th place. Boo. I'm convinced it is the oddness of the fruit. I entered it in the "Other" fruit category and lost to raspberry. Now I know, "Other fruit" really means raspberry ;)

Yes! Henceforth, that's the Pendleton Law suit (lawsuit). Love that.

I can be stern looking but it is typically accompanied by, "And clean up your room!"

Transylvanian bullace is a new one to me-I'll have to go read up on it. Sounds intriguing.

Thank you-I'm glad I could bring you a satisfying flip off. I've missed your blog posts, but I do enjoy visiting your Instagram.

Miss Magpie said...

Love it!

Radostin said...

Love, love love. Esp the finger picture. Your pie looks wonderful!

Goody said...

Thank you. I've been slacking on the gestures ;)