Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

 Danny wanted to wear last year's Thanksgiving dinner costume again. Can't blame him-it is a great costume that gets loads of laughs.
I went as the maid, which isn't much of a stretch, really. That's my high school graduation dress on top. Gunne Sax. My mum bought it. I really wasn't the Gunne Sax sort of girl. God only knows why I've kept it, but here it is doing Halloween duty.

I won't lie-Halloween was the last thing I felt like doing this year, but now as I sit here at 7:30 pm with a full bowl of candy because we've only had two trick or treaters, I know it was all worth it because...those Butterfingers are ALL MINE. I even went and bought novelty stuff like Japanese Kit Kat bars in strange flavours.

The barmbrack turned out nice.

 Anyone for some Brainvarian?

Coffee flavoured to give your brain a boost!

I wore my cat dress last week. 

I also wore some Halloween themed outfits throughout October, as you do.
 Halloween leggings? Please!

 This outfit got lots of side-eye, but not when we stopped in at the local bagel shop (the Bagel Bin). I always get lots of love there. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. Plus, they make excellent bagels and the best coffee in Omaha. You have no idea how hard it is to get decent plain, old drip coffee in this town.

 What's more Halloween than a purse made of candy wrappers?
 I either need smaller rings or bigger fingers.

 The spiderweb socks are Danny's-he generously loaned them to me.
 There's nothing Halloween-ish about the white leather and curly lamb jacket, but the silver spiderweb leggings are.

 Anyway, that's it for a sort of outfits round-up. Hope you had a fun Halloween if you celebrate it, or a quiet night if you don't. 


Mrs Rat said...

Happy Halloween! Mr Rat and I are sitting with our full bowl of candy, too. Apparently our condo complex bans trick-or-treating---a sad fact I didn't know until after I bought candy. Luckily, I've learned from past years to only buy candy that we like.

Love the patchwork print skirt that matches the candy wrapper purse and all the festive outfits. I hope that things are gradually improving, and that the weather isn't treating you too badly for this time of year.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Happy Halloween!
I think every American girl who was a teen in the early 80's or late 70's has a Gunne Sax dress.
Love the light up brooches & glad to see the turkey dinner make an appearance again. The Brainvarian cream looks delish!
Drip coffee, bagels, and Butterfingers- probably the only things I miss in the US of A!

bahnwärterin said...

happy halloween!!
and indeed - your halloween-y outfits make me happy! LOVE!
esp. the bagel shop look - that sweater is a stunner. have no idea if the kids here go trick´n treating - if, no one is brave enough to come down the dark forest way to our house ;-D

Mim said...

I've loved seeing your Halloweeny clothes on IG over the past week. And those multi-flavour Japanese KitKats are the best - I wish they'd release more flavours of them over here.

I honestly cannot picture Young Goody as a Gunne Sax girl.

Propagatrix said...

My eighth-grade graduation dress is your high-school graduation dress with sleeves and a high neck. Also Gunne Sax. I still have it, too.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the witches hat earring with the cute legs and boots!
I wore spider earrings out to lunch on the 30th and skeleton ones on 31st, together with an orange and black outfit. JanF

Polyester Princess said...

Even though I'm not much of a Halloween fan, I love seeing your silly outfits. Wouldn't mind some of those brooches, though, and I might even wear the spiderweb socks. Love that fabulous sweater you wore to the bagel shop, and the patchwork skirt in the photo below. Now that you mention it, we didn't get any trick or treaters here at all, although I did hear some unexplained howling this afternoon ... xxx

Vix said...

I love Danny's outfit and, as ever, your baking is a triumph!
You know how much I love the corset front dress already and the fabulous fringed maxi. The batwing jumper is ace.

Emily from Etsy said...

It's good to see a reprise of the turkey dinner costume!

You are so clever to layer a lacy white frock over the black graduation gown. They go together so nicely that I never would've known that they aren't part of an intended costume ensemble.

I'd never heard of Japanese KitKats, so I looked it up. Some of those flavors sound terrific.

Those black lace-up boots look so versatile. They have a vintage Victorian look, but somehow they also have a badass army boot look. You could wear them with almost anything and look very stylish.

ThriftyParka said...

I’ll take some Brainvarian please, over here waaayyyyyyy up north (waving hands at Goody).

OMG Danny’s outfit is hilarious!!! And you have a leftover bowl of candy, eh? Does that mean that since Danny is officially allergen free he can dig into those fun-sized chocolate bars???

Love the outfits, my fav is the kitty dress!!

Looking forward to catching up on your posts, now that renovation season is mercifully coming to an end.

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

@Mrs. Rat
Condos have some very strict rules, but I've never run across banning trick or treating. I suppose it can be disruptive, particularly to very religious people. After our early snow we've had a very nice stretch of weather. I hope yours is holding out as well.

If I thought Butterfingers could survive the trip, I'd send you some. They areen't like they used to be though-cheaper quality chocolate etc. I do have a homemade butterfinger recipe: mix together peanut butter, icing sugar and corn flakes until it holds together. Shape into bars, dip in milk chocolate and you "sort of" have Butterfingers. I used to make them with sunflower butter for Danny and they weren't bad.

In the end we only had three visitors, and one was the little girl next door. I encouraged her to keep filling her sack with more candy and even tried convincing her mother to take some! Strangely enough, she really just wanted the small boxes of raisins. I guess they seem like a novelty at that age.

My mum was forever buying me clothes she knew I wouldn't wear! One of the last things she bought for me circa 1990 was a multi-coloured nylon puffer jacket in a patchwork pattern that you could spot me a mile away in. I have to wonder if it was a form of passive aggression because she was SO determined to buy me things I hated. I have to unpack the grade 8 graduation dress for a post-it is mint pastel green polyester crepe with a ruffled collar. It is one of the most hideous things I have ever seen (probably why I kept it).

You should totally wear it!

Those sound like cute earrings. It is fun to play with holiday accessories, isn't it?

Oh dear, is trick or treating a thing in Belgium now? Though you DO have the world's best chocolate ;)
Howling eh?

Thank you. I find baking relaxing. Granted I'm not making anything too complicated. I'd be in no shape to ice a cake I cared about. I need to start planning Danny's Birthday cake for December and I have a sneaking suspicion I will be asked to create a ballpark out of cake. I can do it, but I'm not too excited at the thought of it ;)

Thank you.
If you have an Asian supermarket near you, the varieties of candy will blow your mind. Wolrd Market carries some of the more popular flavors like strawberry and matcha.

@Thrifty Parka
I am glad to hear you'll be finishing up the renovation soon. I still want to see pictures! Danny can eat absolutely anything he wants now. It still makes me cringe a little to see him eat peanuts after so many years of avoidance. Actually, tonight was the first time I've eaten peanuts in over 10 years (I'm allergic to cashews but ok with peanuts). It felt soooo strange. I couldn't really enjoy them. That, and I bought a 6 pak of Newcastle only to find it doesn't taste the same as it did 20 years ago. I was really looking forward to peanuts and ale for dinner too...

Radostin said...

You are the most fabulous.