Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Says She Won't Plant Garden, Plants Garden


If Chicken Boy is back in the garden and covered in flies, it must be spring in Omaha. Hello, Chicken Boy, nice to see you again. 

Not long after composing a post explaining that I likely wouldn't be planting a garden this year, I planted a garden. This will be the final year (she says, unconvincingly).
The large bag bed has garlic from last autumn coming up, and the perennial sorrel. The small raised bed has peas, kale, and some spinach that somehow overwintered through our Polar Vortex. The buckets have an assortment of chards, violas, cardoons, etc. As the season moves along I'll plant more sunflowers since they were such a hit with the neighbours last year. I rather like being known as the "Sunflower Lady" as it makes a nice change from, "Squirrel Lady."  If someone had told me at 25 this is what it would be like in my 50s, I'd have scoffed. 
Do, shut-up, Chicken Boy.

The Georg Jensen ring I won on eBay arrived and is now happily residing on my pinky finger. 
I am absolutely in love with it.
A polishing wouldn't hurt
I'm not going to worry about the tiny scratch because I'm sure I will add my own. I'm never taking it off. 
Anyway, that worked out really well and it was worth waiting over 50 years to finally get something I really wanted. 

Did I say spring? I really meant summer as it is presently 77 degrees F. outside. That  will moderate later in the week, but we are still far above normal spring temperatures for Omaha. I haven't packed away my winter coat as experience tells me I'll still be wearing it into May. I hope we don't have snow in May again, that was a drag. All the outside plants can manage a frost, but still. Anyway, dressing for spring that feels like summer then back to winter by evening is a challenge. Digging deep into the unworn wardrobe items, I came up with this 80s does 40s polyester crepe dress I bought several years ago. Here it is last being worn in 2016
Went with a similar approach though less summery accessories. This year has been interesting for wearing things that wouldn't otherwise get a wear if I was still bringing in new items. Not shopping for a year will do that!
Can we talk about this necklace? It is like wearing marbles on my neck-it must weigh five pounds. I wore it for an hour before giving up. How do people wear such heavy things on their necks? I definitely can't, so away it goes. The Dior earrings however get to stay, because they're perfect. 

Who remembers these? I had to call into mangelsens last week for some N95-style masks (they have them at a good price) and from the corner of my eye, spotted these Charms candies from my childhood. They're not terribly exciting, but I always loved the packaging. In the unlikely event I'm still alive in another 50 years (god forbid) and they still make Charms, maybe I'll buy them again. My nostalgia is easily satisfied every half century. It occurs to me they look like little Tetris blocks though they existed long before Tetris (or computer games). 

Since spring was springing, it was a good opportunity to wear my green linen-look suit that is really made of an easy-care acrylic fabric. Throw it in the wash and dryer. That won't save it being squashed in a box for seven years, so in hindsight, looking at the photos I could have given it a quick once over with an iron or a run through the tumble dryer-but I didn't. Enjoy the creases on the skirt as a sort of realism then. 
Hey, there's a pandemic on-I'm not ironing.

The green enamel clamper bracelet looks vintage but it isn't quite-I bought it about 20 years ago at Target. It is getting close though. I swear it feels like I just bought it. I don't wear it often which probably explains why it isn't chipped. I'm terribly hard on bracelets.

When I bought this jacket a few years ago, it had crumbling, foam rubber shoulder pads in it. I carefully removed them (wearing gloves as I'm allergic to rubber) and after several washes to remove any trace of the rubber, finally got it wearable. Then, I forgot about it. I found it tucked away in Danny's room of all places, and promptly built an outfit around it. The extremely voluminous polyester pleated skirt worked well with it, as did the acrylic ribbed knit back-zip vintage polo neck from Sears. 

The Pennsylvania Dutch necklace is two-sided

It felt satisfying to wear the necklace as I bought it quite a long time ago but like so many other things, it just doesn't get worn. 

My blog tells me that the last wear of this hieroglyph print skirt was way back in spring of 2016. It is a bit big in the waist, but nothing a belt and a safety pin can't keep in place. The long, linen waistcoat gets regular wear (at least once a year) but for some reason I've neglected the skirt. Shame on me. 
The pendant may also be worn as a brooch. It has rhinestone eyes that dangle and move, which I find delightful. 
There's that ring again next to a close-up of the skirt print. 
This outfit did get compliments when I had to go buy masks, socially distanced compliments. We joked how a trip to the craft store is now an event worthy of our best outfits. I didn't mention that I've worn ball gowns to the grocer. Sometimes it is best to just take a compliment before they start figuring out how bonkers I am. 

Remember how I was thinking my migraines and dizziness might be from driving? Well, no, actually not. The last couple of days have been intense, but I'm scheduled for some appointments with the ophthalmologist, etc. and I'm sure we'll get it sorted eventually. Who wants to wager 20 bucks that this is all from the time the oral surgeon shot bleach into my sinuses and it landed in my eye? Anyone?
Yeah, that was fun. November of 2014 and I haven't had a sinus/face pain free day since. But whatever. I didn't sue. I probably should have. 

This blouse is so far outside my usual style, particularly the keyhole neck, but the print was just too good to pass up. It is a knit jersey-like fabric that has held up surprisingly well without pilling or losing shape. Sometimes it is good to try something different, and if memory serves it was under a dollar at the Goodwill. The earrings look like vintage plastic, but they're from Target a few months ago. They regularly discount earrings after a month or so, and since I'm there anyway picking up groceries I always take a side-trip down the clearance aisle to see what's on offer. I wouldn't pay $12.00 for a pair of earrings, but I would pay $3.99

Also working my way through the denim, and this 80s jumpsuit is always easy to wear. There really isn't much you need to do with a jumpsuit besides put it on. 

Finally, a skirt you've seen plenty on the blog

I'm never going to be tired of it though. I have so many of these sequin-adorned skirts, but they're like flowers-how can you pick a favourite when they're all so beautiful?

Wearing more neglected necklaces. This one is heavy, but not nearly on the level of the blue and white one. The dangly earrings are Liz Claiborne from the early 00s. 

I am told that I'll be eligible for a vaccine after 1 April, which is very good news. Danny is in a different situation as teenagers aren't being prioritised and they can only take the Pfizer vaccine anyway. Iowa might be opening that up to out of state residents (we're 15 minutes from Council Bluffs) so that's a possibility to keep an eye on. It isn't a perfect system but coming from absolutely NOTHING being done, I won't complain-building a system from scratch in a pandemic when there wasn't even a proper transition between governments was quite the feat. I'm feeling optimistic as we head into this, though in line with my personality-cautiously optimistic. I'm too old to change. 

Stay safe and well. 



Vix said...

The ring looks fab!
That's nice being called the "sunflower lady" and bringing cheer to your neighbours.
I really like that linen waistcoat with the heiroglyph skirt and those Aztec-looking bird earrings are gorgeous.
I'm all about necklaces that weigh a ton.
Siunds like we might be getting our jabs the same week. Never have I been so excited about an injection! x

Beth Waltz said...

I'm inspired by your jump on spring in the garden. Garlic I have got, a few leaves of chard, and a sprig of catnip. Otherwise, it's packets of seeds in a Mason jar in the 'fridge.
Your khaki and red ensemble is both instantly stunning and worthy of closer inspection. I love how the pleats of the skirt continue the lines of the jacket stripes. And while the Georg Jensen ring is immediately recognizable as a classic design, that Pennsylvania Dutch necklace is a novelty, at least to me. The Nazca bird earrings pick up the geometry of your lapels, and ta dah!, you are again crowned Queen of the Accessories!
Hope the progress being made in revving up our national response to the pandemic also facilitates getting back on track in treating pre-existing conditions. Please do mention the possibility of your sinuses sustaining a chemical burn to your medical team, Jen. Perhaps new treatments have been developed in the years since the injury occurred.

bahnwärterin said...

ha - your not planted garden looks promising ;-)
gorgeous oufits!
great fav is the bright red with the striped blazer - very classy. and the black sequinned skirt on all black - love!
great that you´r in for the vaccine - my 82 years old friend joachim did not even got a call...... nobody understands why the german government installed the most complicated system...... sigh.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

What a fab ring. I loved your outfits especially the blazer with the red skirt and top; and the 1980s jumpsuit. I always wanted one in the 1980s - we called them 'flying suits' for some reason - but never got one; I shall continue to scour the charity shops for one when they re-open.

Amazing jewellery and accessories and how pretty is that sequinned skirt?

The planting sounds very good and how on earth is 77 degrees already?

Take care

Polyester Princess said...

Of course I knew you'd plant a garden! Never mind Chicken Boy, what does he know :-)
Love the Georg Jensen ring, even in its unpolished state.
Your 80s does 40s polyester crepe dress is gorgeous, as is the necklace, but I'm hearing you as I couldn't stand to wear such a heavy thing around my neck either. I'm loving your hieroglyph print skirt worn with that long waistcoat, and the denim jumpsuit, but you know my favourite is the Springlike, fresh green suit worn with navy!
I hope your ophthalmologist appointment will get your migraines and dizziness sorted, and I'm glad to hear your vaccine is on the horizon.
I've no idea when it will be my turn, but I'm not taking any bets on it being before Summer. Not even Jos has had his jab yet, and he's in his early 70s. xxx

Emily said...

I never knew the Pennsylvania Dutch had their own style of jewelry. I learn so many interesting things from your blog.

Congrats on the Jensen ring. It's got such a striking, architectural shape.

The keyhole-neckline blouse really does have a nice print. I rather like keyhole necklines myself, provided that they're not too tight at the throat. What I like about them is the way they showcase a pendant perfectly if I wear one that's the right length to dangle in the keyhole.

I remember seeing Charms as a kid, but I never had them. Lifesavers were easier to find at the supermarkets near me. Do they taste about the same?

Good luck with the doctor visits. I hope you find some relief soon.

After you're fully vaccinated, what will you do to celebrate?

Bibi Maizoon said...

How could you even think of not planting a garden? I will be planting a garden (if at all possible) until I drop dead. We are still eating kohlrabi & collards from my Pandemic Victory garden I planted last September.
That Georg Jensen ring is absolutely sublime. I am thinking of getting one of the artisans that makes jewelry for our shops to replicate it in Nepali silver.
Loving the navy & polka dots crepe dress, looks very "Aunt Bea" of Mayberry style.
Sorry to hear your migraines and dizziness are still bothering you. Here's hoping the opthamologist sorts it quickly.
Squeee to getting the vaccine! We are getting the Oxford AZ vaccine from India soon.
Stay safe,

Anonymous said...

I am really liking your bohemian vibe outfits. As I am a want to be, I never quite get the bohemian look right. You look great.

Your coveralls are wonderful too. Very appropriate with spring around the corner and PBS finished airing "All creatures Great and Small."

The blazer with the gathered sleeve head is right in style again. A few years ago I was on the look out in thrift stores for that style for volunteers at our local historic site to use in Victorian living history events. I sewed my own outfit but helped outfit others with thrift store substitutes.

Have you talked to anyone about ear crystals causing dizziness?. My mother suffered for some time with calcium crystals in her inner ear falling out of place and causing vertigo. She also had eye problems that effected the vertigo. Some of it was treatable.

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.

Mim said...

Halloooo Chicken Boy! And if you want to garden, go for it. There's something nice about pottering around with growing things, and at this time of year planting stuff always feels like hurrying spring along somehow.

That ring is lovely. It's good to treat yourself every so often.

Goody said...

I know, I even had a dream about getting my vaccine! The bird earrings are Laurel Burch, who had a bit of a following in the 80s.

My seeds have started emerging in the garden already, which might be a record for fastest germination , especially peas and spinach which are notoriously slow.
I suspect the Pennsylvania Dutch pendant was originally a key fob sold to tourists in the region. The chain feels all wrong for it to be original.

We are back to more seasonally appropriate weather, but the greens can tolerate a light frost.
Dan was able to get himself scheduled for a vaccine on the 17th in a neighbouring state, but my husband and myself will need to wait-I do think the promise of April is optimistic and they will re-schedule us later, but who knows. I hope you are able to get yours soon.

You should definitely get a flying suit now-they're practical items, particularly when at home a lot (not so great for using public toilets though!).
Our hot weather has moderated a bit into the mid 50s now, which seems much better-I wasn't ready to start running the air conditioning.
Stay well!

I'm hoping to move in the next couple years, so it really does make sense to put the garden back into a proper yard as no one will want the garden, or they'll put in their own. I figured if I do it gradually, it will be less of an effort. But this year anyway, there's some early vegetables. I noticed my columbines have spread to the yard next door, but thankfully they don't mind the flowers.
I hope you can get vaccines soon. It doesn't seem right, with how many cases you've had that Belgium isn't being given priority. Meanwhile, in America the Covidiots walk around without masks and won't take the damn jab. Sigh, what can you do?
Stay safe and well.

I don't think any Pennsylvania Dutch would wear anything like that-it is likely a tourist item.
Charms are like a watered-down lifesaver. The shape is pleasant though. I think they are supposed to be like Charms Pops in tablet form.
I keep joking that I'm going to get vaccinated and go kiss a stranger ;)
Stay safe and well.

I'm planning to move in the next couple years so gardening isn't a priority. We also have excellent farmer's markets so, I don't know, my heart isn't in it. Did it anyway though, but much scaled back.
Good luck with the vaccine.

Thank you. I just keep throwing patterns and accessories at an outfit until it looks Boho!
It isn't my ears-had that checked out a while ago. We've been able to determine that at least part of the problem is coming from my eyes, so hopefully I'm on the road to improvement. If all it takes is new lenses and some eye exercises, I'll be happy.
Stay safe and well.

My indoor gardening is coming along so well I almost don't need the outside one.
The ring wasn't even that much of a splurge. I like luxuries but just won't spend real money on them.
Stay safe and well.