Thursday, March 25, 2021

At Least I Didn't Wedge a Ship Sideways in the Suez Canal

 So how's your week going?

How is it possible that I spent a year without anything pressing to deal with, and suddenly my calendar is filled from late March through the start of May? I've been out of the house more in the past couple weeks than I have all year. I'm still unvaccinated though, so I'm wearing an N95 mask with a multi-layer cloth mask over it when outside the home, and for Jury Duty I'm planning to add a face shield as well. Our cases locally have been the lowest since last summer, but I fear that will change once the Spring Break Covidiots return from Florida. God forbid we start to actually make progress. 

I am having the glasses re-made though they won't refund me the cost of the frames, so if anyone wants a pair of wire rims, get in touch and I'll sell them to you at a deep discount. I'm still wearing them until the new ones come in. I'm using my old cat-eye frames as I know that they look good on me. They're heavier, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. The woman at the shop was pretty horrible to me, suggesting that I have some sort of mental issue with the way I see myself and that there's nothing wrong with how the frames (that she pressured me to purchase) looked on me😒. She's the same person that suggested I was "hiding" behind big frames. It was all I could do not to react, but I just want to get my glasses finished and never see her again. I guess if I decide I want therapy I'll be able to get it at the optical shop. Has the pandemic made us all behave too familiar with strangers now, or is it just a general decline in manners?! I can't imagine speaking to someone that way even if I thought they were batshit bonkers. 

The photo is four years old, but these are the frames I'm going back to using.

Speaking of derranged...Melrose the Bunny is back on display for Easter. We named him Melrose because that's the company that made him. Nightmare fuel, that one. 
These two are considerably less frightening. Danny bought the felted Easter eggs at a fibre arts show a few years back. 
This one was only terrifying to Danny when he was little-still no idea why. I've had it since I was a small child. The chick used to pop up when the lid was lifted and make a squeaking noise. Now it just sits there...thinking. About stuff. Nothing menacing here, at all. 
These are also from my childhood. There's another smaller brown bunny but their tail needs re-gluing. My mum bought them for me at a small, over-priced shop in Plaza del Lago sometime in the early 70s. I remember being bribed with them so I'd behave during luncheon at the undoubtedly also over-priced restaurant memorable only as one of the few places in Chicagoland you could get an espresso in the 70s.  
Anyway, that's the decorating done. The flowers were a bargain purchase on the "last chance" rack at the grocer, but they're still living, and doing well in some fresh water. I wouldn't spend "real" money on flowers for myself, but it would have been rude not to bring these home for pocket change. 

Most of the Bakelite bangle collection stays unworn during winter as I'm always afraid of the plastic cracking in our extreme cold, but come the first day of spring, pieces begin to emerge (like bears from hibernation, but without the hunger and general bad mood) here and there. This bangle was one of the better pieces I've thrifted as it is heavy, not scratched at all, and still has an appearance of being polished. Bakelite can get dull over the years, though there are companies now that specialise in re-furbishing vintage Bakelite. This one already looked new-so much so that it wasn't until I tested it that I was convinced it was in fact, Bakelite. The green/gold swirls are beautiful, though it is frustratingly hard to match with much of my wardrobe. I have another with hints of blue and brown that's even more difficult to wear. Shade and tone can really throw off an outfit. I don't need to match colours exactly, but accessories ought to be in the same family as the overall feel of an outfit. I find that the hardest part of getting dressed, honestly. 
Sometimes though, it comes together easily. You'll see the yellow bracelets aren't exact matches but they work with the other bangles. It is a good thing I'm not a painter-I'd drive myself mad mixing paint.

Well, this one didn't take much thought😁

These did. I must have switched out a dozen bangles until arriving at these. 
Another easy bangle selection. 
This should have been trickier than it was. That reverse-carved lucite bangle goes with everything.

Shall we look at a recent online purchase to add to the brooch collection?
It was too beautiful to pass up. The crack has been repaired and the agate feels otherwise secure so I am happy enough to have this for the very small sum I paid. After 200 odd years I expect to see a few flaws. It is a large piece too-a few inches across. I also picked up a tiny gold knot ring from the same seller, so as I was only paying one shipping fee it seemed silly not to grab it. 

Otherwise, I'm really not spending money on anything except necessities. 

What's cooking these days? Nothing terribly exciting, but colourful anyway. 
Cauliflower and chickpea curry served over salad greens and "rice" made from chickpea flour. The brand I bought was Banza. It isn't going to fool anyone into thinking it is rice, but it does serve the same purpose with a wet curry and you get the bonus of some extra protein. I tossed some pickled red cabbage at it all for crunch and visual appeal. 

This was a salmon fillet baked with grainy brown mustard and tarragon served on white beans, tomatoes and cucumbers cooked with onions and herbs. 
This was a pound of button mushrooms I needed to use cooked until browned and then added to courgettes, red bell peppers, garlic, and smoked paprika. For the boys I added meatballs made from ground lamb and cooked until well browned on a cast iron pan. Nothing terribly recipe-worthy here, just using up what I have in the vegetable bins. The sorrel is going well in the garden right now so I guess that's the next thing I need to deal with. I've tried convincing them to like schav (cold sorrel soup) but they both spat it out last time so that might be a hard sell. I grew up with it, so the cold, sour taste isn't strange to me. I guess I can always toss the smaller leaves in salad and use the larger ones to bake fish. I can't even give it away
-believe me, I've tried! If nothing else, it does add some bright green to the otherwise dull garden this time of year. 

I'll leave you with a quick look at some of my recent outfits-they're all things you've seen here before

And because Jan F asked for a big smile last week, here you go. I wouldn't do this for anyone else😀

Have a good week.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Those cateyes are my faves out of your collection. Such a wonderful style statement. I find vintage frames to be more comfortable than modern ones?
On overly familiar salespersons: Some people don't know what boundaries are. Probably never will & as such are best avoided. Giving useless, unwanted, stupid, and idiotic "advices" are part of the culture here in South Asia, I ignore most but persistent advisors get a hostile stare and prolonged silence.
Melrose looks nuclear.
Those wooden bunnies your mom bought are adorable.
I am especially loving your space-age azure indigo & purple ensemble with the intergalactic silver ankle boots!
stay safe!

Mim said...

Those cat's eye glasses look fab. That woman in the optician's was so rude to you! Is there any way you can get your lens prescription and shop elsewhere for frames in the future?

I'd suggest trying a Burmese recipe using roselle leaves - another sour leaf - with the sorrel to see if you can get the chaps to eat it that way, but a lot of Burmese recipes contain shellfish or fish derivatives (fish sauce or dried shrimp) and I'm not sure if they'd trigger allergies. (I'm not a fan of dried shrimp myself so we reduce the amount.)

Señora Allnut said...

So annoying that the woman at the optician shop was so judgemental and prejudiced, not the best attitude for a shop assistant!. Sometimes I've had to deal with remarks on my personal taste, which is totally bad manners in my book, and usually they received a witty reply. Anyway, I'm glad that you got your glasses reframed as you wanted!. These cat-eye frames are a classic and so fabulous!
Lovely to hear that I'm not the only one that takes more time picking bracelets than actually dressing up. Your accessorizing is a feast for the eyes, love the way colours match/go and enhance the ensemble!.
You rock it!
Love to see your 'real life cooking', which is amazingly similar to mine, so it inspires me to use vegetables and pulses that I have on hand. Great ideas!
Lovely outfits!, lots of colours and fab style!

Vix said...

I think that woman at the opticians needs retraining, how rude! I'm glad you're sorted now. As you need to wear glasses all the time (like Jon does) it's important to feel good in them - I'm okay, I only need mine for reading and sewing, I do neither in public!
cauliflower and chickpea curry - my favourite! xxx

Emily said...

Those cat's-eye frames look incredible on you! Good for you, holding your ground and getting the glasses remade. It's so important to be happy with the frames that you wear every day, and you shouldn't let anybody's opinion override your own.

You've a lovely bangle collection. I really love the multi-colored plaid suit in all the warm hues. It looks like it would match so many colors of shoes and accessories.

Your latest recipes look mouthwatering. The boys are lucky to have so many healthful, colorful homecooked meals.

The chick that won't pop up from the egg looks like someone intent on socially distancing at home. Must be waiting for the vaccine like the rest of us, LOL.

Polyester Princess said...

I'm glad to hear you're having the glasses re-made. Those cat's eye frames have so much more character and suit you much better than the wire rims. I'm impressed that you have kept your cool with that horrible woman. What's wrong with people, I wonder. Melrose the Bunny is brilliant, you should keep him out all year round :-)
I enjoyed the round-up of outfits, and yes, I too find the accessorizing the hardest part of getting dressed up. I always have a rough idea of what I'm going to wear, but then I keep changing around my belts and jewellery ... Those Bakelite bangles are absolutely brilliant! xxx

bahnwärterin said...

those wooden easter bunnies from your childhood look like the ones traditionally made here - in the erzgebirge! no wonder they were expensive - had a long travel over the iron curtain and an ocean :-D
perfect ensembles of dress, bag and bangles!

JanF said...

Thank you for the smile- you made my day! A lovely surprise and don't you look good? Admit it!
Virtual hug from WA.

Beth Waltz said...

May Melrose invade the dreams (or other personal space) of that incredibly rude shop assistant! His is the Medusa stare that penetrates the mental density of such as she -- although we've seen you make some impressive efforts, given sufficient motivation.

I've been using a grocery delivery service during the plague, so I've missed browsing in the discount tub of the supermarket's floral section. This week I zipped in for an emergency need and was thrilled to score a yellow rose for $2. Fresh, yellow flowers! Spring! Time to wear 70-year-old pins to church on my sweaters: wooden lambs and a small silver rabbit. Small joys are sprouting like mesclum in a patio pot.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

The cat eye glasses are fabulous. The woman in the opticians sounds extremely rude; you should have told to her get lost and stop passing judgement when she knows nothing. I don't think it's the pandemic there are people who are just rude and think they have a right to judge others. My response is fuck you!

Lovely outfits, wonderful accessories and the new jewellery is beautiful.

The little wooden Easter bunnies are so cute; I loved them.

Delicious and colourful meals. I've never tasted sorrel and I want to - badly!

Goody said...

I wouldn't last five minutes in South Asia. If the Aunties didn't get me with their advices the hornets surely would.
Take care.

I definitely won't be going there again. They have a space in my opticians office but aren't part of the medical center. I like the Dr. well enough so I don't want to make a big deal out of it.
I don't use shellfish because of it being un-kosher. I have no idea if Dan would turn out to be allergic. I've been hiding the smaller leaves in salads.

@Senora Allnut
Thank you. I've always thrown together meals with recipes as more of a framework than something rigid. I enjoy your cooking as well.
Stay well.

When people get like that I always wonder if it is me. I'm pretty sure this time it isn't!
Isn't it cool how something as simple as cauliflower can turn into a meal? I'm always a little surprised by it.

I don't like being pushed! I rarely push back (I prefer avoidance) but this time I guess something put me into Angry Old Lady mode!
Thank you, I really am confused by all the new dietary stuff for my husband-confusing as hell and he's being somewhat more over-the-top about it than necessary (I'm sure that will wear off because no one can eat like this long term). I met with his dietician because I'm the cooking but she didn't have any good concrete advice other than keep doing what I'm doing. I would prefer not spending all my time chopping vegetables but eh, that's life.

When my mum would get annoyed with people she'd lower the pitch of her voice and start with, "This is what you need to do..." which would get results because she was telling someone what she wanted them to do rather than asking. I'm not THAT assertive most days, but I can summon a somewhat milder version when needed.

That would make sense! I wonder just how expensive they were-as a child everything seems costly as I had no concept of money.
It is nothing short of a miracle that I haven't lost them over the years.

@Jan F
Well, I've spent so much time in the dentist's chair I suppose I ought to smile-I paid for it!!!

Isn't it surreal going into stores after isolating? I still only go once every few weeks and even though everyone is larfgely back to normal it seems strange.

Anonymous said...

In the Baltic states I have seen them doing cooking with sorrel. Maybe you find some recipies or a neighbour stemming from that area who is interested in your sorrel...