Sunday, May 02, 2021

I'm So Bored With the USA

I now have two doses of vaccine in me, but I can't say it will change day-to-day life all that much in the short term. With so many people in the US refusing the vaccine, and mask mandates being permitted to fall away, I don't have a good feeling about this virus being defeated in any meaningful way anytime soon. We're going to be playing Whack-a Mole with Covid for a long time. I was in Target early this morning and although they require a mask for entry, once inside the Covidiots were wearing them beneath their chins, crowding together, and proving in their minds how brave they are not to fear a virus when of course they're only proving how utterly doomed the US is. We're never going to achieve herd immunity in the United States. No vaccine is 100% effective and after a year spent largely at home following the rules it irks me more than a little to witness the selfish, entitled, stupidity. Yeah, your "Freedom" but what about mine? 

Needless to say (but I'm saying it) I'm not experiencing the mental lift I'd hoped for and am not rushing out to engage in unnecessary activities. Danny is going back to school for the last three weeks now that he's vaccinated, but he'll be wearing 2 masks and distancing. I'm not completely comfortable with it, but his father is and I was overruled. I still have two weeks until my latest vaccine reaches peak so in theory he could still bring home Covid as a carrier and infect me. Living with an autoimmune disease, this feels like a completely unnecessary risk but as that only applies to me, here we are. I'll be keeping my distance, believe me. 

Outfit Particulars:
Silk dress-Goodwill
Mainbocher jacket-Goodwill
Vintage shoes-can't remember
Vintage bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch (holding dress closed) Dust Darling Botanicals on Etsy (It is dyed with eucalyptus and wattle)
Corde bag-Hand-Me-Ups

Given that the pandemic appears to be pausing in Omaha, I'm using the time to follow up on delayed medical appointments and dental work. I won't be rushing to go shopping in thrift stores or dining out, but I'm happy enough to have these other things seen to. This is a rare year where it appears we will meet our insurance deductible (we are typically very light users of medical care-because I fucking hate doctors!) but since we're going to be paying anyway, it is in my best interest to have what ever needs attention taken care of once we meet the point where we don't pay as much out of pocket. As I'm in my mid-fifties there's quite a lot of routine stuff to deal with. I had a skin cancer screening last week (everything's good) so now I can stop worrying about the moles growing all over my back. I stay out of the sun these days, but as a young woman I really didn't pay much attention. I should have. Glad to know I'm not paying for my foolishness now. 

Our weather still can't decide between seasons, so it was bare legs and a cardigan last week. By mid-morning the cardigan was no longer needed. 
The top looks like maternity wear, though it isn't. It isn't my favourite summer wardrobe piece, but it does get plenty of use as it is a cool, comfortable thing to wear. 

Outfit Particulars:
Eddie Bauer skirt-Goodwill
Old Navy top-Goodwill
Bass Wejun loafers-retail about 20 years ago
Designer Originals cardigan-retail about 30 years ago

This was my 2nd vaccine outfit as the dress has tiny cap-sleeves for ease of jabbing. You've seen this dress before, it has a gigantic sweep.
Sort of like having built-in social distancing. It is a great dress, with lots and lots of fabric. 

Outfit Particulars:
Dress-Church jumble sale
Cardigan-Retail, Kohls
Shoulder bag-Hand-Me-Ups

Last evening, I made something different for the boys. This is a turkey "loaf" of dark and light meat wrapped in skin and fat and pressed together. It came frozen, and then gets defrosted and baked for about 3 1/2 hours. Other than the occasional basting, there wasn't much work and it we ended up with several pounds of turkey ready for slicing. I served it hot last night with dressing and vegetables, but tonight it is going onto home grown lettuce and spinach for a salad. They'll be eating it for several days, but it isn't the sort of thing they will ever get tired of. I purchased this one from our local butcher shop, and it is much, much nicer than the old commercially produced frozen turkey loaves popular in the 70s. Anyway, they're happy and well fed so that was a good purchase. 

That cucumber salad in the corner is something I make a lot of in warm weather. Sort of like a quick pickle with vinegar and spices. The broccoli was just steamed because I'm of the belief that broccoli doesn't require much more. 

I'll leave you with today's outfit-a cotton eyelet dress (fully lined!) I bought years ago. Too big in the arms, but still very wearable. 

Outfit Particulars:
Dress-Can't remember, probably Goodwill
Vintage Qualicraft shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage straw bag with celluloid handle-New Life Thrift
Big shell earrings-Cost Plus, about 16 years ago
Have a great week-stay away from Covidiots. 


Emily said...

I love the whimsical dress with the giant sweep! It makes you look like a butterfly or a bat that's about to take flight. But if we *really* want a dress with built-in social distancing, what the world really needs is the return of Civil War era fashion for ladies. A hoop skirt or a dress with an enormous petticoat underneath will ensure that nobody could stand close to you. That, and a parasol with a wickedly sharp point to jab anybody who has the audacity to try. : )

I was super excited to get my first Pfizer dose on Wednesday, but like you I probably won't be changing my lifestyle all that much, even after I am fully vaccinated. I still worry about so-called breakthrough cases, i.e., instances of fully immunized, healthy people catching COVID.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Covidiots abound here in Nepal too though we are supposedly on full lockdown due to our neighbor to the south AGAIN. India has blocked all shipments of vaccines & oxygen to Nepal so now we are looking to China & WHO for support.
Loving the fresh white eyelet dress, the autumnal silk print, and the black & white with the amazing sweep!
Stay safe

Vix said...

We have to wait 12 weeks between jabs so our second one is booked for 1st June. Our take-up rate has been brilliant and I'm feeling optimistic for a gradual return to normal, we've got a festival booked for September and, call me rash, but I've even gone so far as to book a flight to Greece a week later.
Look at all that fabric in your jab dress, you could take flight in that! You can't go wrong with a white cotton dress, I don't understand why all women don't own one! xxx

bahnwärterin said...

we should reinvent huge petticoats/crinolines for daily wear......
love the lime green jacket and the white dress is very pretty. as is the corde bag - lovely!
the turkey loaf looks delicius - must have a look at our butcher if they have something similar - can imagine it on a sandwich (BW loves sandwiches/paninis/etc.) or for me on salad.
stupidly we live in that corner of germany were the vaccination system is extra super slow...... and the covidiots legion. have another lockdown since a week.....
but the landscape is gorgeous - at least.
stay safe! xxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Covidiocy does appear to be virulent, as does the verbal violence that presents as a common symptom: "So yur gonna keep that diaper on yur face, huh?" I've made two attempts to brave dining out after church. Suffice it to remark that concern for others who might be uncomfortable or even endangered is not high on the local list of Christian charity.

Nothing is more multi-seasonal than a dark floral print, and finding it in a silk dress is a double coup! I was already oohing at the shapely lines of that absinthe jacket when I glanced down and saw the label. Haven't been thrifting in more than a year, but if the nearest Goodwill had Mainbocher on the racks in my size, I'd don a hazmat suit and venture forth.

Good for you, catching up on the delayed medical appointments! Me for booster shots, assorted scans and tests, the better to persuade my elderly cats it's time...

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Lovely outfits, Goody and I particularly liked your 2nd vaccine outfit.

I have to say the majority of people I've seen out of the house have been very respectful of the mask wearing/social distancing rules. At the first lockdown I witnessed an argument between 2 men in a supermarket queue over lack of social distancing but that's the only aggro I've witnessed that's pandemic related.

Good luck with all your medical visits!

Have a great, covidiot free week!

Polyester Princess said...

Your blog title has given me an earworm - I used to play that Clash album to death back in my punk years - and I do understand your frustration. At least we have a good chance of achieving herd immunity here in Belgium, even if our compatriots in the French speaking part seem to be less keen on the vaccine. We do have our fair share of Covidiots here as well. We are, by the way, advised to keep to the rules until a sufficient number has been vaccinated, and there'll be mask mandates wherever it is busy, as well as in shops, Etc.
Loving the social distancing dress, and the white eyelet cotton dress is a delight, as are the accessories to that outfit! xxx

Goody said...

I'm so glad you got your vaccine! It feels like a step in the right direction even if nothing changes in the immediate future.
I've worn hoop skirts for theatre productions and it was challenging learning to sit in them, but it can be done. Maybe we can bring back those massive Gigot sleeves from the 1820s! That would sure keep people at a distance.

What an absolute nightmare. I'm keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for you. Stay safe.

I guess you can always cancel if need be, but it gives you something to look forward to. We booked Danny's trip to France in Spring of '22 but that's a bit further out. Greece definitely needs the tourism money, so I imagine they are in a tough spot deciding what to do. I hope it goes well for you.

Living in a beautiful place does compensate for the people you're living with (I think of Nebraska that way too). I have a few crinolines-I'll have to try them out with that dress-I never thought to before.
Stay safe.

The Mainbocher is from the recently re-vived line, not an original vintage one. That said, it is beautifully made and was probably expensive when new. They're keeping to the spirit of the original company.
Hope your appointments go well. Take care.

I'm glad people are behaving in your town. I've lived here for 20 years and over the last four years of the orange idiot's presidency I've seen people turn into complete pieces of shit. The pandemic just enhanced it.

I'm glad people will continue to follow the rules in Belgium. It is hard to understand what the big deal is about a mask-I wear two (an N95 with a cloth mask over) and have no difficulty breathing, even with chronic asthma. Ah well, what can you do.
Take care and stay safe.

Señora Allnut said...

Obviously, covidiots reclaiming their 'Liberty' are an universal plague. At least we don't have a lot of negationism here and most people are happy to receive their vaccine. Only that it's taking ages.
You're looking lovely in your fab dresses, I love all of them. Particularly fabulous 'gigantic sweep' dress. I've considered some built-in social distancing too, as previous comments do! ;DD

This turkey looks like a great meal. I usually cook some turkey breast stuffed with vegetables, easy to cook and tasty both served hot or cold in a sandwich or salad. Really my kind of food, particularly in the summer.

Glad to hear that you're keeping yourself safe, please take care!

Anonymous said...

Our weather in Pennsylvania has been erratic to . I have been trying to harden off my tomato plants. I had them in and out of the house 4 times the other day. Cold, hot, Rain, Cold, Sun, Rain. Yikes. I finally gave up and just brought them back in.

So glad you got your second covid shot with little to no reaction.

Best Wishes,
Gail from pa.