Monday, May 17, 2021

You're In Your Place and You Know Where You Are


That was all rather anti-climactic, wasn't it? One day we're chugging along wearing masks, avoiding each other and suddenly, off with the masks and as you were?! I don't know how we're supposed to know who's been vaccinated, but for the moment I'm content to keep wearing mine in public situations. I'm sure smarter people than old Goody here have been thinking about it. I hope. Those kind of decisions are way above my pay grade so...yeah. I will say that I've rather enjoyed not subjecting my immune system to other dangers this last year so who knows-perhaps I'll just keep wearing them anyway. I've just started another monster course of steroids so it isn't like I want to push my luck out in public any more than I need to. At this point there's other things that can kill me besides Covid.  I'm finding it rather difficult to be too terribly celebratory when a large swath of the world is dying and unable to access vaccines. Even if it is "over" (for the present) in the US, it is hardly done and over with for everyone else. I know, what difference does it make what I think anyway? It isn't like I can do jack shit about it, or anything else. Wow, sorry. That got off topic pretty quickly. 

Clothes, anyone? 

It is still quite cold in Omaha, but at long last the rain has arrived. We've been so dry and brush fires were breaking out across the area. Almost at once, everything started turning bright green and perhaps the strawberries that have formed will now start growing in earnest. I'm still digging deep in the wardrobe and came up with this polyester dress from the 70s that I've had for some time but never wore. I rather like it and expect to wear it regularly now that I've re-discovered it. 
This old Richmark handbag would have been a bit mature for me in the 80s. Just about perfect now. 

Outfit Particulars:
1970s dress-thrifted (Goodwill, maybe?)
Handbag-New Life Thrift

I took Danny for a haircut, but I'm still waiting to do something with mine as I don't really have any idea what to do with it! In those situations I find it is best to just leave things alone. His haircut took 5 minutes and there was only one other patron in the place-that was a relief. I will happily admit that the hairdresser did a far superior job to mama's home haircuts, and I was overjoyed to have her take over that chore. My little boy has giant, dark sideburns. He's gonna look like Lemmy pretty soon if he keeps growing them! 

I've had this fast-fashion skirt for several years now (I thrifted it) and it has held up rather well. It looks like an African wax print, but isn't. The linen blouse was something I bought 10 years ago at K Mart and just keeps getting better with age. Sometimes I've been lucky with inexpensive pieces like these but year by year things are looking ever cheaper. I attempted to purchase some tee shirts from Target, but they were just pure garbage. 
The 70s wool suit had a wear. There's a matching skirt and waistcoat making this a rare 4 piece set to survive through the decades together. 
I had a set very much like this circa 1977 and I loved it. Mine was red/grey/black/white and I wore it with a white acrylic cowl neck sweater because-well, 1977😀. It was such a beautiful suit and I wore it until I outgrew it. Mine came from Best and Company department store. I'd spotted it in the window on my way to the allergist's office one Saturday morning. I don't remember who bought it for me-there's a good chance it was my older sister because I have a very hard time imagining my mother buying me anything plaid that would have to stretch across my rear end. Seriously, I was forty before I finally kicked her ghost out of my brain and bought a pair of white trousers. Anyway, I'm not sure where this set came from as there's no surviving labels, but I am thrilled to have it in my collection and make a point of wearing the various pieces throughout the cooler weather. 

I hesitate to call these jeans vintage, but they are now twenty years old so that makes them older than some of the people that follow me on instagram. 
As I always say, nothing's ever really out of fashion-you just style it differently. I wouldn't wear it with a spaghetti strapped tank top and a Juicy Couture velour hoodie (probably) but they're still perfectly wearable jeans. Predictably,  they got quite a lot of love from the Gen Z kids. 

The blouse is something I picked up at World Market a few years ago. They sell tea. It isn't my fault they also sell beautiful clothing. Most of the time I resist. You can understand why I'd go weak at the sight of this embroidered blouse though. 

Anyone hungry? I made tofu. This was so easy and quick. Using what I had ended up interesting when I cooked assorted greens from the garden with some peas and herbs. Everything went over some tri-coloured quinoa. The boys enjoyed it. I was afraid the greens might have been too spicy, but they both tucked in without complaint. I'm pretty lucky-they'll eat almost anything. 
This was another stupidly easy meal. 
This was a chuck roast cooked in the slow cooker and served over chickpea flour pasta. Very, very, simple cooking but when it is freezing cold in May, this is the sort of thing they want to eat. That seems fair to me. 
Another dress I've owned forever. The bolero was thrifted about 8 years ago when we moved to Omaha. Useful little thing. I should try crocheting one-they can't be that difficult.
Purse and giant bakelite bracelet were both thrifted at a Goodwill. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the elastic in the bracelet is still quite strong after so many decades. It must have been stored in perfect conditions. The bag is vinyl inside and out and these days anything that can be wiped clean with an antiseptic cloth is my kind of bag. Good classic shape too-and holds just enough. 

I nearly gave away this polyester knit car coat-I'm glad I thought better of it. There's something I like about the wide cuffed sleeves even if the overall effect can swamp me a bit. With heels and a long skirt to keep me from looking even shorter than I am, it works better. It took several years to figure out how it should be worn, but I am rather pleased with the result. 
It is much, much too large, but I'm going to say that's part of the charm.  Giant pockets too. 

Lost one of those earrings that day-grrr. 

Another very old dress that's been in my collection close to 30 years. It was home sewn. I wonder if the maker ever imagined it would still be having a life half a continent away in Nebraska? 

A good print is always welcome in my wardrobe. 

This dress? You've seen it a million times before. 
That bag! I don't usually carry oversized bags how could I resist it? Heavy too-could probably injure someone with it, if need be. 
Made in France. That's unusual these days. 

You've seen this before as well. I was freezing and had to change. Looked good for the photo though! 
Another brightly coloured dress that hid beneath a coat the entire time I was out because, Nebraska. 


I now have an owl, pussycat, and piggy wig-I need a turkey to have the whole story. 
Because if you're not matching your brooches to your novelty dress, are you even trying? 
I have over-stuffed this bag and will fix that shortly. 

So that's about it for this time. I hope you'll forgive me just sort of slapping up photos rather than composing well written posts-my brain just isn't here right now. I'm OK, just completely worn out from this most recent flare of my autoimmune crap, and the ongoing dental stuff. I like sharing photos of outfits because really at this point, that's the only thing bringing me much enjoyment, but I'm finding it difficult to have anything interesting to say. Maybe Instagram is making me stupid? Stupid and angry?  Whatever it is, please know that I enjoy visiting your blogs as well even if I don't have anything profound to contribute in the comments. I appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to come here and comment and I don't want to seem aloof. I mean, I am sometimes, but it isn't anything some pain-free sleep and food that isn't liquid would fix. I can't believe 6 months ago I was running. I'm lucky to make it to the end of my street now. Anyway, please bear with my scatterbrained posts. 

See you sooner than last time-I promise. 




Polyester Princess said...

I sometimes doubt the decision-maker's common sense, and in this case I'd rather follow the example of "old Goody"! Our masks aren't coming off yet, thank god, and I'll be wearing it in busy places and shops for a while yet even if it was no longer advised. Same for distancing!
Anyway, outfits! Favourites are the bright pink suit, the striped polyester dress, the faux African wax cotton skirt, the home-sewn dress with its funky pattern, the white floral dress and obviously the owl & the pussycat dress. I'm loving the brooches worn with that one too.
Sometimes I feel as if only dressing up is giving me enjoyment too, especially when the weather isn't up to scratch for gardening. Never mind about commenting, I do hope you'll feel better soon xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I am happy with your wonderful outfit posts, Goody. And so much fabulousness to see! I loved everything - and I mean everything. The clothes, the shoes, the bags, the jewellery. The embroidered blouse with jeans reminded me so much of my outfits in the early 1970s; the patterns on the dresses were amazing especially on the one with the pleats. A four piece suit is astonishing; and you still have all the parts? I've always wondered what a car coat was. Here, it's something men wear (or used to - a bit like driving gloves - where did they go?) about hip length often with a fur type collar. As for women's car coats, I haven't a clue - until now! I liked it. It's a bit like a swing jacket, I thought.

The food looked delicious.

Hope you begin to feel more like you soon!

Beth Waltz said...

It's mid-May and I refuse to turn the heat on, so I'm wearing a jacket indoors and admiring your photo/recipe for hot baked beans. The cockles of my cold heart need warming.

You've scored not one but two! of that most prized of vintage hauls: dark cotton dresses. The bolero takes 'useful' to the maximum level; the texured detail on the over-sized bag vibes well with the feather print. As always, you are the Empress of Accessories! * Shall be sharing pix of the vintage jeans with grand-god-children who dabble in fabric paints. Tex does batik is sorta their style (worn with white cowgirl hats and white tees).

Your hair looks good fluffed out, pulled back and piled up -- why not leave it long for the summer season? Show off your splendid collection of earrings and expand your collection of prescription glasses frames! Go Garbo or Jackie O! You're not alone in feeling stuck in an interregnum of hurting and healing. Let's burn our report cards for the month and declare an early summer break. Me, I'm now hunting for a turkey pin for a dress that made me smile over a hot cocoa in May.

bahnwärterin said...

no need to apologise - your outfits and food make for a fab post!!
th cool red suit at the start made me squeel with joy - love it. and the stripey dress too - its totally timeless. patterned full skirt & white casual blouse is such a great classic and i remember the 4 piece suits from the 70s - had one for summer with shorts, pleated pink/white. and you styled the car coat just perfectly with that chic skirt, stylish clogs, awesome jewelry and your gorgeous up-do.
the "good print" is something i wish i would find in a fabric shop........
glad the hair cut for dan went smooth - and i have good news: we had our first jab today!
stay safe! xxxxx

Emily said...

Oh, those jeans are beautiful, and yes, the World Market top is the perfect match! I'd love to go back there some time (for the tea and if I'm tempted, maybe something more). It's been over two years since I've visited.

I've seen a four-piece ladies' suit only once in my life. Those dresses are beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the bolero again. It's got such a great color and cut.

I know this sounds weird, but I LOVE the fact that you cut the tofu into triangles! I never see tofu triangles at potluck dinners, only at restaurants, and even then, not very often. Rectangles are just easier and faster to cut, so 99% of people don't take the trouble, even in a restaurant kitchen. But gosh, the triangle shape is so much more appealing and it really takes only 30 seconds longer to make. It makes me wonder why I don't do it at home. So, once again, you've inspired me.

Feel better soon!

JP said...

Hi there Goody, I’m always so pleased when I see you’ve posted and to me anyway, it doesn’t matter how much you do or don’t write. Of course I enjoy reading your thoughts and stories, but your photos always tell a story.
Your strategy of self preservation is sound. We’re doing the same.
Kia Kaha

Bibi Maizoon said...

It hasn't been anti-climactic here in Nepal. We just had an earthquake (5.8) at 5:42am and quite a few aftershocks. The epicenter was about 35 miles from our house and surprisingly only 2 houses collapsed & thankfully no injuries reported. We are also under full lockdown with police barricades at every intersection until May 27. Essential shopping is from 7-9pm daily. Helicopters are arriving hourly with Covid patients from Kathmandu and as far as Baglung as they have run out of ICU beds. International air space and borders of Nepal are sealed until May 29. WHEW.
Loving your red skirt suit and other 70s goodies! That car coat is amazing! I miss World Market, always great finds there.
Sorry you are having to deal with an autoimmune flare and ongoing dental issues.I am thinking of wearing my mask when leaving the house permanently also.
Stay safe.

Vix said...

I had no idea the mask-wearing mandate had been relaxed in the US. I think you're doing the wise thing. We've had a few more freedoms introduced this week but until we've had our second jab and given it time to work we'll be continuing as we have done for the last 14 months.
Love that embroidered blouse. If I could pick up hand-embroidered pieces with my groceries I might start joining Jon food shopping! xxx

Goody said...

Thank you. I know I can't possibly be alone in thinking we haven't quite seen the last of this.

Thank you. I guess the idea of a car coat is something short with wide enough arms for driving. Of course no one was anticipating how small cars would get-we'll be driving nude before long ;)

There have been days where we've needed the air conditioning in the day and the heat at night-utter madness but if I open the windows we'll all be sneezing. Just a couple more weeks for the flowering trees to be through but I don't dare open a window before.
I wish I kept my old jeans. I had one pair with clear beads lovingly glued (not by me) into a trail of flowers down one leg. Another with crochet insets. Oh well, hopefully some teenager is wearing them today.

I am SO HAPPY for you!!! I'm sorry it took so long to get the jab, but it must be such a relief now that it is done. I hope it went easy and you didn't have many side effects.

I only bother cutting it in triangles when I want to have more pieces. It does look pretty though. I'm always impressed by people that can cut it into thin skin like sheets-mine fall apart before ever getting than thinly sliced.
World Market is a big, spacious place-go for it. Also, they ship! I'm a bad influence, aren't I?

Thank you! That means a great deal to me. I'm sure we'll all figure out how to reengage with the world eventually.

Oh hon, I am so sorry. I wish I could gather up oxygen cannisters and ship them to you. What an absolute nightmare. And an earthquake? That's just piling on, isn't it? Hopefully you and your family still have some residual immunity to hold you over until a vaccine is available. I saw in the paper that the US is releasing some more vaccine to share but no word on who is getting it. Hope some makes it your way.

the mandates vary so much from place to place but I live in a state that's largely republican so...yeah. I understand that two vaccines probably protects me from covid pretty well but who knows how long it lasts before we need boosters, etc? I was out today and it was about half of the people still wearing masks. That's better than I would have expected. I think at the very least hand santiser is with us forever.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to have something interesting to say. It is not like the peanut gallery is offering up anything profound. Plain old day to day life in Nebraska has it's own appeal. Your outfit pictures are fun enough and it is your blog so do what ever you feel like.

I think you look great in the red suit, the snappy plaid suit too..

Best Wishes,
Gail from Pa.