Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Before Noon

The gigantic cabbage I bought last weekend (and I mean, alien species huge) kept giving me the evil eye from the fridge, and if you know anything about gigantic cabbages, you know they ain't nothin' nice to anger.

"Fine", I thought, "let's make vareniki."

Somehow in moving I lost track of the dry vermouth (the horrors!) so I bundled Danny into the car, drove the three minutes to the store, and bought a bottle. God, I love living next to a grocer. Life changing.

Danny loudly asks if I'm an alcoholic.

"Why on earth would you ask that?" I demanded.

"Because you're buying alcohol at ten in the morning. I thought if you buy booze before noon, you're an alcoholic."

"But...(I stammered) I'm not going to drink it, I'm going to make cabbage dumplings with it!"

I heard the laughing, but didn't dare look to see where it was coming from.

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