Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bird Watching Picnic

Admission has been waived at out favourite haunt, the Aksarben aquarium. While the aquarium is nice enough, the birdwatching station is fantastic. Add in the beautiful grounds of the state park, and you have a prefect summertime destination for a picnic.

The weather was being cooperative, so we brought our bird guides, binoculars, blanket and lunch out for the day. I very nearly fell asleep watching the birds, which I attribute to a wonderful state of relaxation. We noted around twenty species in the few hours we were there, though we have yet to see a bluebird. 

A picnic need not be a fancy affair (though it can be). Cheese, crackers, and dried fruit were our fare today, and I'm told cheese tastes even better out of doors.

If you find yourself driving through Nebraska on I-80, the aquarium is worth a stop. Just a few miles off the Gretna exit (follow the signs) and you don't need a park pass if you only go to the aquarium. Day passes are available for the rest of the park for a small fee.

The staff are wonderful and extremely patient with children's questions (or my child's anyway). We're going to try and make it a weekly visit so long as the weather cooperates, though the place is also fascinating in the winter.

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