Friday, July 28, 2017

Beige and Peach to the (Wardrobe) Rescue

Tricky, tricky beige. Is there a simpler, yet more confounding colour to build an outfit around? I was attracted to this skirt for the turquoise and coral details, but I rarely wear it as I lack tops in *the right shades* of turquoise and coral. I'm sure you've experienced similar wardrobe issues. Enter, a beige sleeveless tunic.

Oooh, exciting.
 Quite possibly the ugliest top I own, this nylon zip-back vintage number is an indispensable layering piece when I need a neutral.
 Ta-da! Suddenly, we have an outfit. Is the match perfect? No, of course not, but the top bridges the beige and coral in the skirt just enough to pull everything together. I'm happy I finally found a way to wear this silk skirt as it has been hanging on the back of my bedroom door seeking inspiration since early spring. Sometimes I need to live with a piece of clothing before wearing it. I have things I purchased years ago still seeking a proper outfit, but I've learned it is better to wait than wear something I'll be displeased with, just to get it worn. Obviously, I have plenty of storage space, but I'm also selective about items I keep around. If I didn't love this skirt it would have been moved along by now. If you do however love something, give it time-you never know when a beige tunic will come into your life to make you look at your clothes with fresh eyes.
The three bangles at the back are wood, painted to look like cloisonne. The two bracelets at the front are genuine. The brooch is a hand-painted ceramic I bought for .59 cents last week at Thrift World.

Outfit Particulars:
Silk skirt-Hand-Me-Ups (I think)
1960's nylon tunic-Hand-Me-Ups
Gold vintage shoes-Goodwill
Vintage Gaymode handbag-Goodwill
Belt-Thrift World
Brooch-Thrift World
Painted bangles-Goodwill
Vintage clip earrings-New Life Thrift
Clamper and bangle-Both Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-none, kiddo's asthma is kicking up again. He's never been triggered by fragrance, but why risk it?

This dress is on the peach side of beige.
 It really is too big, and as a result looks funny in the arms. I appreciate a roomy dress as much as the next person, but I don't like being swamped by my clothes. Still, it was worth wearing just to show how well peach/beige works with brown.

I've done the peach/brown thing before-this was back in 2014
What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.
Summer before last, I wore it with brown and blue.

 But in the heat, nothing beats keeping it simple. I thought about adding a jacket, and the thought better of it.

Outfit Particulars:
1970's polyester dress-Goodwill
1960's straw bag-garage sale
Marbled bakelite bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage earrings-Etsy
1970's bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Hat-K Mart
Vintage sandals-Sequels
Hard-to-see coral brooch-Thrift World
This grasshopper was hanging about as we took photos. I can't tel if he's shedding skin or if he has injured wings. Any grasshopper experts out there? We set him down in the nasturtiums and he's stll hanging out hours later.

In other news...

We've been spending the week finalising our State Fair entries as the paperwork needs to be in by the 9th. The past week was spent adjusting recipes, working out what needs to baked with sponsor's products (flour, sugar, yeast, etc.), and setting a baking schedule. As with most things, good time management is a must. Some things like decorated cookies, tea breads, and candies do better made ahead so they can age. We'll get those items out of the way, and then work out what can go in the oven as we wait for yeast breads to rise, etc. We took this approach last year and I was ever so glad we did. Having a large wall calendar to consult each day makes it seem so much less overwhelming. I think Danny has around 50 entries (some are jams/chutney/etc. that were completed months ago) some requiring more hands-on time than others. Mapping your time out step-by-step saves a good deal of frustration...and let's face it, frustration is best reserved for icing that won't set, or breads that won't release from the "non-stick" parchment. You can't anticipate everything, so best not to use up your patience on the avoidable.

I can't believe school will be starting again in just over a month. We have an interesting year set up, and I'm looking forward to doing some more in-depth studies with Danny. I'm probably going to regret the piano lessons, but I feel bad that we have a perfectly good piano sitting in a corner collecting dust. Hopefully, Danny will appreciate it when he's older. I still sort of have childhood trauma from my mum screaming at my sister from the next room, "COUNT!" as she'd practise her scales, etc. I won't do that-I'm just going to get ear-plugs, and some extras for the neighbours. Can't possibly be worse than the kid across the street learning to play the drums.

I'll leave you with this little blissed-out fellow who clearly isn't suffering from allergies or contest anxieties (not my photo).

I'm off to check the dried fruit supplies. Have a lovely weekend.


Bibi Maizoon said...

I would have paired that skirt with a brown, black or charcoal grey color. But that warm beige is perfect with that skirt!
Ugh, that peach maxi is 70's fab but empire waists/nipped in underboob silhouettes are so tricky to get right. Best left for the boobless.
I've noticed lots of newly hatched insects (nymph to adult) around here with bent/creased/folded wings -grasshoppers, dragonflies, moths.
Organization is the key to success. Ain't that the truth! happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that peach is the hardest possible colour to wear unless perhaps if you are naturally dark skinned. I am pale and it absolutely drains me!

Can't believe all the baking work you guys are doing, I wish you well.
Any eclipse plans?

Polyester Princess said...

I'm with you on the lack of tops in the right shades thing, Goody, in fact I've been lamenting the same myself. I've got lots of printed skirts, but hardly have any matching tops. The skirt is gorgeous though, what a fabulous print. And I too have quite a few pieces awaiting the right inpiration to become an outfit! Personally, I think peach is an even more difficult colour to accessorize than beige. Wow, 50 entries! That's quite ambitious, I'd say. The earplugs sound like a good plan ... xxx

Radostin said...

I find that colours such as beige and peach can often look terribly blah... but you are one of those people on whom they just look super glam! I don't know how you do it! They do indeed complement one another very nicely.
Your fair plans sound overwhelming, I'm exhausted just reading about it. Then again, I did chose to spend about three hours making dinner today, so perhaps it's not that surprising (it was good - and all four kids ate well!)

Emily from Etsy said...

I love so many aspects of your peach, beige, and blue look that I don't even know where to start. But maybe my favorite part is the plain beige bolero-cut sweater. It's snug but not too snug, and the length is absolutely perfect!

It's very fortuitous when a jacket or sweater accentuates the waist or hips at just the right place, without covering up a pretty belt, a scalloped blouse hem, or other visual detail. A lot of times, I'll put on a jacket or a sweater that matches my outfit color-wise, but the length is too short or too long and it ruins what would have been a perfect look.

Between your son's knowledge of ornithology and his budding expertise in the kitchen, he's probably one of the most well-rounded pre-teens out there. And I think your approach to piano lessons is very sensible. Music is more fun when it's played for the sheer pleasure of it, mistakes and all. That's why they call it piano practice, not piano perfection.

Beth Waltz said...

Peach? I gave up wearing peach after a particularly grueling experience as a bridesmaid in 198x, an era of truly awful girly pastels.

Danny's battle-plan is awe-inspiring! And again, may I nudge you to share it with "the powers that be." In my years of working with gifted/talented youngsters, I've learned that they are more impressed by the achievements of their peers than by any lesson offered by elders. Danny's disciplined approach to meeting multiple deadlines is worthy of emulation!

Mim said...

That skirt is lovely - coral and turquoise is one of my favourite combinations.

I hope Danny's asthma calms down soon. It sounds like you've got quite a plan for the State Fair. I hope all the hard work pays off. I've got a friend enters her village fair, but that's more small-scale and seems more like a war between her WI with the one from the village next door for having the cheek to enter their fair and win things.

Goody said...

Eh, I no longer care if clothes make me look fatter-I do however care if they're too big on top-it just looks sloppy.
I don't think the grasshopper was a baby as we have tiny ones all over, and he's much larger. We're having the worst year in memory for Japanese beetles though! Ugh-I had one in my shirt, one stuck in my hair...they don't bite, but they have prickly stuff on their legs that hurt like hell.

I'll be in Grand Island for fair drop-off day. I'll watch the eclipse from the fairgrounds.

So much of it can be made ahead, but it is still seriously a lot of work. You always find such pretty blouses-how unfair that they don't work with your skirts.

Three hours?! Wow. What did you cook?

Thank you. Danny's certainly more interesting than I was at that age. Largely, it comes down to boredom-on the farm there wasn't much to distract him (we still had a dial-up internet connection)so he had to develop interests like birding and cooking to keep occupied.

Finding the right length jacket is an on-going battle in my life.

I have a similar reaction to lilac dresses! Thank god all my friends/family are done with weddings.

I like the idea of a WI group war! I picture jam being hurled through the air like missiles.

Thank you-he's doing better. We have a routine where the medication gets escalated according to severity, and then we know exactly what to do at each step. He has a new allergist this year, and the difference in approach from the old one is night and day.

Vix said...

Dresses are so much easier, aren't they? I can't get excited about plain tops hence hardly owning any and ending up looking like an explosion in a charity shop when i combine 1970s maxis with loud blouses...ahh well!
You look great in peach and it's perfect with brown. Tres 1970s.
there's types of grasshopper? Send Danny over, i need an education! xxx

Radostin said...

A beef stew, roast potatoes, courgettes with garlic, tomato salad... I forget what else. Browning (3lbs worth of) cubes of meat and peeling pearl onions & local garlic (which is less dry and very hard to peel) were the main culprits in extending prep time. Plus of course the occasional break to break up fights between kids...

Goody said...

You should send for Bibi's son-he's the "Insect guy" :)

@ Radostin
Pealing pearl onions sounds like a LOT of faff-but I'll bet it was delicious.