Friday, July 07, 2017

Fair Bit of Indecision

I've been going through my wardrobe looking for appropriate clothes to wear for my trip to the island.

 Well, Grand Island. More like an island in a sea of prairie grass, but I still need something decent to wear for the Fair at the end of August. The pies are judged on stage so I can't show up looking a fright. I cannot begin making my yearly State Fair hat until I know what I'm wearing, and I'm stumped. August in Nebraska is beastly hot. I have a vintage Lanz gingham dress from the 50's, but it is not the most comfortable thing I own.
 Photographing gingham is a special sort of hell.

The fact that I haven't worn it since 2013 is a good indication that it isn't easy to wear. On the other hand, should I just suffer through it so I look great holding a pie? Optimistically, if I win a ribbon and get my photo in the newspaper, vintage gingham Lanz is going to make a terrific photo...unless the photographer can't take a good photo of gingham either, in which case, why bother? Looking at the photos I do know one thing for certain-pin curls are not my look! Not in heat and humidity anyway.
I'm considering ordering this dress from House of Foxy, but I'm afraid the crepe fabric will be warm and show moisture if I'm sweating like crazy. The flutter sleeves look like they would be cool, but I just don't know. Such a dilemma!  I should probably order the dress anyway because A) Mustard yellow, and B) Mustard yellow. I'm sure it would get plenty of wear in Autumn and Spring. Do you like how I talk myself into a new dress I don't need? I'm awfully good at that.
Here's a look at some things I wore in previous years:
 Vintage 40's heavy rayon (not doing that again-too warm!)
 2015-Square dancing dress. The hat has dozens of felt bees wired to it. I loved that hat.
Last year's hat had tiny plastic cobs of sweet corn affixed to it. I loved that hat too. I'm not sure how I can improve on it, honestly.
I guess I have my work cut out over the next month or so. I'm not used to putting this much thought into an outfit!

Ignore the haphazard crust-I was trying out a filling recipe. This is my attempt at Strawberry rhubarb and we were all pleased with how well it turned out. I used instant tapioca for the thickener and ended up with the perfect texture that was neither gloppy (as you get with cornstarch) nor "Pie Soup" as I often get with flour. So tapioca it shall be. I've already frozen quantities of strawberries and rhubarb as I know they won't be available at the end of August. I'll be entering around nine pies, which is frankly terrifying! Anyway, that's strawberry/rhubarb sorted.
 Back to today's outfit, I know that this peasant top can always work with a good skirt. I wore it last year with my brown square dancing skirt, so in a pinch, I could repeat the outfit with the identical skirt in blue (yes, I own the same square dancing skirt in several colours-just like the Mexican tourist skirt). I'd rather wear something different though. This skirt is nice, and I love the print, but it doesn't seem special-at least not enough for the fair. The fabric is paper-thin though, which does have some appeal in the heat.
Here's a closer look at that great print. I would love a playsuit made of this print.
It is now truly summer as the giant straw bag has been dug out and out to use. I love this bag so much-I always feel cheerful when I carry it. There isn't a single, serious thing about it. Clearly, I need all the frivolity I can get. More whimsy, please!

Outfit Particulars:
Top-K Mart
Bag-New Life Thrift
Bamboo bangles-Hand-Me-Ups
Bakelite bangles-Both Thrift World
Wooden bangle-Hand-Me-Ups

 There are no words for how much I love these bamboo bangles.

I do think I should look for bigger rings, this one is on the small side.

If you're sick of hearing about fair preparations, I apologise as it is the only thing on our minds from now until the last week of August. I'll try to keep the outfit posts coming so you can just skip over the written content. I completely understand!

*Whines* But I don't have anything to wear!

I'll be back next week with results from the Wayne Chicken Show. I'm sure everyone in our neighbourhood will be relieved when they no longer need to listen to Danny (loudly) practising his chicken call. I know I'll be happy!

Have a great weekend.


Miss Magpie said...

I'm loving the giant straw bag. I hate the fact that all I do these days is sweat like a beast urgh. I do hope you have a flash of inspiration and find the perfect outfit.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Since the Minnie Pearl/Hee Haw thing seems to be an ngoing fair theme I'd choose the Lanz gingham number.
I think a Wacky Tacky/Mr Tiny pom pom adorned hat is in order too. I love your pincurls!
Love the lines on the 40's mustard dress. Polyester crepe does not happen in my life anymore though.
I love tropical prints & that last skirt has such a great vintage vibe.

Beth Waltz said...

Danny practicing his chicken call? That could be what we heard night before last, way over there... (Thought it was foxes at the time.)

The Foxy dress IS foxy! Buy it and dazzle us with a fascinator, pinned to your upsweep!

I vote for the blue patterned skirt with the peasant top. Blue is known for attracting ribbons of a matching shade, especially if one adds a blue ribbon to one's straw hat. (A plus for this strategy is that it's easy to stash a fresh blouse/skirt in the Big Bag, ready for a quick change when it's time to walk on stage to collect the loot.)

Endorsing the instant tapioca as a thickener! Works a treat when making peach cobbler, as well.

Polyester Princess said...

That gingham photo is making me all goggle eyed! Although the dress looks love - I love a bit of gingham - I certainly wouldn't wear it if it's going to make you feel uncomfortable. That mustard dress is a killer, though. I'd say go for it, even if you don't wear it to the State Fair. I'm sure you'll find the perfect outfit to wear, and I can't wait to see what hat you will be making. Also can't wait to hear about the chicken show. I was only telling Jos about it yesterday, and showing him the photo of your chicken bag. He looked rather mystified when I told him about the cluck off! Good luck to Danny! xxx

Goody said...

@Miss Magpie

I wish I had your luck spotting dresses in the sales-you've snapped up some real beauties lately.

Crepe needs dry cleaning too-all the more reason to have it out of your life. Most people go to the fair in shorts and tee shirts. I don't blame them-unless you're a participant in the contests/exhibits there's no point suffering. Because we're regulars now, and on a first-name basis with fair volunteers, I can't just show up in running shorts and a tank.

Pssst...he took 1st place in the 13 and under age group. I'll have a proper post up soon. I asked if he was at all embarrassed and he replied, "I'll cluck like a chicken for $100.00 in prize money anytime." I think he was really proudest of the medal, and being on the local newscast.

I'll have some video up soon from the cluck-off. If Jos was mystified before...he'll think we're all mad after! These tiny towns miles from anything need these oddball festivals as yearly fundraisers. I'm sure the money spent by tourists this weekend will fund all sorts of activities through the year. There's a Kool Aid festival in Hastings, Nebraska (Birthplace of Kool Aid) that I think we'll have to attend next summer.

Mim said...

Beth has some good outfit ideas there. And I look forward to seeing your hat - the corn cob one really was something special, so it's going to have to be good to top that one!

How do you transport all your pies without breaking them? Do you have a special sort of carrier?

Vix said...

Whatever you wear is going to look incredible. I can't wait to see what you choose.
That pie is a triumph. xxx

Goody said...

I have pie/cake carriers. I needed to buy a few more as I don't typically transport 10+ pies at once. I knew there was a reason I collect vintage cake carriers!

I've never been so nervous about baking in my life. The stakes are so high!

Radostin said...

The title you gave this post gave me a big grin! I do admire all your outfits, but my favourite here must be the Lanz gingham. Isn't it disappointing when clothes one really likes are not great in wear? Ah, well! I'm sure your fair outfit will be a stunner.

Goody said...

I ended up purchasing an atomic print off-the-shoulder dress from Lady Vintage, but when it arrived I realised it was *very* low on the shoulders. I love it, but now I'm afraid if I wear it to the fair I'll end up with the moniker, "The Pie Hussy." Which could be wonderful, and awful at the same time.

We did trial runs of the cinnamon buns and wheat bread today-the house smells like a bakery.

Radostin said...


Melanie Folly Bird said...

Ooooh, gingham dress love! That's gorgeous! I love gingham, but it's part of the school uniform for infant schools over here and that's all it's associated with it seems. I wore a bottle green gingham skirt when I used to volunteer at the village nursery where we used to live and I realised to my horror one day that it was the same colour as the uniform of the school the nursery was attached to.

Ahh humidity and curls! My hair has been HUGE these past weeks! I even scared myself when I got up in the middle of the night and saw my shadow!