Saturday, July 15, 2017

Culottes to Shorts

The first photos were taken earlier in the spring. I wrote the post, and I'm just getting around to publishing it. I've added on a recent set of photos for the second part of the post. As I have several older, half-written posts in the folder, expect to see a few of these over the next month or so as my schedule becomes crazier. Thanks in advance for your understanding. 

So bad, I simply couldn't resist.
 I'm calling these trousers late 80's by the designer and the style, but the fabric has a sun and moon motif which I associate closely with the early 90's. I remember trying to buy a shower curtain that didn't have a sun and moon pattern and finally ending up at Bloomingdales where I paid more than any sane person should for a solid colour, unadorned curtain. Twenty five years on, I bought these trousers. It seemed like a suitable amount of time had passed. Looking at the photos, perhaps that's not an entirely accurate assessment. I'm not sure enough time will ever pass for these culottes to be stylish. Perhaps, like bloomers this sort of thing is best left in the past. Ah hell, what am I saying?! I don't give a toss about being stylish. Hmm, bloomers eh? *Makes mental note to look for bloomers*.

I went with comfort shoes  as I put my poor feet through hell earlier. I promise, next time I'll wear my gold sandals but today these soft, cushioned Clarks were like heaven.  There's a gold sheen to the rayon that doesn't photograph well, but looks luxurious in person.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage rayon culottes-Goodwill
Twin set-Sears, about 20 years ago!
Clarks shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace-The Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois-early 80's
Vintage embellished bag-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Sun Moon Stars (Had to).

Impossible to photograph. Isn't it always that way?!
 Anyhoo, back to the present. I liked these linen sailor button-front shorts so much in beige, I went back and bought two more pair in black. The buttons are just decoration as there's a zip concealed at the side. That's why they don't bunch or gape. These shorts go in the wash, sometimes the tumble dryer if  I'm rushed. and they always look perfect-no ironing required. For inexpensive vintage-look shorts these were a pleasant surprise.
 I had to buy this dancers brooch.
 This is a Nantucket Lightship necklace. When Danny was little he'd grab hold of it, pop it open and ask (loudly, often in public) if there were, "Any cheese maggots in there?" Then, he'd laugh and squeal pleased with a joke only he seemed to understand. We'd get some looks though!
See?  No cheese maggots!
 Outfit Particulars:
Sailor shorts-K Mart (this season, still available)
Sleeveless tee-K Mart
Cardigan-Years ago in Boston
Shoes-K Mart
Vintage straw and shell handbag-Antique mall
Nantucket basket-somewhere in Massachusetts, but not on Nantucket where it would be priced for the tourist trade. I've only been out to the island once. It was nice enough, but it was March, and freezing cold. That was my dad's idea of a fun weekend.
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Avon Mesmerize (90's version-sort of like Samsara without the floral notes. I absolutely adore it)

Just a reminder, there's still a day left to leave a comment on the chicken show post from last week to win a pair of rubber chicken toys (I'll throw something else in too so it is worth the postage). If you miss out, we'll do another giveaway in September for the yearly State Fair cookbook and other related items. We're both still baking like mad here trying out and perfecting our recipes. I cooked and froze some peach pie filling earlier this week, which ought to save some time later on.
We're back in the heat and humidity this week which means I might be doing my baking at 3AM when the house cools down. That's okay, I prefer sleeping during the day anyway.

I'll have an interesting recipe later this week for some rather successful onion buns I made today. For once, I remembered to write down what I was doing as I baked. Can you believe this was once a cooking blog?


Bibi Maizoon said...

Cheese maggots & boar taint. What don't we talk about on this blog? HAH!
Love the sailor shorts!
I'd date those culottes to late 80's early 90's too- if nothing else for that blotchy beige print that reeks so of the sponge painting awfulness that was being done on middle-class walls at the time.
Onion buns & peach pie filling- sounds strangely yum! No peaches here but piles'o'mangoes.

Vix said...

Unpublished blog posts, now there's a good find!!
I'd love to see those culottes worn over a gold swimsuit, bejewelled sandals and a bastard massive sun hat, they'd look utterly fabulous, very Liz Taylor/ Princess Margaret.
You've got a killer pair of pins and I love the cheese maggot bucket.
The sun's done a runner here but at least it's warm. I'm off raspberry picking! xxx

Propagatrix said...

Love the outfits and envy your ankles; although you claim to be short, you have the legs of a showgirl. (My own lower half reflects my Sicilian peasant ancestry and are a sad disappointment to me.)

ThriftyParka said...

Drat! I was hoping to see some cheese maggots.

Those rayon culottes!!!! Love them!!!! You could definitely wear them with a, ahem, crop top. :)

Absolutely love the sun and moon motif. I'd trace around them with a fabric glitter pen.

Wow! Your legs in those black shorts!! Yowza!!

Happy thrifting ;)

Mim said...

Those shorts are hot sauce.

I always associate the whole sun and moon thing with the 90s too. it was EVERYWHERE. Hell, Lagerfeld even launched the Sun Moon & Stars perfume then.

Goody said...

I'd forgotten about sponge painting-that was awful-and a lot of work to get something that awful.

I hope you get lots of berries (the birds tend to get them before I do).

My mother always said I had legs like a soccer player...I think it was supposed to be a compliment. Trust me, I'm short. Danny proudly announced he can see the top of my head last weekend.

A crop top-sure. I didn't wear them when I was young.

I like the SMS perfume but the bottle is ugly.

Polyester Princess said...

Those culottes are definitely something else! And of course you had to use Sun Moon Stars. I completely forgot about the perfume, which I had in the 90s. Love the dancers brooch and the Nantucket Lightship necklace, although I'm just a tiny bit disappointed there are no cheese maggots! You're looking amazing in a pair of shorts, what I wouldn't give for legs like yours ... xxx

Radostin said...

I am impressed by those culottes. I agree with Vix, lots of revealing gold would be a great idea; don't forget a chain belt...
The short shorts outfit is just stunning, and I adore your dancers brooch, it's wonderful.

Goody said...

My mum worked in the corporate offices of a company that manufactured cheese. One elderly salesman would bring in maggot-infested cheese, plop it on her desk and demand a refund. All the other salesmen would just make a note and they'd be credited for the bad cheese, but this fellow had to prove it (on her desk) even after being all but begged not to! Mercifully, I've never encountered a cheese maggot, but I'm sure if my mum had lived to meet Danny they could have had great conversations on the subject.

I don't do revealing very well. I'm not shy (or modest for that matter) but I think the world would be better off without a look at my hairy gut!

Beth Waltz said...

Cheese maggots? Took a bit for the card to pop up, but then I remembered Sue and Giles in an episode of "The Supersizers" coping with what Sue observed was "...a cheese that's a playground for insects."

The culottes WOULD look good over a gold swimsuit, worn with those fabulously dangerous golden sandals you featured a few days ago. The retro shorts outfit needs nada: it is perfection! especially with those tanned legs. Mr. ETB must take you away to a resort weekend that involves an upscale meal -- ever been to Disney's Polynesian Resort? I haven't and I'd be curious about your review.

Goody said...

Mr. ETB isn't one for resorts-I think WE should go instead. I haven't had a meal out in over ten years, upscale or otherwise.

Actually, maybe we should just go to Branson.

Radostin said...

Cleavage, baby! Hee hee