Tuesday, July 04, 2017

If You Really Like Something...

...buy it in every possible colour.
Yes, the faux-Mexican tourist skirt appears in yet another colourway.

 Someone removed most of the sequins from this one. That's actually okay with me-I might go wild and decorate it with rhinestone studs instead.

I can't wear them day after day, or it would start to look like a uniform, though as uniforms go, it wouldn't be a half bad one. I spent enough years in jobs where I had to wear "respectable" (read, "dour") looking clothes that I'm having the time of my life these days getting dressed. Nothing makes you appreciate a fun skirt like five days a week in a navy Brooks Brothers suit. God, I'm glad those days are over-not just for myself, but for the office workers of today.

 I remember a rather unpleasant coworker complaining to my boss that I was wearing an animal print scarf with my suit and that it didn't project the proper, "Decorum." That was 1986. I kept wearing it and no one else said a word, but I did feel slightly rebellious doing it. You youngsters that grew up in the era of, "Office Casual" have no idea what it was like. Of course we didn't have to go outside and stand on the street to have a smoke, so it wasn't all bad­čśë

Outfit Particulars:
Faux Mexican tourist skirt-Goodwill
Peasant-style top-K Mart about 8 years ago
Shell earrings-Cost Plus World Market
Hand-tooled leather belt-can't remember
Vintage Mexican hand-tooled shoulder bag-New Life Thrift
Glass necklace-Shop Ko
Mayan calendar bracelet-Goodwill
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-Sunflowers (an Arden I don't hate!)

This skirt is 70's vintage, but it isn't Mexican either (though definitely done in the style). It is by Russ when it was still, Rrrrruss Togs. I always loved their logo with the red and yellow Rrrruss. I think the company is still around (probably bought and sold a dozen times over) but those 60's/70's labels were the best. Anyway, enough nostalgia about the brand, let's look at the skirt.
I wouldn't call the material burlap, but it is definitely burlap-like. That said, being so old, it isn't the slightest bit rough, and it was cool and comfortable to wear on a humid day. There's a pocket where the skirt buttons on the side, and the last owner took the skirt up several inches leaving a wide hem of the dark blue colour that could be lowered. It might leave a hem line, but it is good to know the extra fabric is there. The skirt is a vintage size 8 US. I am not a vintage size 8 US, so I employed a button extender to give me two more inches in the waist and no one would know if I didn't tell. If you like vintage skirts, but aren't willing to wear vintage undergarments to get a smaller waist, button extenders are a great way to expand (see what I did there?) your skirt/trouser options. That said, they only extend so far, and two inches is about all you can count on without the extender breaking. Still, if something is close-it might be worth investing in a few-they're quite inexpensive. You can sometimes link together two extenders but then it will definitely show, so you'll need a belt.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Russ Togs skirt-Can't remember
Top-K Mart a few years ago
belt-came with a dress
Vintage shoes-Goodwill
Vintage bag-New Life Thrift
Shell earrings-Sears, ages ago
Hair flower-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-Ma Griffe
We're back into the awful heat again by the end of this week. I hope my rubber chicken purse doesn't melt at the Wayne Chicken Show. Cock-a-dooodle-doo.


Mim said...

Can't beat a bit of diamante! Maybe the sequin-remover was trying to dress down a little, but some diamante should perk it right up. (I have a hotfix gun for mine, left over from when I was learning burlesque. It only ever got let loose on underwear, but I really should try to tart some other stuff up.)

Don't let the chicken melt! it's too good for that.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Ooo! I spot some bejeweled sandals- my favorite!
That decor on your door makes it look as if you are wearing a perfectly coordinating floral headpiece with the brown & white ensemble.
Those blues are absolutely gorgeous in the 2nd outfit!
It is a drizzly & cool 79F here. Completely waterlogged as we've had over 5 inches of rain in the last 72 hrs. Still can only get on the internet by my phone as the road to the wifi tower is blocked by landslide.
Only EA 'fume I don't hate is the original 5th Avenue. I've really heard great things about EA's ne White Tea though.

Beth Waltz said...

I remember fondly a Rrruss playsuit (like rompers for women) in the brown and orange colorway typical of the 70s. Brown isn't as boring as some believe, witness your "Mexican" skirt. Brooks Bros navy blue "dress for success" on the other hand...

Way back then, I worked at an insurance company where only males could smoke at their desks. As workers' rights leveled, the outside landscaped entry became "the smoking area". I kept a pet Virginia Slim in my pencil cup so that when the smokers convened their club, I trotted out to join them, holding my ciggie aloft -- and unlit.

Polyester Princess said...

I've got a dress and jacket combo with a Rrrrruss ... label somewhere in my closet, but never wore it as it's too big. Wonder how that ended up in Belgium ... The button extenders are a great idea, now why didn't I think of that before? Love both skirts. They would be perfect for the kind of weather we're having now. Love the blue top too! I look forward to seeing the chicken bag in action at the chicken show! xxx

Goody said...

Oooh, take the sparkle gun to a swimsuit!

That door decoration is a moulded plastic HOMCO piece from the 70's. In addition to the bucket of lemons and flowers we have a raccoon, owls, and scary lions. They get rotated regularly when we're between holiday decorations.

You should have bought a packet of candy cigarettes ;)
I don't remember rules about only men smoking at their desks, but I do remember jobs being listed in the paper separately for men and women. Danny didn't believe me when I told him about that.

I'll bet you looked great in your playsuit.

Isn't it incredible how clothes get around the world?

Radostin said...

I too initially saw the door decoration as a crown - & the second matches you, too. Again, I love both your outfits. "When" I come to visit you I shall have to wear my not-Mexican skirt and we can be twins ;) The blue is just gorgeous, & I love your description of the fabric.
I never smoked, but when I was an aeroplane mechanic I used to take cigarette breaks - "when he's finished, my break ends too" - though I tried to make sure I wasn't downwind. The only office-type uniform I've ever had to wear was school uniform as a schoolgirl in England, I've never taken a job that required anything similar, hee hee.m Since having kids the smell of cigarettes is really sickening to me, though; or maybe they just have even more junk in there than they used to? Pesticides? Hmm.

Goody said...

Maybe I just need a crown!
You know we'd be happy to host you when you make it to Nebraska.

You know how to fix planes? That's very cool.

Radostin said...

You definitely deserve a crown!
I think planes are easier to fix/maintain than cars, though the stakes are obviously higher.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Your skirt is so pretty, it makes good sense to multi buy if you love it. I also love the peasant top. I need to get myself one of those. I had a very folksy one as a child, that I have only just remembered having and a hot pink one as a teen, which I wore and wore and wore and I think it actually fell apart. Last week I found the matching skirt, which is now considered 'vintage' which I'm not too happy about!