Saturday, August 05, 2017

Recent Treasures

 I've been shopping. I found these four beautiful Springerle moulds by Laxa at Thrift World-all four set me back ten dollars. I thought that was pretty good shopping (just the heart lists for $75.00) until I found...
...antique Minton. This one set me back $2.99 but it sells online for $275.00!

 The fact that it not only survived without any chips, but ended up in a Goodwill in Ralston, Nebraska is nothing short of incredible.
 I like covered dishes, but I might hesitate to use this one now that I know a bit about it. Yikes.
So that was fun. I did find some lower-end pottery as well...
 I do love a bit of California Pottery. I already had the peach tray, so I had to buy the strawberries. This set me back $4.00, but I'm not complaing. I use my California pottery pieces.

Let's pause for a butterfly break. We saw both of these at Wherespan lake on Friday. It was a beautiful day.
The Fuzzy Headed Twitcher found some sort of unusual sparrow, so he was happy. He's been working so hard, I though he needed a break away from all the baking and paperwork. The 21st is rapidly approaching but *fingers crossed* we're on schedule. He's doing the iced and decorated biscuits on the Nebraska 150 theme, and the decorated holiday ones for Easter. They're elaborate, but once they're baked, spread with a layer of royal icing, and detailed with piping and food markers-they are out of the way. He's entering assorted Christmas biscuits as well which is convenient as I just found moulds for springerle and speculaas. Thank you, thrifting gods! The week of the 13th will be madness, so I want him to get out of the house a bit now.
I wore some vintage, as you do. I've had this skirt for years but somehow neglected to show it on the blog. The Ultrasuede 70's does 40's jacket is a firm favourite, that appears here regularly. There's a matching skirt, but that feels a bit too vintage cowgirl, and it is a bit small as well. Wearable, but not something I'm determined to reunite with the jacket.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage peasant skirt-Goodwill
Blouse-K Mart
Vintage Ultrasuede jacket (part of a suit)-Goodwill
Vintage Mexican tooled leather handbag-New Life Thrift
Tooled Leather belt-Goodwill
Cowboy boots-K Mart
Cuff bracelet-Thrift World
Vintage shell earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Silver Sara Coventry bracelet-Thrift World
Butterfly wing bracelet-New Life Thrift
Vintage celluloid covered wagon brooch-Etsy
Fragrance-L.T. Piver Floramye (80's version)
 Poor butterflies!

I am closer to my State Fair outfit. I have a bid on a vintage hat. If I win the auction, I'll wear my red square dancing skirt and white peasant blouse as the hat's such a show-stopper I wouldn't want to upstage it with a dress. I'll know by next week, otherwise I'll work with the hats I already have. There's nine days between Danny's drop-off and my drop-off with the pies, so I'll have a bit more time getting myself pulled together. I made the mistake of Googling images of decorative pie crusts. Talk about intimidating! I'm not doing that again.
I do wonder at the mind that dreamed this up, and executed it so perfectly. I'm going to go with something a bit less elaborate. 
Well...maybe just a bit less elaborate. 

Hope you're having a nice weekend. 


Vix said...

If that's an indication of what you're planning to wear to the State Fair then I can't wait to see the final outfit, the one you're wearing is fabulous. I love that skirt.
Gorgeous butterflies and great scores in the thrift shops. Those moulds are gorgeous and the colour of the Californian pottery is fabulous.
I'm amazed at the prices Minton commands over there but I suppose it's fairly common here especially where I live, it was only made up the road! xxx

Goody said...

This piece is from the 1860's, so it is a little more sought after, but the pieces people will spend thousands on are the game pie dishes with birds or bunnies on the lid. If you can find those, you can make a pretty penny shipping them over here to collectors.

Mim said...

Woah, you've really done well at the shopping. I bet Danny's biscuits will look amazing made in those lovely moulds.

Polyester Princess said...

Those moulds are a great find, they can even be used to decorate your kitchen. Love the California Pottery dish too, such a nice colour! Your peasant skirt is gorgeous and so is the jacket, but what I love the most ... surprise! ... is that celluloid covered wagon brooch! xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Yeehaw! Love youer cowgirl outfit!
Wow! those are some amazing thrift treasures!
I'd hang those wooden molds on a wall they are so gorgeous.

Goody said...

The moulds were sitting on the counter in a busy thrift shop that was having a sale. I'm still shocked no one picked them up, although it is in a part of town where there might just not be anyone old enough to know what they are. I'm personally terrible with stampers. I even have a design carved rolling pin for springerle, but I still can't manage them. Maybe Danny's young hands and patience will do better.

The large heart mould had a hook for hanging, so I might do just that. The celluloid brooch was an impulse buy online, but I live on the American prairie-I *had* to buy it.

I'm wondering if I should get a display shelf like they sell for plates with a groove to hold it in place? Then again, dusting. So maybe not.

Radostin said...

Delightful outfit, wonderful finds! Thank you for sharing your thrifting adventures, it's next best thing to going oneself!

Beth Waltz said...

Minton! You find antique Minton in Goodwill's chipped china department?! I scored a white Wedgwood plate being used as a cache pot sauce once... (wrote she, green eyes glowing).

The springerle molds might prove useful in decorating a coffin, "coffin" as in stiff pastry shell. Haven't tried it, just found that Della Robbia pie crust inspiring.

Goody said...

I feel the same way reading your posts!

I had a friend who was working as a painter in a vacant house when he found a full set of Wedgewood in a crawl space. No one wanted to claim it, so he brought his wife home the expensive china she didn't get when they ran off and married without a big wedding.

Hot water pastry crusts are a pain in the butt! I've done it, but I never bothered with decoration on that level.

Radostin said...

Oh, lovely, thank you; I am so glad you enjoy my posts too That tale about your painter friend is brilliant :)