Monday, August 07, 2017

My Pet Bagworm

Yeah. Who buys this crap anyway? There is space to write, "Try to". so perhaps that's the idea? There's something hostile (or at best, passive aggressive) sounding about it. I'm probably not the target audience for this sort of consumer good. The older I get, the more I feel like I'm probably not the target audience for life in a general way. That's fine-get the hell off my lawn.
Here's two more trial-run sourdough breads. The poppy seed loaf has wheat bran and wheat germ for extra interest, and the boule on the left is plain white. Both took a total of three days from sponge to baking but that's how sourdough is (slow). Our starters are all doing well (we have three) but Nationwide is the strongest. Yeah, I named this starter, Nationwide. Loooong story. Anyway, we've been giving the starters extra feedings (instead of neglecting them at the back of the fridge) so they will be in peak condition for fair baking. I served tomato sandwiches on the whole grain loaf and the boys were both happy with the results-the bread anyway. I have a tomato-hating son. So much for the theory that children will eat vegetables they grow themselves. Mr. ETB is happy to eat all the tomatoes. Good thing, as we have a bumper crop this year.

To maintain a nice work/play balance in my life, Mr. ETB dragged me off to a few thrift shops we don't visit often. At the first, he found me a lovely Stratton compact from the 60's still in the original box that will now join my two others. As per Eat the Blog guidelines, two is a coincidence, three is a collection-I now have a collection of Stratton compacts. I do use them, so it isn't a complete waste of space. The same shop also yielded a 1930's taffeta-type evening gown with a million buttons up the back and side snaps. It was hanging with the nighties. That's the second time I've found vintage slip-type gowns in the nightclothes, so I now regularly check the rail. I can see where it might be confusing if you didn't know what you were looking at.

The second shop we visited was a lucky stop for brooches, a handbag, and some bracelets. A piece of California Pottery also came home with me. Photos soon-I just haven't had a chance to steam the dress.

Inspired by Radostin, I dug out some black clothing to wear in summer. She makes it look effortless...I don't. Sigh. It was a good opportunity to wear this vintage tunic (yeah, another one) that always seems too much for summer, and not enough once it is cool outside.
The jacket is a sheer, rayon crepe. The collar is annoyingly cute, but I do find it useful with 50's/60's style outfits. I believe it is from the early 90's.
Those massive, carved Bakelite earrings don't get worn much, but since they were being dragged out, it only seemed right to give the Bakelite ring a wear as well.
I love the way it is carved. Here's a look from another angle...
Since I was wearing old plastics, the vintage hair-comb had a day out too.
Er...the messy look is, "In".  That comb could be spectacular on someone with nice hair.

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-bought online from a very crappy company I won't recommend
Hair comb-Etsy
Bakelite ring-Hand-Me-Ups
Bakelite earrings-Sequels
Brooch-Etsy seller, Maisonette de Madness (Thanks, Beth for mentioning them to me)
Cha-Cha bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Onyx and silver ring-Mum's
Vintage handbag-Antique mall

On our walk last evening, Danny spotted a cocoon hanging from a cobweb under a tree. Upon closer inspection, it began wriggling and a small (probably pissed off) worm stuck out a head, gave us a, WTF look, and then retreated back inside. The tree was covered with what we later figured out were Evergreen Bagworm cocoons. We brought it home, put it in a jar with some grass and straw where it promptly dragged itself, cocoon and all to the top of the jar to re-hang. It is now chilling on ,my desk. We'll know in a few weeks if it is male or female. The male emerges as a moth, but the female does not. At that point, we'll release it, but far, far away from my rosemary plants! They're terrible pests, but fascinating to watch. I suppose it might be worth mentioning to someone at the college next door that there's a bagworm infested tree outside the dorms. 

 I'll leave you with this view from Papillion, Nebraska which is rapidly being developed. I have a feeling that field won't be empty a year from now as the space across the street is filling with new shops (and a Goodwill!) and homes. When we moved to Nebraska 16 years ago. this really was, "Out in the country." I feel like I'm supposed to shrug and say something about, "Progress."

I'm off to obsessively check the bagworm. Who knew my life would be this exciting?


Vix said...

Oh, that bread! I could eat a whacking great slice of that now slathered in butter.
Dying to see that 1930s gown. The nightie rail often yields treasure in British chazzas, anything remotely strange or loud ends up on there, I suppose the old dear that work there can't get their head around anyone leaving the house dressed in something other than beige.
Looking fab in black. It can look really good in the Summer. Just not on me, covered in cat hair.
How sad that the land's been sold to developers. Photo it while you can. xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm with Vix, ready to snatch a hunk of that bread right off the screen! Is there anything better than good, fresh bread? I have a feeling you and Danny are going to be the champion bakers of the Fair.

Bibi Maizoon said...

I think we need to update our "Get off my Lawn" mantra for the 21st century. How 'bout, "GET OFF MY INTERNETS!"
The Millennials might understand that?
Bread, glorious gorgeous homemade bread, I don't eat bread but I bet it smells divine.
There's that London skyline skirt! I like the jacket with the twee collar, it looks fab 50's.
Bagworms, ugh.
A neighbor's child was admitted to the hospital with 'pneumonia' 2 days ago. The child died yesterday & the results from autopsy labs just came back positive for a nasty strain of swine flu. ?!?!?

Polyester Princess said...

I'm with Vix and Jan: that bread looks utterly delicious! I used to wear a lot of black in a previous life, but I tend to steer away from it now, unless it's got a print. I love the jacket, collar and all, and I seriously covet the
Bakelite rings and earrings! As I'm always on the lookout for vintage slips, I usually have a look at the nightwear rail and seriously, the things I've seen there. I can't wait to see the 1930s gown. I also hope we'll get to see the new pet! xxx

Radostin said...

Yum, your bread looks fantastic. That sign looks like it's a fill-in-the-blank, and could as well have said "every day I thump you" - it does seem threatening. Grammatically it seems to suggest that the "you" in question must simply put up with whatever the declarer chooses to perpetrate every day.
I am glad to have inspired you, though I must post the disclaimer that I look nowhere near as glamorous in my summer black! That skirt may not be great quality, but it sure is a great print - and you know garments sometimes get away with that pair of attributes with me, too. Your bakelite ring is a true stunner. xx

Emily from Etsy said...

Am I the only person who, after reading this post, started hearing the "Nationwide is on your side" commercial jingle from TV? :)

I don't think it's crazy that you named the bread starter. The yeast is a living thing, so it may very well deserve the honor of being given its own name, just like any dog or cat. But be warned, if Nationwide starts to beg, roll over, fetch, or come when called, that's a sure sign that your yeast is a little too active.

Do the other starters have insurance-themed names too? :)

Beth Waltz said...

The skirt is proof that even a garment with faults (seams? as I recall)can be wearable, Goody. The Paris print with the Audrey Hepburn neckline and hair whispers "Holiday in Rome". All you need is a Vespa...

Thanks for the reminder that when hunting and gathering in thrifts, one does well to ignore signage and labels. A friend and I both did well in the Goodwill men's & boys' department yesterday: she found a lovely lady's sweater in cream and white; I, a black cotton Tiki shirt in a lad's "large". * Looking forward to seeing your new "night gown."

Mim said...

I have literally *just* come from Ann's blog where I commented that you, she and Vix seem to find the best things in shops, and you've only gone and found a 1930s dress. Aiee. I am but a grasshopper still learning my thrift-fu. On the insecty note, I had never heard of bagworms, but hope if reincarnation is A Thing, I never come back as a female one... the Wikipedia entry on their lifestyle is utterly gruesome.

Goody said...

Cat hair is THE accessory! I do love cats, they make me sneeze, but still.

Danny definitely, I'm less convinced with my own skills.

Oh god, that's horrible. Do they keep pigs, or is it a flu strain circulating at large?

I just checked the bagworm-nothing happening yet. The jar is sitting next to the goldfish tank...he's showing a concerning bit of interest in it! I can just imagine the hell a fish goes through knowing there's a worm it can't eat!

There's so much of that stuff in the shops too-it really makes me wonder what the inside of people's homes look like. Not that I should talk as mine is a cluttered, book-filled mess.

We have a Nationwide Jr.
They're named for another participant on a cookery thing I used to read (before comment threads got nasty over stupid things like cooking and we all abandoned it to people who feel they need to prove something)-and he took the name from a 70's news show.

I know someone that takes their starter on holiday with them. I've never done that! That's how starter is better than a child-I can't shove Danny in the fridge and go out of town for a week.

I should totally name the next one (I'm going to do a rye one) for our State Farm agent-she'd probably be honored.

Your men's departments have good stuff? Our are just threadbare shirts that should have been binned years ago.

Ann has convinced me I need to visit Belgium! Wouldn't mind a trip to the Black Country either, come to think of it.

Yeah, the life of a female bagworm is nothing nice.