Monday, September 25, 2017

Eccentric Party People

Where's the party?
People don't dress as I do-I get it. I'm accustomed to being asked where I'm headed to because let's face it-my wardrobe isn't representative of Midwestern American streetwear in 2017 (or ever, really). That's fine, if it brings a smile to someone, all the better. I had a group of elderly women watching as we took photos today, and they genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves. Yesterday, at the pharmacy the dour pharmacist that never says much was so taken with my flower crown he could only smile and stammer a few words about the "thing on your head."That's wonderful-I've worked in retail and it is dead dull engaging with the public. An unusually attired customer always raised my spirits.
Sometimes though, my clothes catch people off guard, and they blurt out things they wouldn't otherwise.
So it was that the rather conservative woman working behind the cosmetics counter exclaimed, 
"You're one of those eccentric party people always having a good time!"
I'm sure I've been called "eccentric" before, though not to my face. "Party Person" is clearly a first as I'm typically off to bed around 10 PM.. I mean, "Partying?" At my age? Don't be absurd-I could break a hip or something. Perhaps she meant, Communist Party. Viva la revolution, Comrade.
Look at me being all wild and thumbing my nose at society. Yeah. 

Back to the clothes. Shiny new (to me) belt. You have no idea how useful a gold belt is. When my old one wore out I was devestated. 
Outfit Particulars:
Pink silk skirt-Sears about 20 years ago
Red polyester vintage blouse-Goodwill
Vintage mesh and lucite handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-Target years ago
Trainers-Stella McCartney for Adidas- Hand-Me-Ups
Fine for wearing around town on a rainy day, but worthless for running. 
 Outfit Particulars:
Late 80's silk skirt-Marshall Field's (bought it new)
Top-K Mart
Blue necklaces-all over
Bangles-all over
Flower crown (it has tiny skulls in the centre of each bloom) Spirit Halloween pop-up shop
Earrings-Sarpy museum sale
Fragrance-Vintage Geminesse
Well, I'm off to look for a better not be BYOB. 
Bring your own tomatoes, I could manage. We're harvesting faster than I can use them. This was a superb year for tomatoes.

 I'll leave you with a look at two new tea towels I bought for Halloween.
I couldn't wait for October to use them. I bought Ouija socks as well. We've been getting a jump-start on horror movies and we watched Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Danny enjoyed it (he even snorted at the Budgie for lunch). Sometimes old movies don't age well for this generation (he laughed through Wicker Man) but I was pleased to see him enjoy Baby Jane. "You know", I told him, "That's exactly how it would go down if I had to live with your Aunt Judi." We laughed, but then realised would probably be more like Grey Gardens. 

I really must go find that party now. Toodles.


Bibi Maizoon said...

If Danny liked Baby Jane Maybe he'd like "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte"?
Grey Gardens was my life for 30 yrs. (Said this dour pharmacist)
That coral blouse & lippy are stunning on you - that is truly your color1
Americans are quite a frumpy bunch aren't they?
the Ouija board towel is hilarious.

Vix said...

I think that by dressing to the nones, we're performing a public service, brightening up the lives of people doing dull jobs and giving old ladies a reason to start a conversation when they admire our clothes.
I love all your outfits, especially the gypsy top with the silk skirt and those killer specs. I didn't notice the flower crown at first, I thought you'd backcombed your hair into a bad ass quiff.
A man stopped me while I was wheeling the bin out the other day and exclaimed...phwoar, I bet you're a bit of a raver. I wasn't sure if he was dazzled with my zig zag bellbottoms or hinting about the bags under my eyes implying I'd stayed out all night! xxx

Bobbi said...

Party people! Woo hoo! It's nice to be a little different and make people smile.
I love the silvery silk skirt. It's so pretty. I think sneakers like those were meant for wearing out to coffee and not for actually using as sneakers - "look at my fancy schmancy shoes" kind of thing. They're cute, though.
I saw Grey Gardens recently and it kind of freaked me out. Crazy old Edie could be a villain in some thriller movie.
Ouiji socks? Awesome!

Polyester Princess said...

I've yet to be called eccentric - although I'm sure people will think it behind my back - I am often asked if I am going somewhere nice, when I'm just on my way to work. This morning, I was standing at the bus stop, dressed in bright blue and orange, surrounded by a sea of grey, beige and black. I need to be dressed up to feel good. I love how you're wearing that silk skirt with the Stella McCartney trainers. I am quite intrigued by the Ouiji socks ... xxx

Radostin said...

Now, that's a spectacular silk skirt! And I do love the combination of pale pink and red. Your floral headpiece outfit is very striking, you can't really blame the commenters! Every day is a party, no? I'm impressed by how you carry off an off the shoulder top. Also, cute tea-towels. I remember stocking up on stripy socks in Halloween shops when we lived in the States.

Veronica Cooke said...

It's got to be a better world where people stop to comment on what you're wearing - even if they get it completely wrong...I'm usually in bed soon after 10pm too, but I nearly always read for a while.

Vix was featuring tea towels on her blog today, too, but not Halloween ones! Ouija socks are a first for me.

I love both your outfits. I thought at first the pale grey silky skirt was palazzo pants but whatever they look fabulous; I'm envious of your teeny waist emphasised by that gorgeous gold belt. Love those fab gold glasses.

What a great film that is

Melanie Folly Bird said...

The things people say! I got called a ghost the other day!

I love Halloween, though it isn't that big in this country. Dressing up is reserved for parties, and I haven't been to a Halloween party in years ☹ the last I went to, I dressed as Baby Jane, but had to remove my make up, as I was unsettling another guest!

Goody said...

You had to work with the public in San Francisco-you'd be forgiven any dourness!

I'm thinking we should have a virtual rave with all the vintage bloggers wearing their best club clothes and dummies hanging round their necks.

I can't say anything bad about the Edies because I have a pet squirrel. Not a raccoon, but still...

I'm sure you made the commute more cheerful-I'd make a point of sitting beside you on the bus just for the good vibes.

Off the shoulder works for me as it hides the worst part of my upper arms. As I've aged, my shoulders have become bony, so it kinda works. Of course now that I'm on an indefinite mega-dose of prednisone, I'll probably end up with a hump on the base of my neck. Ah well, just in time for polo neck season!

I don't have a tiny waist-I'm just an hourglass. A very large hourglass ;)
I envy your ability to read in bed-I fall asleep before reaching the end of a page. To be fair, I've caught myself nodding off in class when I'm reading aloud! Dull material, but still.

Were you wearing white and clanging chains? Some people just have no filters and blurt out whatever comes to mind.

That's a great compliment on a costume having it be that upsetting.

Mim said...

That's the best compliment ever. Who wouldn't want to be someone who was always having a good time? The young 'uns at work have a phrase 'live your best life', and in dressing to please yourself, that's what you do!

I'd be up for a blogger rave, though as a lapsed goth my clubbing clothes would be somewhat sombre.

Excellent teatowels, the haunted house one especially.

Hasta la victoria siempre, and party on, dude.

Goody said...

Goths are always welcome!