Saturday, September 09, 2017

Favourite Autumn Blouses

It must be Autumn if the KoKoKnits blouse is making an appearance.

 Nothing says, "Autumn" like a brown, leaf print fabric. The brown pleated skirt is also seeing a first wear since last winter. I haven't properly started unpacking cool weather clothes as we can continue to get warm days well into October, but a few pieces were within easy reach. My sense is we're in for an early winter, but I'm basing that on worsening arthritis symptoms, and my fingers and toes turning blue. You may prefer meteorological data.
This brown and blue check polyester jacket was purchased a few years ago, but rarely worn. It has a pleat at the back giving it a swing effect, but for some reason, I don't like it on me. It isn't too big or small, and the sleeves seem okay, but for some reason I feel like I'm wearing my grandmother's 70's slipcovers when I try this jacket on. 
It might look better with a pair of denim flares. This time of year I'm cobbling together outfits from what's still unpacked from summer, and items that were never packed away in spring. It makes for some less-than-idea combinations, but I also enjoy the challenge of wearing things together I ordinarily wouldn't. 
Outfit Particulars:
KoKoKnits 70's polyester blouse-Goodwill
1970's Lady Devon polyester skirt-Goodwill
1970's Koret of California polyester jacket-Thrift World
Bakelite clip earrings-Goodwill (I think)
Wood brooch-Etsy
Lucite tortoise bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
1940's Corde handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Bass Weejuns loafers-Goodwill (Yes, I put pennies in them!)
We had swarms of Painted Lady butterflies(I mis-identify them in the video as Red Admiral, but I was corrected) around today, so I shot a video. Hopefully you can see them. If not, you get to hear my authentic Chicago accent which is rare as hen's teeth these days. 

This is another favourite blouse. It isn't flattering, the bow is tricky to tie and...I love it anyway! The colours and the crazy floral-meets-paisley print are so fun. It doesn't match anything, yet "goes" with almost everything. This is my typical, "Work" look. I consider homeschooling a job, and just as I wouldn't face a classroom in leggings and a sweatshirt, I don't do that at home. If you do-hey, good for you! I mean that. We all have our comfort zones and mine is getting dressed for work-it puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle complicated ideas. That said, I keep things on the simple (and washable) side as I'm also the art instructor!
Outfit Particulars:
Polyester skirt-Thrift World
80's blouse-Goodwill
Margaret Smith vintage handbag-Goodwill (this is my second Smith bag-one more and I'll have a proper collection)
Clarks shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Santal Royal (yeah, the reviews were bad, but I LOVE it. Luckily I'm not swayed by reviews).

 I saved the best for last.
 This mid-70's polyester treasure has a Montgomery Ward's label in it. Wards was...not fancy. I didn't like their clothes, but I did buy a stereo there around 1980 that I still own (massive tower speakers and all. It plays 8-tracks!0 Anyway, Wards wasn't the sort of place you'd go for cool clothes and honestly, in the mid-70's this would have been a blouse your mum might have worn, with white slacks. Well, my mum would have. I have the massive cuffs folded back as I think they were intended to mimic French cuffs without the need for cuff links. The collar could cost you an eye if you get too close to those points. My point(point-ha!) is (yeah, yeah, I have one) I wouldn't have worn this in 1976, and I'd have been horrified at the suggestion I someday might. Take that as a warning kids-you never know what the future will bring. I sure as shit never saw polyester blouses from Wards.

What goes with polyester? Ultrasuede.
Outfit Particulars:
1970's Montgomery Wards shirt-Goodwill
1970's brown pleated skirt (yeah, another one. I'm an adult and can have more than one brown pleated skirt if I want)-Goodwill
Vintage Samuel Robert Ultrasuede jacket-Goodwill
Owl brooch-Can't remember
Vintage suede handbag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Vintage Wind Song (yay, smells like the 70's)

Our ribbons and judges comments arrived from the fair. Most of the comments were helpful (bottoms too dark, strive for uniform size, etc.). Danny's Christmas cake notes read, "Good tasting. Ribbon was a nice touch. I question a 12 year old baking with brandy though."

He thinks it was serious, I think it was a bit of good natured joking. At least he didn't use the better part of a $100.00 bottle of Armagnac to preserve pears. Yeah, I did that once. Ooops.

Unlike Danny's windfall, my prize money amounted to a whopping $13.00 I guess I can go crazy and buy some cosmetics at the dollar store.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


Bibi Maizoon said...

The brown & blue plaid coat look like what my mom would call a 'car coat.' It looks good on you but a bit bulky.

Oh Montgomery Ward's. Remember that HUGE catalog they used to put out? There were no department stores in Sonoma at that time so we used to pick out our school clothes from that thing. I suffered through many a hideous polyester pantsuit from MW. Cool kids got their clothes from JC Penney. Really cool kids shopped at Miller's Outpost. I'm not sure why we stopped shopping for clothes at Sears, all my beekeeping stuff was ordered through the Sears catalog.
Anywho, that MW is probably tough as steel & looks fab!

How did the judges know Danny is 12 yrs old? Don't spend that $13 all in one place young lady!

Beth Waltz said...

Say what you will about MW polyester, it lasts. And I do recall that the adults who favored MW were the sort who prized "value = $$ ./. years of wear". Our home ec sewing instructor used fishing line to repair seams and hems in that stuff.

As a matter of public record -- what will you purchase with the $13? I just collected $250 from an account long written off and I'm thinking BIG pots of mums. Y'know, the kind the garden center delivers!

Anonymous said...

Ha, you can get 13 different cosmetics from the Dollar Store so will do quite well. Do let us know.
I have many memories of MW. We lived from 1974 to 2002 within walking distance of Randhurst Shopping Center. When we first lived there MW had a fabric department and a restaurant! I had my hair cut there for years, $5 for a trim. The head beautician gave me a free hair cut to celebrate my giving birth in 1980- how kind is that? I still have earrings I bought from their clearance rack but I can't think of any clothes which have survived! JanF

ThriftyParka said...

That Montgomery Ward blouse is divooon!! Hmmm, I'd be tempted to blow that $13 at one of those fabulous Dollar Tree stores. I've also seen A LOT of YouTube cosmetics hauls fromGoodwill. Apparently Target donates their leftovers there.

Happy thrifting ;)

Miss Magpie said...

What are you on about woman that blue blouse looks fabulous! I like the last one too reminds me of fish/kites.....

Polyester Princess said...

Looking at your fabulous Autumn outfits, I am longing to unpack my Autumn/Winter wardrobe right now. I love all the blouses and don't think the blue one with the pussy bow is unflattering at all. Oh, I've just remembered I didn't pack away any of my long sleeved blouses. If the weather continues to be like it is, I know what I'll be wearing this week! Didn't see much of the butterflies, but I loved hearing your voice! xxx

Vix said...

Like Gisela, I saw fish on that Montgomery Ward blouse, it's ace!
You've got such a lovely voice, I could listen to it all day! xxx

Mim said...

Heh, I know what you mean about tastes changing. That Montgomery Ward blouse is splendid, though.

I'm guessing there's no 'rum baba' category at the state fair...

Goody said...

We weren't big catalog shoppers as we lived in a place with plenty of stores. I suppose in a way, the internet is the 21st century version.

They ask for ages on entries as some are restricted to 16 and under. It gets absurd though when you see Age 87 on a batch of muffins. Once, years ago at the Saunders County fair I listed my age as a "Youthful late 40's". That got some laughs.

Fishing line might have worked better than that clear plastic thread-I still see it occasionally and shudder at the memory of trying to sew with it.

Go for the mums! The bees will love you for it as there isn't much for them this time of year. They're so beautiful-I completely endorse blowing your found money on flowers.

I think that's where I bought the stereo, but it might have been Old Orchard-I can't remember anymore. A free haircut for giving birth seems fair!

Our Goodwills don't get any new cosmetics, but that must be great in places where they do. Our dollar store sells Pears soap, which I rather like even after they reformulated it.

@Miss Magpie
You're right! I think those ARE fish. How could I have missed that?

Try the full-screen mode.
You might be the only person alive that loved hearing my voice (I'm told it is irritating).

You spotted the fish too. I see now where the white streaks could be like waves. How stupid of me to miss that.

You'd get sick of this voice quickly if you heard it all the time. Most people (outside of Chicago) can't understand me. I went to a great deal of trouble and expense to lose my accent when I was young, only to get militant about it later in life and regain it.

They'd call child protection if he showed up with a rum baba!

Veronica Cooke said...

Goody, your voice is amazing. I love it!

I also love your blouses. There's nothing like a big bold print to make my heart skip a's hard to pick a favourite but I think it's the first one; although the third blouse is a close runner. The floral bag is stunning.

I've become very partial to a pleated skirt just lately. They were a fashion thing in the early 1990s I recall and I remember having two with black pleats, one long and one short. Currently I have three long ones; all patterned and a short black one. The pleats are quite fine whereas the ones from the 90s were box pleats.

Have fun spending your 13 dollars!

Goody said...


I never could feel much for box pleats-they always look like they need pressing even when freshly pressed. That could be down to my poor ironing skills ;) Do they call the very skinny pleats "Crystal pleats" by you? I always thought that made the skirts sound more interesting.

Radostin said...

So interesting to hear your lovely voice! Accents are getting more homogeneous nowadays, it's a shame. When I was little we used to go on holidays all over England, I was proud of always being able to understand any accent I heard no trouble, but never knew which was from where. Staying with my brother in Hastings he was saying that only the oldest generation still have a proper local accent; everyone younger than 70 just sounds vaguely south-easterly.
I admire all of your early autumn clothes (if jealously) - lovely colours, and how I fancy wearing a heavy skirt now. I think the swing coat is very nice indeed. I looked at the pic of it closed again having read that you're not sure about how it sits on you - the shoulders and bust are a good fit, but perhaps there is just a little too much fabric across the high chest, between centre front and the vertical part of the armhole seam. I don't think it matters though, the rest of the fit is great and the check & colour scheme are perfect.

Goody said...

You do get cool weather eventually though, don't you? I seem to remember a friend that moved to Haifa writing to ask me if I could send her some tall boots as her legs were freezing.

Radostin said...

Oh yes, it does cool down eventually. The summer just seems never ending at some point. Actually since I wrote that comment it has begun to cool down just a tiny bit. It doesn't get really cold, though, even by my standards as an English person, never mind in comparison to NJ winters which are by far the coldest I've ever lived in. (Yes, I know I just said NJ) That's very cute about your friend, but I have never had trouble finding boots here.