Friday, September 15, 2017

Squinting Resting Face and other random stuff

What can I say? The house has a South-West facing front door. Great light for photos but a terrible squinting hazard. I always look like I'm about to scream at some kids to get off my lawn (which I would if there were any kids on my lawn). I need to work on turning that squint into more of a snarl. Ah well, that's this week's project sorted. 
I tried something different recently. These are canellini beans from a tin that I drained, patted dry, and fried in a few tablespoons of olive oil. Apparently everyone on the internet has been doing this for ages, but I'm slow to a fad. They do get browned and a bit crispy which is fun.
I served it with chard because everyone else does, and I lack imaginationšŸ˜Š.
Anyway, if you're looking to try something like this there are hundreds of variations on it out there though I believe the original recipe came from 101 Cookbooks. 
 This nifty recipe is my invention. Make curried rice with some fried onions and sultanas...
...then fill hollowed out apples. Add a few inches of vegetable broth in the pan and bake at 325 degrees F. until apples are soft. We eat this quite a bit through apple season. 
Don't forget to leave room for cake. This is an apple and spice coffee cake. It doesn't have coffee in it, but rather is a cake to serve with coffee. Just one of many (delightfully?) strange things about the United States. Oh, and the little white scoop that looks like ice cream on the side of the plate of fluffy pancakes you ordered? That's not ice cream-that's salted butter. Many a visitor to the US has been surprised by that. Why do we butter our pancakes and douse them in maple syrup? I don't have any idea. I usually leave the butter to the side and go straight to the syrup. The recipe for this cake said to serve it plain as it didn't require any embellishment. Right. I just don't do minimalism well and if I take the trouble to bake a cake, I'm going to embellish as I see fit. The darker glaze is icing sugar with a bit of molasses and apple cider (that's cloudy apple juice, not the alcoholic type). 
I put my California Pottery apple dish to use. The tiny apples in the centre are part of the plate. I just adore setting the table at this time of year as most of my pottery collection is in earth tones. 
Yay for Autumn!
Boo for being ill. 

Yeah, I feel and look shit lately, but at least I have a lovely warm robe to be miserable in. I didn't bother cropping the bathroom selfie because hey, keeping it real. Never mind-look at the Gossard Artemis vintage quilted robe. I wish I had slippers with ostrich feathers to match. I should mention standing on the edge of the tub to get a photo is generally a bad idea, ill or not. Don't try this one at home.

It is such an obnoxious shade of pink-I love it.
I don't love the deep shade of blue my fingers have been turning. My immune system is trying to kill me, but I'm stubborn. I have a medical appointment in a couple weeks and I'm sure it will mean switching medications around because there's only so much prednisone you can throw at a flare. I'm not looking forward to methotrexate again, but this is getting stupid already. I have a shit tonne of things to do that aren't getting done. Anyway, enough about that but I thought it was worth mentioning why I'm so damn cranky as I'm sure it comes through in my posts. 

 My bed might not qualify as art, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the crochet blanket my mum made in the 70's, and the red Ayers blanket my dad bought in Canada in the 50's. The blue bedspread was something my parents had made to match their drapes in the 50's.
 These are a few of the storage solutions I've come up with for brooches. Not perfect, but in a pinch, it will do.
But back to the squinting resting face... looks like we'll be rainy next week, so perhaps it will mean less squinting in photos. If I bother to get dressed. I must say, a nice robe makes getting dressed seem less important. 

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-K Mart
Top-K Mart
Macrame bag-Goodwill
Enamel clamper bracelets-both Target about 15 years ago
Hand-woven belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet (I have a review coming for that one. I liked the sample so much I ended up going for a full bottle-something I rarely do. It is an odd one for sure, but I wouldn't want to be without it now).

Tomorrow is the annual Sarpy County Historical Society Yard Sale. As jumble-type sales go, this one's epic. I was too sick to make the preview day today, but I'll be there tomorrow come hell or high water-I'll just need Mr. ETB to drive and carry my purchases. I hope you have a lovely weekend. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

That's an interesting idea with the beans. I haven't done a Dal Fry on my blog either, hmmmm.

The American coffee cake is a relic of a bygone era when people actually visited each other's homes & chatted in the US. Now all furnishings are positioned for a view of the TV in the American household. Remember when we actually had conversation pits & areas?

Those nylon quilted robes wear like iron! That hot & peachy pink is totally 'on trend' in makeup!

Be sure to show us your treasures from that up & coming yard sale!

Radostin said...

Mmm, beans and greens, how I love such combinations. Also substituting chickpeas. And mangold or kale or spinach for chard, depending on what I have.
Your table setting is lovely! I also have colourful patterned tablecloths. And your collection of historical blankets is most impressive. I had in my childhood a pair of (probably 60s?) wool blankets in pale pink and yellow (so sickly it's good - the yellow was about the shade of your lovely skirt here), with satin trim. At some point they disappeared and I really miss them, I have no idea how that happened.
I love your dressing gown! So gloriously PINK - & im mad about that shade-on-shade with the embellishment. When it does get actually cold here (sometimes it's almost colder in than out as the floors are stone here and the building is done for heat not for cold) I have a wonderful quilted one with a woodland print (toadstools and tiny animals) which I will share at some point. The outer fabric is cotton, I guess it might be 70s.
Those bangles are excellent, so greeeeen!
I'm sorry to read you're feeling so unwell, I hope the upcoming appointment is helpful. Sending caring thoughts all around the world to you.

Vix said...

I'm liking the look of your apple stuffed with curried rice, that's an ace idea.
Your housecoat is gorgeous, looking good when you feel rotten is good for the soul. Feel better soon. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Do like the curried rice/apple combo! (Sorry, Vix, I'll add a pork chop or two.) Chard used to baffle me until I saw the Two Fat Ladies demonstrate how one cooks it in two stages, the stems, then the leaves.

That robe is undoubtedly the upscale version of the quilted robes featured in the Sears/Wards/Penneys Christmas catalogues of years gone-by. Moms got a new robe, Dad got new flannel pj's, kids got new moccasin slippers.

Sorry you're feeling blah, Goody. Hope it's not some tricky allergy making a seasonal appearance. There are weird molds and musts here in the Midwest, thanks to the weird weather...

ThriftyParka said...

Your table is so resplendently magnificent with the pottery and delicious food!! Sorry to hear that you re feeling blah. I hope you have time to rest and recuperate.

My goodness my mouth is watering, can I come over for dinner? If I hop in my car now I can be there in a day and a half. Haha joking! My calendar is full of painting, cleaning and shifting furniture for the next few weeks. But I look forward to more delicious pictures of food.

Take care

Happy thrifting ;)

Polyester Princess said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed your medical appointment will be of help. At least you've got a fabulous robe to cheer you up, I love it! I also love the apples filled with curried rice idea, which I might give a try. I'm always on the lookout for new storage ideas for my brooches, as they are now all over the place. Keep well and enjoy that yard sale! xxx

Goody said...

My sister would invite family over for coffee because she didn't like to cook and could buy a cake! My dad was convinced it was because she was a penny pincher and dinner would have been too expensive.

We still have my husband's baby blanket that was a blue and white version of that. He was born in '61, so that would be 60's. His mother saved EVERYTHING.

Works with marrows too if you have a similar glut.

All I get for Christmas is a pile of dishes in the sink :)
This is chronic stuff that's just being a bit difficult at the moment. I can deal with the arthritis, but the rest of it is really crap. No joke about the moulds though-all those wet leaves and hay are breeding grounds for nasties like Farmer's Lung, etc. You stay healthy!

@Thrifty Parka
Come on over, you know you're always welcome.
I can't wait to see the finished rooming house-I'll bet it will be beautiful.

The yard sale was incredible. The best find was a Kenneth Jay Lane brooch from the 60's for .50 cents. That was definitely worth getting out of bed for.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Love your autumnal tableware so much! I love autumn with a passion, so am excited it's here. Your apple plate so gorgeous.

Your pink robe looks just the ticket to lift the spirits. I Hope you feel better soon. I don't have anything like that that's remotely practical, mine are all gauzy and tie at the neck only, or with a hook and eye fastening. I need to remedy this and make something xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Lovely to see all your sparkly bits I'm love to rummage through there. I do hope you feel better soon. xx

Veronica Cooke said...

Your poor fingers looked positively purple. I hope you get the medications sorted out and start feeling better soon.

I have a pleated skirt that would match your jacket pretty perfectly!

I loved your autumnal table ware and that cake looks so delicious. I must check the beans thing out it sounds so simple and I like easy things to cook/make as I don't enjoy cooking much.

Oh, the storage problem is a pain - it's the bangles with me. I have 4 containers full at the moment!

My OH wears the male version of Ultra Violet and I love it. Must have a sniff at the female version as you seem to like it.

Goody said...

I can't say enough good things about a quilted robe-it is like wearing a blanket.

@Miss Magpie
I'd really be interested to see how you store your collection of brooches.

I keep my bangles in those plastic replacement bins they sell for the fridge. They're clear, and stackable. I buy mine at Aldi.

Mim said...

Your poor hands! I hope they're able to sort you out with something to make you feel better soon.

Those apples filled with curried rice sound great. In Holland they put butter on pancakes before putting the topping on, so perhaps it's something American got from the Dutch settlers. Though they just whack on a slice of butter, it's not all fluffed up. (Mmmm, poffertjes...)

Goody said...

I went for my exam today-they're throwing more Prednisone at it (as expected). Sent me for tonnes of blood work, x-rays, lung function tests...can't wait for the bill.

The weight gain has been alarming (eight pounds in three days!) which I can't really blame on doughnuts. I'm sure more steroid medications are gonna help with THAT! Ah well, I'm still here, so I guess that's good.