Monday, September 04, 2017

In-Between Wardrobe

 As autumn approaches I'm feeling slightly wardrobe challenged. It is still too warm for knits and woolens, but summer dresses feel foolish when the leaves are turning and the afternoon light is glinting off the drying corn in that way it does around the start of September. My brain is thinking, "Kilt" but my internal thermostat is thinking, "Menopause." If I wore even the lightest wool right now, I'd surely die. Evenings are another story-by the time I drag Danny out for our evening stroll around the campus, I need a light jacket. Last night I needed my long raincoat to cut the chill. Autumn is definitely coming, but in the daylight hours we're still pretending it is summer. No point wishing the warmth away-we'll have plenty of winter ahead of us.

 I'm having a metallic trousers moment, having bought three pair in the last month. I think these will look lovely with a white cashmere poloneck in the dead of winter, but today I'm wearing them with a nylon blouse I bought forever ago. I'm not sure it is so much a styling trick as a matter of personal taste but I try to balance evening looks (the trousers) with something casual (the blouse and corduroy handbag). that's not to say there isn't room in my style for over-the-top opulence, but not too often. That's more of a holiday look to my mind. You've probably noticed I can't be bothered to do much with my hair-that's not a style decision so much as laziness. Sometimes, I think I should do something with it, but instead I reach for a pair of combs and I'm out the door. That's never going to change, I'm afraid.
Outfit Particulars:
 1980's Kay Unger trousers-Goodwill
Naturalizer shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage blouse-can't remember
Vintage belt-Thrift World
Fragrance-Vintage Opium

 This outfit was a challenge to put together as inside the house, the jacket looked to be different hues of brown. Outside, it was a green/grey. You're probably wondering why I selected such a bright green belt...
I do love a good contrast lining. I know it isn't visible enough to bother matching the belt but I am my mother's daughter.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 80's skirt-Marshall Field's
Vintage Donkenny blouse-Goodwill
Betsey Johnson purse-Goodwill
Earrings-Italian import shop in the 80's
Fragrance-Guerlain Parure (Mmmm, aromatherapy for when everything else in life reeks of misery)
Stockings-K Mart
Clarks shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
I never really had a chance to relax over summer, and now as we're starting the school year I'm feeling more stretched than usual. September is as mad as August, but without all the baking! We'll be taking a short trip to western Nebraska to see the bird migration, so perhaps I can sleep in the car. I'm almost wishing an early winter because once a blizzard comes there isn't much to do but stay home and sleep. I used to love when the pipes froze on the farm-no doing laundry for a couple days. Here, our insulated basement offers no such break. 
 Oh look, another pair of metallic trousers. They're too long with these shoes but I er...had a toe injury. Don't worry, I won't show it to you. I went to Walgreens and bought a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a gel cot thingee for the toe, so I should be okay in my running shoes. Ah, the joys of getting older. For someone with terrible circulation and toes that turn blue in summer I certainly was surprised at the amount of blood. Sorry, oversharing. Anyway, the trousers would probably look better in heels. They're hip huggers, and just a hair too big which has the effect of exaggerating my hips-not necessarily a bad thing, but not what I was going for when I got dressed.
Outfit Particulars:
1970's top-Goodwill
Cache trousers-Goodwill
Sandals-ancient, can't remember
 Yeaaah...noooo...maybe...I dunno. I'll give the trousers a second try before donating them.
I'm keeping the top though-damn, I love a good piece of 70's clinging synthetics.

I'm not planting a winter garden this year. Yes, it is nice having spinach and mustard greens in the dead of winter, but it is just as easy to visit the health food store across the street and buy it from the hippies kids that run the place. I like shopping there, it makes me feel like there's some hope for the younger generation. Anyway, I'm scaling back a number of things this year in hopes I can catch a breather though I know realistically, something else will just pop up to fill the time. I've been more or less working 60+ hour workweeks for years, though it might not look it from the outside. I don't regret the decision to homeschool, but I do regret trying to do everything else and homeschool-the day simply never ends. I knew things were getting out of hand when I was running at midnight just to fit in a few miles after everyone was asleep, and didn't need anything from me. I'm not doing that this year. 
 I finally took a few photos of the 30's gown I bought recently. Being a very shiny taffeta with a moire pattern you'll have to forgive the photo quality-I tried my best.
This is the back. You can see the very shiny fabric inside. It looks like a bin bag!
The gown has snaps to fasten it at the side. It is in excellent condition save for the buttons that need to be sewn back on. I haven't tried it on, but it looks like it might fit, although I'd need seriously high heels. The bottom of the gown in a wide fishtail of sorts, so I wouldn't want to hem it and lose the overall line. This might just be packed away as part of the collection, but if I can, I'd like to wear it at least once, if only for a photo. 
Sorry about the photo, but you get the idea. When our weather clears I'll try to get better photos outside-it really is a lovely gown and I'm not doing a good job of showing all the fun bits and bobs.
I'll leave you with a photo of the sun Monday afternoon in Omaha. We're getting some smoke in the air from wildfires in Saskatchewan. Surprisingly, the air quality isn't as bad as it looks, but it must be hellish for people in Canada. Floods. fires...I won't tempt the Universe asking, "What's next?" 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Sorry about the toe!
Love those bronzy pants & that 30's gown is DIVINE! The hiphuggers look ok, it's hard to see they're metallic in photos though.
Support your local hippies!
The Sheikh is the overachiever sort too. For some reason he's decided he needs to build a new shop from the ground up during peak tourist season (in addition to running our other 6 shops). He doesn't believe in delegating (won't let anyone help him) and Nepal ain't the kind of place you can hire a contractor & think things will get done (you must go buy bricks, concrete, everything yourself). Now he'll get all stressed out & everything will be done half-assed anyway.
My native California is ablaze too.
Reading Tobacco Road for a depressing dose of true Americana.

Mim said...

Those metallic trousers are ace, and I love the way you've matched your belt to your jacket lining. Very neat.

I second Bibi, support your local hippies - and give yourself a bit of a break. I've been buying more readymade stuff lately. I felt slightly guilty, but sometimes something's gotta give.

Emily from Etsy said...

Interesting, I didn't know you had wildfires going on right now in your part of the country. We're having some in Oregon. Yesterday in Portland the sun was the exact same shade of Pepto-Bismol pink at 7 p.m. I've never seen anything like it. Later that night, the moon was blood-red.

Although the nearest fire is about 50 miles from here, it still left a light layer of ash on car windshields all over the metro area last night. I almost mistook it for a dusting of snow. Thankfully, the fire is too far from here to inconvenience us in the city, but my thoughts are with those out in the country who are being forced to evacuate.

Those metallic pants are so pretty. You did a good job photographing the black gown, considering the moire pattern. For some reason, moire confuses the auto-focus on most cameras.

I hope your toe feels better soon.

Veronica Cooke said...

Goody, I've just spent the past 8 weeks in Ireland totally pleasing myself. I had no responsibilities and no commitments. No one wanting anything from me. It was bloody marvellous so I do understand what you mean. Running at midnight? Take things easy (ier) for the new academic year for feck's sake!

The bronze trousers are wonderful and I love the blouse as well. I thought the second blouse would have looked rather fab with it, too. The second pair of metallic trousers were also ace. I don't recall having seen any metallic pants in the charity shops at all lately and now having seen yours I really want a pair!

The thirties dress is exquisite; I would so love to see you in it.

Hope your week isn't too hectic...

Vix said...

Yikes, your poor toe! We were packing up at a festival a few weeks ago and a trader who never speaks to us shouted over for a band-aid - he'd had a similar accident and ended up having a horrible fainting fit as it turned out that he had a blood phobia - certainly broke the ice!
Love the metallic trousers and the green lining on that jacket. The 30s dress is a beauty.
Support your local hippies, you know it makes sense. xxx

Sue said...

Poor toe, well at least you have 9 more!! My broken ones are still trying to heal, me kicking them every so often isn't helping. Liking the gold metallic pants. I am looking for gold fabric to make some sort of pants/trousers/leggings to go under a gorgeous frock I have in black with gold lace. Pink Sun, mmmmm. Shame about the fires and the flooding, mother nature must have her tits in a tangle maybe.

Beth Waltz said...

The gown is exquisite! Do, please, make the time to stage a proper photo shoot -- and be sure to tell us what fragrance it demands. This might be the occasion to hire a hair/make-up stylist!

Metallic fabrics and my generous Germanic hips were not meant to share the same unit in this space-time continuum; however, on you the look works well as a "between seasons" bridge. (Me, I wear dark velour bottoms with whatever tops suit the day's agenda.)

Take good care of that toe, Goody. No more midnight runs!

Goody said...

I think contractors taking the money and flaking out about getting the work done might be a cultural universal-you probably are better off doing it yourselves.

It got to the point where I was falling into bed exhausted at 2 AM and physically shaking from being so wiped out. That was a red flag for me that I was treating my life like an endurance sport. I can do it in short bursts, but I'm getting too old for that as day-to-day life.

We didn't get ash-that must be strange. Mr. ETB was at college in eastern WA when St Helens blew and he described the ash in much the same way. I guess the wind carries it gently enough to keep it from dispersing.

I think the solution is to bring me to Ireland with you next year ;)

I'm cool with patching up other people's wounds, but when it happened to me...well, ick.

If anyone can sympathise about injured toes it is you-I hope they hurry up and heal completely now that you can wear sandals again in warm weather.

I have trouble finding good lame fabric-for some reason the stuff by the yard always seems to shed glitter. I like the idea of leaving a trail of gold behind me, but still.

I'd hesitate hiring a stylist around here-everyone has the same awful choppy, multi-toned haircut.
Oooh, velour! That's fabric of the gods.

Polyester Princess said...

If it wasn't for my out of kilter internal thermostat, I'd be breaking into my Autumn wardrobe already but, even if the mornings are particularly chilly, it still warms up enough during the day to make me break out in a sweat if I wore anything too autumnal. I love the vintage blouse of your first outfit and the 1970s top of the third, which are both items I wouldn't mind having in my wardrobe. The 1930s gown looks stunning! xxx

Goody said...

I guess layering is the "new normal." I shouldn't say this, but I'm hoping for a real winter this year.

Radostin said...

I share your fondness for metallic trousers - copper is particularly wonderful and just perfect with that nylon blouse. The green/brown outfit is great too - the pairing of loud jacket with super frilly blouse is brilliant and I love your little purse - and I'm always a fan of a lining with personality. The hip-y outfit is great, too; we know your hips are narrower, but I enjoy playing with shape like that for a change - though I certainly wouldn't want to do it every day.
After a respite in lovely early-autumn England I'm longing to wear trousers and layers, but here temps are still around 30 (over 80) with humidity over 60% (sometimes way over). Phew.

Radostin said...

Oh, and that 30s gown! You must model it for us!

Goody said...

Oh yes, you have some wonderful metallic trousers.