Friday, January 26, 2018

Brooches and Sharks (That's What I Like)

These three sparklers came from Hand-Me-Ups on the same visit. At $4.99, $3.99 and $2.99 I couldn't think of leaving them. The black brooch is unmarked, the pink one is Weiss, and the basket is Gerry's. Obviously, I don't need more brooches, but it was nice to find a Weiss for my collection-I'm not sure I had one. I like brooches. Know what else I like?
That's right, Sharks. Did you know we had prehistoric sharks in Nebraska? Did you know my kid still can't manage to tuck his shirt in? Both, absolutely true!
Sharks! I hear the president is terrified of sharks. Me? Oh I adore them. This fellow is Sharky (Danny's creativity with naming toys needs some work). I made him for Danny when he was about three from some acetate lining I had in my stash. He was a fearsome shark back then, but he's since lost an eye and most of his teeth. He prefers soft swimmers food these days. I've offered to operate on Sharky to restore his lost parts but everyone agrees he's better in his well-loved state.
We're very Pro-Shark in this family. I can completely understand being in a hotel room with a porn star and wanting to watch a documentary about sharks with her. I mean, when you really want to impress a woman, you go shark. I don't understand being afraid of them though. Sad!
After the documentary, order a little room service, have a few drinks and play Shark Jacks. Perfect date!
Oooh, Hammerhead.
 I understand people are donating to Shark Rescues in the president's name. That's a lovely idea.
Over the next few posts I'll share more of my shark-related items for your amusement and hey, if you find yourself in a hotel room with a porn star and there's no Discovery channel to watch, you can always look at these posts to get your shark fix. But no railing against Sharky-he's sensitive about stuff like that!
As for the outfit particulars:
Vintage Indian cotton skirt with block printing and sequins-Goodwill
Blouse-Kohl's a long time ago
Vintage handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Clog boots-New Life Thrift
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Eau Arpege. I really don't like it. God knows I keep trying but it smells like bathroom deodouriser from the 70's (Glade solid to be specific). The bottle is lovely, I understand it is wildly popular but I just can't stand it. I think I'm done trying. I've owned it three years now and it ain't happening. Might use it to freshen the loo.
Be nice to sharks. Okay Sharky, let's go over to Culver's and get you a fish sandwich. What's that? Oh, of course you can have cheese curds, Sharky. You don't go to Culver's and skip the cheese curds.


beate grigutsch said...

although i would not like to swim with a shark in the same pond - they are fascinating animals and not bad or evil or such - like every animal. only humans are bad and brutal......
very pretty brooches! and a chic flamboyant outfit! <3

Radostin said...

Hee hee, what a brilliant post! Feeding (to) the sharks sounds like his just desserts.
I do love your red and gold outfit.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Sharks, porn stars, presidents, brooches, a very cut pic of Danny & perfume - what a perfect post!
That pink brooch is divine! The metallic blouse is killer!
Eclat d'Arpege and L'Occitane's Eau des 4 Reines are Japanese 'mom' perfumes. I had to buy a gift for a Japanese lady of a certain age recently - after soome online research I went with J'adore - safe, inoffensive, and just this side of boring.

Veronica Cooke said...

Ha ha! You kill it, Goody!

I feel like donating to a Shark charity in the President's name - what a hoot!

Sharky does look well loved and Danny looks so much like you in the second photo!

Loved your outfit - what a truly fabulous blouse and as for the brooches, wonderful. I've yet to be able to identify any brooch I have - how do you do it? Do they have a name somewhere on them? I must have a closer look...

I used to like Arpege back in the day but the last time I smelled it I couldn't understand why!!

Have a lovely week.

Bobbi said...

I love your sharks! They're beautiful creatures. My favorite is Bruce from Finding Nemo. The shark jacks look like fun!

ThriftyParka said...

You look beautiful on red and gold.

And now I am pondering every shark movie out there :( I'm terrified of sharks.

Happy thrifting ;)

Anonymous said...

What an unusual mix!!
I bet your next door neighbors adore your whimsy! You would be a fun next door neighbor. JanF

Goody said...

Unlike humans the shark needs to be provoked to be terrible ;)

I wonder if Saturday Night Live is going to revive the Land Shark skit? Would be perfect timing.

Gah, I did it again with the wrong name. It WAS Eclat d' Arpege. I swear I am losing my mind and not just with names of perfumes. Just today I've managed to call a plate a napkin, and some other goof up I've already forgotten. I'm so frustrated with it. So yes, it was Eclat in the purple bottle*slaps head* I swear there's still a brain in there.

They do, though sometimes they will only have a maker's mark on the back. You'll need a good magnifier or grandson with good eyes to check them (Danny is my official brooch inspector). Sometimes they can be hidden on the edges as well.

I saw about 5 minutes of Finding Nemo when we were in a hotel. It was 2008 right after the tornado, and I tried watching it with Danny as a distraction after all the chaos, and I fell asleep! To be fair, I was kind of wiped-out (literally, ha ha) and sort of stunned ;) I should re-watch it.

@Thrifty Parka
I had to look it up (thanks, Google) but Canada has sharks. Probably safe in Thunder Bay, but hey I just learned something ;)
Sharknado? Jaws? Mega Shark v. Mega Octopus?

My one neighbour is never home (she's a night-shift nurse) and our others are West African. They must be questioning their decision to move here every time they see us!
We have new people moving in down the street, and across the way. I'll wait until the moving van is unloaded before going out there to model one of my crazy get-ups;)

Polyester Princess said...

I would have picked up those brooches too, and I'm especially loving the pink one. Of course, we don't exactly need more brooches, but it would have been a crime to leave these behind ... I'm loving Sharky, even in his toothless old age. I'm quite Pro-Shark too. Lovely creatures, they are! xxx

Anonymous said...

Do you take a plate of baked goods to the new neighbors like the West Africans? I usually do but a few months ago a young Moslem family (of 3) moved here for 4 years from London. The wife has her hair completely covered and wears skirts to the floor. I felt I completely startled them with the cookies I took over.( I had checked dietary requirements). Then , the next weekend, they stopped by with a box of gourmet chocolates. My friend in the U.K. said they probably didn't know how to respond. I felt guilty because what they gave us was so much more fancy than what we gave them! JanF

Mim said...

I'd rather be stuck in a hotel room with Sharky than with the Grabber-in-Chief. Thinks: I wonder if anyone's been spanked with any of the hundreds of magazines I've made over the years, and if so, which one? A knitting one? A horror one? The mind boggles...

All his hotel rooms should contain only shark magazines from now on.

Goody said...

If you ever visit Nebraska you will lose your mind at how inexpensive vintage brooches are. These were on the high end of what we typically see which is around a dollar. You should come visit (though our weather is crap, at least it hardly ever rains ;)

I bring people plants that can go outside in the garden come warm weather (potted mums, geranium, that sort of thing). I wouldn't worry about keeping things equal-it can turn into competitive reciprocity at that rate. They're probably delighted to have neighbours that introduce themselves-that seems to be out of fashion.

I'll bet it was a games mag-would have to be!
Heh, shark magazines. And replace the bible on the nightstand with a copy of Blue Meridian. I can't remember-is the Gideon bible just a US thing? Think it might be.