Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Day

The Chicagoan in me thinks it is absurd to call off school for three inches of snow, but I am happy to say it is heavy, wet, snow which means snowman building. Lately our snow has been so dry it can't be packed into a ball-no such problem with this stuff! It was like slush falling from the sky. It will be dangerous when it freezes overnight, but for now it is providing the local children with some fun. I've been watching cars attempt to struggle up our hill before giving up and bailing out down the side-street in the photo. That's not a road to try without a truck when it snows! The city ploughs have been out, but there's only so much they can do.
Friday, I took Danny to the Automobile Show. We went early in the day, and it was largely empty. He was able to sit in, and try out a number of sports cars. It was fun. I've been taking him to the show every January since he was about three to break-up the long, dull winter days after Christmas. There's the home and garden show to look forward to now. My seed catalogs have started arriving and...I don't know. I'll do potatoes of course as they work so well in the bag bed, but beyond some interesting looking onions and spinach, I'm not feeling motivated. I get two seasons-early for spinach and hardy greens, peas, etc. and the heat of summer that lasts well into autumn. Last year I had more tomatoes than I thought possible from a few plants. I have enough bottled and frozen to last through next year. Anyway, I hope I can summon the desire to plant something.
The Red Crossbills have been regular visitors to our feeders this winter. I have an assortment of treats for the birds from sunflower, nyjer, safflower, raisins, and suet-something for everyone. There's a row of pine trees across the street where I think the crossbills are coming from. Why they prefer sunflower seeds to pine cones, I don't know unless they're just lazy! The Juncos, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, Doves, and Starlings have all been about as well. The occasional Blue Jay and Robin visit us also.
All this cold, damp weather means regular pots of hot chocolate. Honestly, my Grandmother Clara made the best, using a combination of Droste cocoa powder, sugar, and milk. I make mine with melted chocolate and milk because that's what Danny likes, but given the choice, I prefer the deeper taste of powdered cocoa even if it lacks the richness of melted chocolate. I have the pot covered with foil because Danny was outside playing in the snow when I made it. I think coming inside to hot chocolate waiting is a nice sort of surprise.
Hang in there Rolland-Danny is going to make you a body.
That there is some wet snow. I'm glad I don't need to shovel it (our maintenance people do a fantastic job clearing the sidewalks, but no sooner they were here, the snow resumed falling). This will be a tricky storm to keep up with, but it should all be over by tonight.
My outfits haven't been terribly interesting. This was a peach Lurex maxi I cut down into a trapeze dress. I'm wearing bulky shorts beneath it which didn't end up looking good in photos, though I think it was fine in person.
The white, glittery-holographic boots were on deep clearance at Target, so I took a chance. They're comfortable enough, though I doubt very much they will be in fashion after this season. They do work well with 60's styles.

 The shoes and the shopper were the best bits of this outfit.

 Really, that look would work better with a Launer handbag. I saw one on eBay for about $100 and I considered it, but it was white. I'm holding out for black.

We have been planning a few holidays for spring and summer. I agreed to take Danny to Chicago for a Cubs game. I bought tickets for two games, and booked rooms, so I guess there's no backing out now😓I haven't been to Chicago in more than fifteen years, and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. At least I don't need to worry about running into family because they're all dead. It will be strange going back there as a tourist.

We're also headed to New York State for some birding, and to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. There will also of course be a short trip to the Crane Trust in central Nebraska during the migration in late February/early March. Late summer will see us back and forth to Grand Island for the State Fair. That's about it, though I am hoping to swing a weekend away alone at some point this summer.

I have a new pudding basin that I'm using for the first time. With any luck, two hours from now we'll have a lemon sponge pudding. I'll get through those Meyer lemons! Better go top up the water. See you.


Bibi Maizoon said...

It's already warming up to a balmy 75-80F daily here in Nepal. We had 2 weeks of light frosts in early January but that's as cold as it got here.
I'm loving the peach maxi 60's mod look with those amazing holographic boots & Spring green tights! The enormous peach floral is a close 2nd though!
I like Ibarra for hot chocolate- Mexicans do chocolate the best IMHO.
NY state & Chicago !!! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!

Polyester Princess said...

I'm loving that photo of Danny in the red sports car. Boys will be boys, I guess. What a clever idea to make the peach lurex maxi into a 1960s trapeze dress. It's not the easiest colour to combine, but you did well with those bright green tights. I'm also loving the brooch and bracelet and, of course, the holographic booties. I'm now craving some hot chocolate, though. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

We're having a muddy meltdown here in the Midwest. The 2,437 birds who have been feeding in the front yard and roosting in the hedge have departed, as has the large barn tom who had joined the regulars at the feline buffet during The Week We Froze. Mary Berry's Country Houses and the Two Fat Ladies on YouTube have been keeping me inspired, esp. the breakfast mushroom stack Mary made for the Duke of Richmond and the chard Clarissa cooked up for the barristers! Shall be growing chard in a pot this year.

Do you wear headscarves tied at the side with a bow a la HRM? Or in a knot under the chin a la Russe? (Chicago is a tough town.) I covet those holographic boots with the spring green tights! Not that I ever wore Courreges, but if I coulda, I woulda...

beate grigutsch said...

love the peach dress with the lemon green tights and shiny booties!! pretty bracelet!
and danny seems to have fun in fast cars :-) xxxx

Mim said...

Maybe if you're not inspired by veggies you could grow lots of flowers instead? (Or would that trigger Danny's allergies?)

£100 is a great price for a Launer handbag, though white's not the best colour. I dropped hints about Launder to Mr robot; he laughed at me.

Veronica Cooke said...

It sounds as if you have some interesting trips lined up; it's always good to have things to look forward to. Some fab outfits and I loved your holograph boots with the yellow tights and cut down dress - very 60s!

What a wonderful array of birds you get on your feeders - I'd love to see them.

Danny is well suited to that red sports car - I hoped you've started saving!

Hope the snow hasn't got any worse - wet and windy here.

Miss Magpie said...

I love the boots I hope you get loads of wear out of them.

I got to the point I started looking at heritage seeds just to grow some different veggies. I miss having a veg patch *sigh*

How lovely to have such a mix of birds, I've got to squeeze in my big bird count this weekend somehow, somewhere hmmm...... Birds are picky! Not at all interested in niger seeds, turn their beaks up at sunflower seeds with shells but put the shelled ones out and they will scoff them down! Will eat whole peanuts only if they must but kibbled ones? yes please!

Goody said...

I've seen the Mexican chocolate around but never tried it-of course they should do it best, they invented it ;)

Of course the Corvette HAD to be red ;)

Chard is so good, isn't it? I should probably put that on the list so thank you for reminding me.
I knot to the side. The Babushka look is a little too authentic on my face! Chicago IS a tough town, but it always was. Speaking of we get closer to the trip, maybe we could work out a meet-up somewhere in Indiana, if you're game.

I'm guessing when he starts driving he will drive like an old man-he's a very cautious sort of boy.

It was white and an envelope shape, with a shoulder strap-very 80's. I have so many bags like that I couldn't really buy it. I wouldn't buy one new (even if I could afford it) but they do turn up and they're so much nicer than the other high end bags people covet. The one I passed on had a lovely suede interior.
We plant flowers for the bees (borage, salvia, nasturtiums, etc) and I always have some geraniums and dianthus. I'm tempted to just plant it all with lavender and call it a day.

That's what I call a "Midlife Crisis Car" as you only ever see old men driving them!
I hope the rain lets up so you can get some outdoor time.

@Miss Magpie
I forgot, your Bird Count is earlier than ours by a few weeks. Good luck with it. They are picky! What's worse is when the large birds like Bluejays sit at my window shrieking as if to complain about the food offerings!

Beth Waltz said...

In Indiana, or Chicago, the game is afoot!