Saturday, January 20, 2018

National Squirrel Appreciation Day

 Tomorrow is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. If you have a gingerbread house left from Christmas I can tell you from experience squirrels enjoy using it to sharpen their teeth.
There was a planned, "Journaling in Nature" programme about squirrels scheduled at DeSoto Wildlife Refuge but now with the government shutdown, it isn't clear if it is still on or not. If you're planning to go, I'd call first in the morning. I feel terrible for the people who are going to be furloughed without pay-they have bills just like the rest of us and it is reasonable to expect your employer to pay you. Anyway, playing with people's lives for what's essentially a political pissing match is unforgivable and I hope they put a stop to this nonsense. *steps down off soapbox*

Anyway, spare a thought for the squirrels tomorrow, and for all the government workers that aren't getting paid.


Bibi Maizoon said...

If I put a piece of gingerbread out in the yard we'd have complete & utter pandemonium with crows, rats, mice, and a couple of kitties fighting & feasting.
With unemployment at an all-time low & the stock market booming, I doubt many Americans care what their gov't is doing.

Goody said...

I dunno, everyone I know is under-employed and not heavily invested in the stock market.Income hasn't kept up with cost of living, medical expenses, and woe to anyone with student loans to pay off. Someone must have money...but I don't know them ;)

bahnwärterin said...

did read it in newspaper - but its totally different to hear it from someone i "know".... as bibi wrote lately: "the age of kali". no idea how it will go with the world - politically and environmentally. here we still have no parliament - the election was last september - the politicians still fighting over vanities instead of doing their work.....
and scientists say that storms like the last & sinflood rain will come more often - its just the beginning.
your squirrel is so cute!

Polyester Princess said...

I love squirrels, and I'd bake a gingerbread house (or more likely in my case, buy one) especially for them if we had any squirrels visiting our garden. That said, when I was sitting in our front room, it must have been last Summer) looking outside, I saw a squirrel crossing the street and disappearing into one of the gardens opposite, which I can tell you is very unusual! I wonder where he could have come from. Have been hearing about your government shutdown, and hate to think of all the people affected. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

We have a couple of squirrels come into our garden on a daily basis and they're very cheeky and very smart! OH hates them as they bury their finds in the flowerpots and then come along weeks or months later and dig them up!

It's a disgrace what's happening - of course people need to be paid. Trump is such a moron...

Hope you have a great week!

Beth Waltz said...

And then there are the "essential" federal workers who must report for duty without extremely difficult situation for those whose childcare providers won't accept plastic.

So let's celebrate Blondin and his tribe by going to and buying underwear for squirrels. (I do want the Crazy Cat lady action figure for myself.)

Goody said...

They've agreed to end the shut-down for two weeks, but they're just stalling. You're right, politicians ought to just do their work. Thinking of you after that awful storm.

Phoebe might not like squirrels in her yard!

Squirrels can be messy! They used to bury nuts in my potted gardenia tree and then look frantic when it would come inside for winter.
"Moron" is being generous ;)

I heard they were going to stop paying veterans death benefits-how low can you possibly get? Do you think Blondin would put up with pants?

Mim said...

Aw, Blondin's back. He's a good squirrel.

I don't get how things can just can't shut down... surely it would make sense to keep things running as they are while they decide what to do next? Then again, POLITICIANS. (Over here, Boris is being Boris; he's suddenly showing an interest in the NHS which means he's probably manoeuvring for a leadership bid...)