Sunday, June 06, 2010

Book Sale, Cont.

We went back for the special Sunday hours at the library book sale-the place was empty. I guess people hadn't heard about the extra day. This worked out really well, as many of the tables were marked down to .50 and .25 per book. Music and movies as well.

I went ahead and bought a copy of my favourite feel-good movie, Dogville because I'm too embarrassed to keep renting it from the local store. Now, I can watch the last ten minutes, over and over and over anytime I like-without being smirked at for renting it, again. I bought Farewell to Arms, and Diabolique as well. Those probably wouldn't merit a smirk.

Oh. My. God. Did we ever buy books! It looks like a big old book orgy in the centre of my living room floor, piles of books tumbling over each other. I'd better not hear:
"Ma, there's nothing to do-I'm bored."

Yep, I have the cure for that.

I'll try to post some of the more interesting purchases later on. I scored a couple of Depression-Era cookbooks, and McCall's cookery magazines from the late 50's. My husband looked suitably worried I might try to make the ever-so-lovely looking pie with tinned fruit cocktail, and an extra jar of maraschino cherries. He didn't make me sign a waiver promising never to bake it if he purchased the I guess we could....OK, maybe just a photograph.

Yesterday, we went to Wahoo, Nebraska to check the on-going book sale, and came home with a number of antiquarian books on ships, and sailing. Those were donated, I'd guess-they didn't have library stamps. If you're a local, it really is worth a trip over there to check the sale room as they have the most oddball collection of books, magazines and movies.

Three library book sales, in three days. I know my mother would roll in the grave to hear me say it (she was a little obsessive about used books (and antiques) being dirty) but there's something magical about arriving home, car boot filled to capacity with books, and being hit with a whiff of dust, and must, and old paper. Not mildew, because that would be bad-but the "old book smell". My goal in life is to have my house look, and smell like the Brattle Book Shop. If I never leave the house, I can forget that I live on a damn mud-farm in rural Nebraska. And I can watch the last ten minutes of Dogville as many times as I like.

Every weekend should be this much fun.

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