Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Today is so hot the weather service issued heat advisories. What did I do? I got up at an ungodly hour, drove to Omaha, and bought thirty dollars worth of sour cherries to make preserves. Yes, I really am an idiot.

I might put it off until tomorrow. So far, the house is staying pretty cool, but the idea of running a boiling water canner isn't terribly appealing.

Sour cherries are really difficult to come by around here, so when I heard they had them, my mind was made up. Have I mentioned how beastly hot it is here at the moment? Yeah. I'm an idiot. An idiot that will be spreading sour cherry preserves on her toast in December.

I've been up since 3 AM. I couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up and made apple fritters for breakfast en-route to Omaha. Er...yeah, that's pretty idiotic too, but at that hour it was still nice and cool in the kitchen.

Anyway, wish me luck.


Jenn said...

I *love* sour cherries. Seriously. There is nothing in this world better than sour cherry pie. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It's almost impossible to find the damned things here though. So sad.

Good luck with your preserves!

Goody said...

We already have a jar set aside for you-I just need to get some bubble wrap, in case it leaks en-route. Not nearly enough for a pie (maybe a few small tarts), but the syrup they're floating in ought to make a nice drink with some club soda.

They turned out really well, but dang, an hour on my feet standing at the sink pitting them was real work. Probably a good thing I can't find them regularly.