Friday, July 22, 2011

And In Other Garden News...

...the Glads have started blooming. None of them are actually standing straight, but what the hell-I'm barely standing straight myself.

The Aubergine isn't dead. It seems to enjoy the heat.

A tomato plant from last year self-seeded in my raised bed, and is alive and healthy. Still can't tell what variety it is, but it is flowering.

The cherry tomato is actually some sort of dwarf Roma tomato. Good labeling there, Earl May garden centre.

I harvested some of the leaves from the Bay Laurel. I used one to make rice this evening. Have you ever used a bay leaf in a pot of rice? My husband taught me to do that. I thought he was mad until I tried it, and had to admit he was right.

The Million Gold survived. I had given them up for dead, then suddenly as the weather warmed, they doubled in size and brightness.

The ground cherries that self-seeded like mad last year have created a carpet of plants all over the front of the house. With any luck I'll get to them before the critters this year.

The curry plant is thriving. I keep cutting it back, but I have no idea what to do with it (I mean, other than curry-duh).

I have two squashes growing out of my compost heap-flowers and all. As it is at the edge of the heap, we've been turning ever-so-carefully to protect the fruit.

No blooms on the Moonflowers or Four o'clocks yet-but the vines look healthy.

And that's about it. We had borlottos and lima beans from the garden tonight for dinner, my salad mix keeps giving us greens every other day, and Danny's parsley has yet to bolt in the heat. I suppose I ought to start thinking about planting my late-harvest items soon...just not this week.

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