Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Do Everything Amy Tells Me To

Fold over elastic? Check.
Homemade caramel sauce? Yep.
Socks with sandals? Why not?
Vintage Gunne Sax dresses? Hey, I already own one of those!

I love the idea of wearing the dresses with black stockings and shoes-genius.

I should be embarrassed to admit, this was my High School graduation dress. Less embarrassing, it still fits...well, it is about four sizes too big. I plan to wear it as a drop waist dress and take in the sides. I'll be sporting black tights and shoes of course. I really never thought it would get dragged out and worn again. It cleaned up OK, but has some yellowing. I think that just adds to the charm. I don't know what became of the satin sash.

Now, to go dig out the mint green, ruffled polyester dress from my 8th grade graduation. That's some serious vintage there. It still fits as well. I kind of, "grew into my body" as I got older.

I can't wait to wear this to go grocery shopping!

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