Friday, July 01, 2011

Breads Without The Oven

Both of these breads were made in my cast iron pan atop the range. I have an electric stove, and it heats fairly well for this sort of thing. If you have a gas range, a metal trivet can help distribute the heat better. I used one for years in Boston with excellent results.

First, let's talk about these English muffins. OK, you're right, the tired bit about picture=thousand words might have some mileage left...Would you just look at those? Go on, I'll wait.

The recipe comes from

Yes, I'm sending you over there, because you're bound to find something else equally wonderful while you're there and who am I to deny you the experience of finding wonderful things to bake?

Now, the Saj Bread. The recipe for this comes from

Yes, I'm sending you there as well-prepare to have your mind blown by all the wonderful dishes she creates.

I should note that the house has been staying quite comfortable with the curtains drawn in the daytime, and a single, window air conditioner set at 70+. I have a small clip-on counter fan in the kitchen, and a ceiling fan in the dining room. These seem to do the trick. When it gets unbearable, we have a large high-velocity fan, and a second air conditioner as well-but so far we haven't needed much. Not using the oven, and keeping the place dark really helps. I still wouldn't mind a cool front though-this 100 degree f. stuff is harder to take when you get along in years.

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