Saturday, June 13, 2015

Engaging With Popular Culture is Expensive

Why would anyone want to go to Junikstock when you can find the same crap at any old thrift store or swap meet-for a fraction of the cost? I didn't buy this lovely bit of crafting, but if I wanted it, I wouldn't be set back more than pocket change. This weekend, people are flocking to the junk festival so they can trample through muddy fields buying rusted folding chairs someone plucked from a skip... for a whole helluva lot of money. I went a couple years ago, looked around, and left without purchasing anything. That must happen often which is why they charge an obscene admission to the "event." Thanks, but no thanks.

The other event grabbing money from people's pockets this weekend is the College World Series. I like baseball well enough, but if I'm interested in seeing a non-pro game, I can watch a minor league team for much less than tickets to the CWS. The events were being held on opposite ends of town, so I stuck to the middle of the city and managed to avoid the crowds from both camps. It was nice!

 This was Friday. We hopped over to Hand-Me-Ups and were rewarded with a pair of matching brass 1950's table lamps, a standing lamp with a milk glass shade (yes, another one) and a Mexican tourist circle skirt from the 50's. Screw-you, Junkstock. The lamps cost $20.00, and the skirt was on the half-price rack for $2.50
 I had associated this skirt with bad days as I had the misfortune to be wearing it on two particularly bad ones. Now I can wear it and think of vintage lamps instead. Thank you, Hand-Me-Ups!

Outfit Particulars:
Norton McNaughton top-Filene's 90's
Coldwater Creek skirt-Thrift World
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
1960's woven handbag with lucite handles-Goodwill
Necklace-Thrift store in Western Massachusetts-a long time ago
Milk Glass clip 50's earrings-Hand-Me-Ups

So that was fun.
 I've been getting some reading done poolside.

 ...but eventually I had to put on clothes again, and head out. I'm doing my best to live in my swimsuit this summer, but the rainy weather is most uncooperative. Someone ought to do something about that. I'm still refusing to wash my hair more than once or twice a week, so sunhats are being regularly employed. No, there wasn't any sun today.
 My effort avoiding the event-based crowds also yielded this Hawaiian-made dress, and straw bag. I like the dress, sort of a, "Laura Ashley takes a Hawaiian holiday" vibe from it. Nicer than the typical mumu style dresses people typically bring back from a South Seas adventure.

 I nearly peed myself with excitement when I spotted this straw bag.
Outfit Particulars:

Royal Hawaiian Dress-Hand-Me-Ups $1.99
Straw bag-Hand-Me-Ups $3.99
Shoes-K Mart
Hat-K Mart
Necklace-Vintage Monet
Bakelite bangles-all over
Bamboo bangles-Hand-Me-Ups
Rings-all over
Fragrance-White Shoulders

I hope you're having a nice weekend.

 I'd rather be at the pool.

What about you? Do the "Junk" festivals do much for you, or do you prefer to hunt your own treasures at the swap meet? 


ThriftyParka said...

Agggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! You're purses are to DIE for! I absolutely love them. Feel free to take lots of pics of your purse wardrobe.

Purses are my kryptonite. And right now I'm giving serious thought to driving from Thunder Bay, Ontario to the thrift stores in Nebraska.

You look stunning, as usual. I like your prim, ladylike outfits with a twist and nod to the dark side.

happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka

I can't promise you purses, but it will be warmer here...probably.

If I buy any more purses I'm going to need a storage facility for them.

Bibi said...

It was becoming commonplace to charge admission to 'flea markets' when I left California 15 yrs ago.
That's when I stopped going to such outdoor events. There were so many nice thrift stores where I could sift through oodles of stuff in air conditioned leisure so why bother with egregiously priced, miserably crowded & hot or cold outdoor events? You also had to get up at some ungodly early hour to get the 'good stuff' at flea markets- I don't do 'early'.
Loving the bright lippy with both the Hawaiian & dressy Coldwater Creek ensembles.
I thought Coldwater Creek was just popular in northern California & the Pacific Northwest? It's also popular in the Midwest?
My fragrance now through September shall be Avon SSS, as mosquitoes & monsoons go together like flies on poop.

Goody said...


I never saw a CC store anywhere I lived, but the clothes turn up frequently used. Maybe they had store in Nebraska at some point. They're defunct now, I'm told but they have an online site. The clothes aren't generally my style, but the skirts I own are quite nice.

I "Do early" but I'm not cheerful about it ;)

Mim said...

Oooh, good teal dress and straw bag!

We don't really have junk festivals over here - I suppose it's a choice of car boot (cheap and chaotic) or antique fair (££££)

Beth Waltz said...

Do appreciate your feelings about pro/am sports. I favor the first-graders basket ball league where one sits on old wooden bleachers that creak and watches a pack of little lads chase the ball as it rolls back and forth. The gentlemen in charge of encouraging sportsmanship (don't hit your brother) and discipline (everybody stands still now) shall be rewarded in Heaven.

The black ensemble is tres chic. Very big city, indeed, and worthy of wear to any horrible event that requires armour. The Hawaiian dress loves the hat, and you look good in hats, so what's not to like!

My pet rumage is the annual Old National Road yard sale that extends for miles and across several states. Used to cover it when I was on the staff of an antique weekly tabloid magazine. For this, I'd join with friends and hit the road in a borrowed pick-up.

Curtise said...

I don't mind a browse around a vintage fair, but nothing beats the thrill of discovering treasure at a flea market, car boot or charity shop; having it all laid on for you at stall after stall, at greater expense, is less satisfying in the long run.
Looking elegant in black and white, but I'm really loving the Laura Ashley does Hawaii dress, especially with that fabulous straw bag. I might have peed myself at the sight of it too. Or I might have waited till I got in the pool... Anyway, you look great, and the light pool-side reading made me smile! xxx

Goody said...

Swap-meets are a bit like car boot sales.

@Beth Waltz
I've heard of that multi-state sale, but never had the energy to even think about participating. The Brimfield Fair was about the breaking point for me.

Oh yes, those bleachers that pull out from the wall on wheels-I remember that too. They've taken all the fun out of sports where I live-imagine getting extra (paid) coaching for your six year old! Mercifully, Danny isn't athletic (he plays tennis (badly) for enjoyment).

That was the lightest reading I had-it seemed wrong to take a statistics book to the pool.

Sue said...

I very much like the sound of spending summer in your swimsuit. I am currently rugged up with a rabbit poncho on top, I am toasty warm. Score with the beautiful straw bag, well spotted love. I don't like having to pay an entrance fee into something that also wants me to spend money. Sticking to the op shops, I do alright.

Rebecca said...

I think if people can charge for going to regular things and people go, they will continue until people stop going. I hate paying for going to markets so I never go to those. It looks like you scored anyway some where else with some lamps and that adorable skirt at such a steal of a price!
Go ahead and wear a sun hat even when it is not sunny as it looks fabulous and I really adore that straw bag!


Goody said...

I love a nice poncho-they're easier to drive when wearing than a cape.

I'm a suspicious person-if the wares are so great, why do they need to charge admission? Right?

Northern mum down South said...

Hi Goody, love the Laura Ashley-esque Hawaiian frock and straw bag and the monochrome outfit is very eldegant and stylish. Good to hear you found some good things at the Goodwill last Friday - very satisfying and none of this paying-over-the-odds nonsense. Hope all well with you and the family. xx