Thursday, June 11, 2015

Like New Again

Well back into the 80's, a neighbour noticed that I liked vintage, and presented me with a bag she'd made from a needlepoint kit. The kits were quite popular in the 50's and 60's. You'd do the needlework, then send it in to have it made into a bag. After many years of use, one of the handles finally gave way. The leather trim was looking tired as well, so I took it to the cobbler for a bit of repair. As you can see, he did a beautiful job, taking it completely apart, adding new trim and handles, and polishing the bottom and sides to mirror-like perfection. I am so happy with the results, and look forward to many more years with what has become one of my most reliable handbags.
Goody and her handbag-together again at last! Reunited and it feels so good...
 I do like a good bow. I already own a nearly identical blouse and skirt-with a different neckline. These things me anyway. Do I question your hang-ups?
 I can't quite figure out when this brooch is from. The style looks old, but I suspect it is from the 70's, and trying to echo something else. It reminds me of the rhinestone studded hair grips my Nan used to wear in her fancier roller-sets.

This cloisonne clamper bracelet is (I'm fairly sure) 70's.
Please excuse the mirror photos-we're having some extreme weather today with rain, wind, flooding, and a tornado watch until this evening. I thought we might get through spring without anything terrible, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Might be a long night, so I'm blogging now in case we lose power.

I just adore the sheer sleeves on the blouse. That's a style I'd be happy to see return. The way people run air conditioners, a little something light on the arms would be welcome on summer clothes. After trying out some different styles of late, I'm happy to be back in my polyester 70's skirts and blouses. I know what works for me. I don't mind experimenting, but in the end, the clothes I turn to when I don't want to spend too much time fiddling with, "Making it work" tend to be from the mid-late 70's, and more often than not, of are made of synthetic fibres. I have enough to do without ironing. If I have to pull out the iron, it had better be something really spectacular to be worth the effort.

 No ironing boards were assembled in the process of getting dressed.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's Lady Carol polyester shirt and skirt set-New Life Thrift ($1.97)
Vintage needlepoint bag-gift, brought back to life by Caniglia's Shoe Repair (You can trust them with your precious vintage shoes as well)
1970's cloisonne clamper bracelet-Goodwill
Earrings-Filene's (RIP)
Lippy-Revlon Frosty Lilac mixed with Wet and Wild stain crayon
No fragrance as I was headed to an, "Owl Thing" and didn't want the pheremones/civet/whatever, to case some flapping, screaming, shitting thing with claws to decide it likes me or something.

 I'm still not convinced as to the merits of purple eye shadow. On paper, it should work with my skin tone, but I dunno. Note the lovely mosquito bite on my face. By the time I felt it, the damage was done, but I did brush him away with my hand, revealing a trail of blood. I rarely get bit-even all those years on the farm, but our damp weather has been breeding the little bloodsuckers like crazy.

Speaking of insects-I haven't seen or heard any cicadas yet. We're expecting the emergence of the 17 year ones, and I was looking forward to it (because clearly, my life lacks excitement) but thus far, not a sign of them in the city. I might need to take a drive in the country to find any.

Finally, I'll share a photo of this pretty purple ring I bought at K Mart.

I hope all is well in your part of the world. 


ThriftyParka said...

Oooooh, I ADORE your handbag. Your cobbler did an outstanding job refurbishing it.

Tee, hee, funny ring shot, well done.

Janice said...

We are fortunate enough to the Amish community nearby and several of them offer fantastic cobbler services. My father always used their services and the prices were always reasonable.
I hear exactly your point on the purple eye shadow. My brown eyes, brown hair combo should compliment the color as well but some how I always feel it's too young for me. I usually stick with a boring brown shade. But that ring, yes nice fit for that finger!

Bibi said...

Mother nature seems to be having all sorts of 'other' ideas this year & shows no signs of letting up.
I'm liking your other heavy duty bling rings too!
I like when you try other styles for fun & as 'performance art'. I always thought you were flipping off mainstream America's crass consumerism with your thrifted masterpieces, literally & figuratively.
Synthetic fibers are still popular in India & Nepal due to their practicality also. Polyester crepe is called 'sand silk' here.
I don't even bother with eyeshadow. I see all these fancy palettes of 14 different shades & understand you now need 'primer' & 7 different brushes to properly apply shadow. By the time I get all kohl kajal-ed, cat eyed, & mascara-ed up putting on shadow seems excessive. I do like Benefit's High Brow pencil in glow & natural for highlighting the brow bone & covering up those stubby little brow hairs that aren't quite long enough to get with a tweezers.
I do a lot of needlepoint & crewel work, it is a very expensive hobby nowadays.

Curtise said...

Oh I do love that handbag! I have a thing about vintage tapestry and needlepoint bags, and ONE DAY, I will find one like that, big enough to be actually useful as well as beautiful.
Great print on your skirt/blouse set, and I am all in favour of a pussy bow too.
Lilac eye shadow reminds me of Susan Howard when she played Petrocelli's wife - I always thought it looked fab on her! I never bother with eye shadow now - it ends up in my eye creases within an hour, no matter what primer or powder I use first. I'll just have to be content with admiring it on others, including you.
Hope the weather doesn't get too rough... xxx

Sue said...

That handbag deserved to be saved and re united with you. I am shit at doing eye shadow, so I leave it well alone!! I thought you were having SUMMER up in your part of the world? My part of the world is fabulous, thanks for asking, I have been at the beach AGAIN!!!

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka
Thank you. I'm afraid I do quite a bit of bird flipping these days.

"And their pies aren't half bad either!"
I *had* to make that joke.

Thanks for the tip on the brow pencil-I haven't found one I like since Maybellene discontinued their pencil in grey.
Needlework can have you go broke after a while, can't it? Still, for relaxation it is hard to beat.

Really, what *is* it with the tiny bags? Who are these people that use such tiny bags? I don't know who they are, but I probably wouldn't like them. I adore you!

I think your wintertime beach is looking better than our summer weather. Something is wrong, methinks-but I'm glad you got to your beautiful beach.

Mim said...

That is an excellent bag - from the first pic I thought it would be quite dainty, but then I see you holding it and it's a monster!