Friday, June 26, 2015


Equality.  It shouldn't have taken this long.

Nebraska, one of the last hold-out states defending a right to discriminate will now begin issuing same-sex marriage licences.



Janice Weyand said...

The biggest benefits of a legal marriage is the tax status, health benefits, and social security. Then there is the whole spiritual side of things. Why have people been so against the notion of same sex marriage to begin with? I don't understand that.

I guess my next big question is, will anyone do a study to determine the divorce rate of same sex unions in say oh, ten years from now?
Be careful what you wish for...til death do you part is a very long time sometimes. LOL!

Goody said...

I really do wish I could just have a civil union rather than a state sanctioned marriage, but that's me.

I hear Texas and Louisiana are still hiding behind religious freedom protections to deny people marriage licences. I wonder how long it will take for the National Guard troops to deploy to the courthouses ensuring people can exercise their rights? I mean, this doesn't seem much different than desegregating the schools.

Yeah, be careful what you wish for, indeed. I'm losing my hearing as I age, which seems to help our marriage ;)

Mim said...

I honestly don't understand why people think same sex marriages shouldn't be legal. It's not as though when same-sex marriages are legal, everyone has to have one. It doesn't suddenly become mandatory.

I was highly entertained by all the idiots on Twitter announcing that in the light of the ruling, they were mocving to Canada... which has had same-sex marriage for a decade.