Saturday, June 06, 2015

Pissed Off Debutante

Scrolling through today's photos, all I could think was that I look like a  debutante that will quietly have her name removed from the social registry after pursuing a career in roller derby. I wasn't trying to look badass...
...some things just come naturally.

I find it difficult to accessorise these 80's-does-50's dresses as they don't quite work with a crinoline or a wide belt. Still, when I spotted this last weekend at New Life Thrift for $1.97, I knew I was bringing it home. The cotton is very nice, and the bodice is lined (though the skirt is not). There are snaps to hold your bra in place, and all the features I would expect in something made for Talbotts-but then they put in a cheap, flimsy zipper! If I keep the dress, I will replace it, but I'm not sure this is really my style. I seem to be on a quest to buy clothing that is unflattering for my body type. The skirt could be shorter, that's for sure. It is probably obvious by now that I favour the 70's fashions but I'm willing to wear (just about) anything. Why not? At a couple of bucks each, I can afford to experiment. What's the worst that will happen...looking out of the ordinary? Good heavens, that's a bonus!

 If I'd sewn this, the bust darts would be in the right place.

Still, I'm generally more interested in the clothing than how it makes my body look. If I limited my wardrobe to only that which makes me look tall or slender it would be a rather boring activity getting dressed each day. Skinny jeans and oversized jumpers get boring-quickly! That's practically the uniform around here for women my age (perhaps adding in yoga pants and big tee shirts in summer) *Shudder*.

Outfit Particulars:
Talbott's 80's dress-New Life Thrift
Old Navy Shoes-Goodwill
Bamboo bangles-Hand-Me-Ups
Other bangles-all over
Venetian glass earrings-retail, decades ago
Purple leather belt-Goodwill
Purple straw 70's handbag-Goodwill
Purple ring-K Mart
60's enamel flower brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-L'Air du Temps

 Wow, that is one pissed-off debutante.
"I'm going to get out of here and be a big star in the roller-derby. You'll see!"

The plant in the pot at my feet is a bay laurel. This is the second laurel we've owned (the first one died after a few years) and so far (fingers crossed) it seems happy being outside for the spring. This has to be the most practical plant we have, as bay leaves are always called for in soups, sauces, and the like. Being able to go pluck one from my small plant is a real treat. Supposedly, insects don't like it so having bay leaves in your house helps protect from clothes moths and carpet beetles. I guess it couldn't hurt to stash a few leaves in the pockets of winter coats.

The book sale was great, and we all found something interesting to read. They had a good crowd as it was raining buckets and the downtown summer arts festival was probably a less attractive activity. We're under the threat of severe weather again this evening, but I do hope it misses us-the nasturtiums have just started to bud! Nasturtium tempura, anyone?

I hope your weekend is treating you well.


Bibi said...

80's does 50's used to be a staple in my wardrobe. Unfortunately PO'd debutante defiantly turned roller derby queen or waitress in a truck stop can be an unintended affect of the 80's version of the 50's. Very proletariat indeed. Big button earrings, some some garish imitation pearls or large round beaded necklace, a huge corsage like brooch, & obnoxiously chewing a large wad of bubble gum complete the trend from high society to low brow charm.
I miss the beachy, balmy, Mediterranean scent of bay trees in my native California. Chicken soup isn't quite the same without a few bay leaves thrown in.

Beth Waltz said...

The intense color suits you, Goody. However, methinks the zip, the darts, and the 80s does 50s over-full skirt are nibbling at your nerves. There is something about a cotton shirtwaist that suggests "preacher's wife at summer wedding watching the kids watch the cake" that doesn't chime with your fashion vibes.

The enamel flower pin is a keeper, of course. Our local Aldi's is cheered by an older lady who displays her collection of these pins on the big green band of her sombrero. Same woman has a winter knit beret covered in Christmas pins. Hangs spangly bunting on her walker for the 4th. I admire her greatly!

Goody said...


Laverne and Shirley? Maybe that's it?
Whatever it is I don't think it works on me.
I can't imagine being without bay leaves-I won't make a pot of rice without one tossed in the water.

@Beth Waltz
Maybe preacher's wife watching the kids watch the jello salad would be more my speed-then I could wear a nice polyester suit.

Your brooch lady at Aldi sounds wonderful.

Curtise said...

Now, much as I appreciate Bibi's and Beth's views (always so well expressed by the pair of them), I have to say I like this dress on you! I love the colour, I love the square neckline, the matching belt, the big buttons - yes, it's working for me, never mind the crappy zip and the poor dart placement. So don't be too pissed off - I think you look gorgeous! So much better than skinny jeans and a jumper anyway... xxx

Jenn said...

Hey now, we have a fledgeling Derby Girl in our house...what's wrong with roller derby? Come to think of it, Frances is the farthest thing from a debutante that I can think of (NO. DRESSES.) so I guess I can see your point!

Your style is, as always, lovely! I wish I was a size that I could find clothing in thrift shops!

Rebecca said...

I think that is a fun dress and you are right for only $1.97 how can you not want to experiment! A zipper can be an easy fix so it would be worth replacing. I do like the cute matching belt! I sure hope your plant makes it! Sounds like a fabulous plant!


Goody said...


Thank you. I know how much you like a square neckline.

Roller derby is a compliment, believe me!
Frances needs a good moniker to do derby. Maybe something like "Frankie the Formidable"!

My experience with the the thrifts is that I find smaller sizes in cities, and larger ones in the rural areas. At least in North America. Sometimes I can be creative with sewing, taking apart waistbands and inserting elastic ( using button extenders) or removing sleeves that are too tight and narrow to make a sleeveless top.

Mim said...

There's nothing quite like fresh bay leaves, is there? They seem to be nice, hardy little trees, though I think my one has outgrown its pot and needs a bigger one.

I like that outfit on you, but you have lots of splendid outfits so if this one doesn't feel right, why not set the dress free to find a new home?

Goody said...


Part of my summer plan is to gather up the rejected outfits and sell them on ebay. We'll see how far I get with my plan.

Jenn said...

We are thinking 'Frank the Tank' or possibly 'Freakshow Fran'!

She got her first pair of actual roller skates for her birthday yesterday and she's already booting around the block like she was born with them on. The derby club in Regina starts young, at 7, so when she gets involved at the next "Fresh Meat" event she will be in good shape!

Goody said...


Give her a big hug and Happy Birthday wishes from me, will you?

I don't understand how our kids keep getting older when we haven't aged a day...