Friday, September 18, 2015


I switched out the seasonal clothes yesterday. I'll spend the rest of the week hoping the wrinkles fall out without the intervention of an iron (I despise ironing). These culottes weren't going to cooperate, so I gave them a haphazard press, and figured no one would notice in a downpour. We snapped these photos between storms. It was a strange morning with gale-force winds, large shelf-like dark clouds, and then the rain. For a moment, the sky looked like something out of an alien invasion science fiction movie. Fortunately, it was more cold rain than War of the Worlds. 
The honeycake was enjoyed by all, particularly Blondin the squirrel. We still have half a cake, but it keeps well in the fridge. 


For the last six months, my husband has worn the same shirt to work, every day. He bought a week's worth of identical shirts so he wouldn't need to fiddle around with matching clothes. I don't think any of his co-workers have noticed! Danny wanted to get in on the Mono-Shirt trend, so we bought him one too. Predictably, I managed to get the wrong shirts in the wrong closets, and wasn't it a laugh for Mr. ETB trying to get his arm in Danny's small shirt! Reminds me of the time my dad wore my Girl Scout socks to work having got dressed in the dark. How he stretched them over his feet, I'll never know, but he did need to replace them after challenging the elastic beyond its limits. 

I prefer a bit of variety in my wardrobe, though I suppose a black polo neck is about as close to Mono-Shirt as it gets. 

Outfit Particulars:
Polo Neck-Gordman's
80's Culottes-Goodwill (I have the same pair in two colourways. How's that for luck?)
Vintage needlepoint bag-gift
Square bangles-K Mart
Round bangles-all over
Clamper bracelet-can't remember, maybe Target?
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Burberry Woman (the old stuff from the 90's)
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 


Sue said...

Blondin is still with you?? I love Blondin. I haven't tried culottes I quite like them but think I may be a little to short and a little to wide to carry them off. You can so wear them.

Goody said...

It has been a long while that little Blondin has been around, hasn't it? At least I *think* it is the same squirrel!

Connie said...

I love a girl in a black turtleneck. You look so very beatnik. My husband has been wearing the same style of blue and white striped button down collar shirt since he was in high school. He is 66 years old. That's a lot of Brooks Brothers! I wish I could find a style like that and stick to it. Perhaps it is the black turtleneck! Love the photo of twin father and son. Priceless.

Goody said...

A Brooks Brothers mono-shirt beats K Mart's Best any day! If Mr. ETB got within 100 yards of a Brooks Brothers I'm afraid he'd have convulsions. As soon as you said "Blue and white striped button down" I knew *exactly* what you were talking about. I do love the classics.

Beth Waltz said...

Would you believe I know several engineers -- some of them of the feminine gender -- who subscribe to Mr. ETB's system of achieving appropriate workplace attire? One electrical engineer/adjunct professor told me her job-placement counselor advised making such safe-selection wardrobe purchases in bulk. She lives and labors in fine leather loafers, corduroy slacks or khakis, topped with twin-sets or long-sleeved cotton tees. If she has to attend a meeting, she wears gold hoops and a scarf. Ditto, her husband the engineer/inventor, except he skips the earrings and wears a tie instead of a scarf.

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

There's something to be said for a uniform, I guess. It would be torture for me.

Mim said...

I suppose the thing of having a workplace 'uniform' is that it saves people having to go through the minefield of choosing what's appropriate, or having to ensure the right things are clean to go with other things. I'd get really bored of it, myself. Part of choosing my daily outfits - including perfume and jewellery - is working out how I feel that day. Who feels exactly the same every day?

Goody said...


"Who feels exactly the same every day?"

My husband. He's as monotonous as his shirts. That's not a bad thing as he's reliable, and predictable. I'll bet he's felt exactly the same every single day for the last 55 years. He'd eat a burrito for dinner every night too, if I let him. We balance each other out, but if ever there was a man made for a uniform it is Mr. ETB.