Monday, September 21, 2015

Nailing the Trends With Vintage

 I knew the 70's look would come back eventually-and I was ready for it! Goodness I love a good midi-length wrap dress. In the 70's, I would have worn this with tall, tight boots but wanting to give it all a somewhat modern look I dug out a pair of ankle height ones instead. I would have been smoking back then too, so I did the next best thing (because who can afford six dollars a packet for cigarettes?!) and wore Bandit in all its glorious tobacco notes. Don't smoke kids, it'll give you wrinkles. Get some stinky perfume instead.

The jacket is really a dress that I don't care for. As a jacket, I find it more flattering and versatile. Shirt dresses are hard to wear when you have big boobs.

 I bought this cuff bracelet today at Goodwill. I don't think the turquoise is real, but the bracelet is stamped silver. Not bad for $3.99.
I had an uncle that wore a cuff much like this one. He's been gone more than 30 years, but I was happy to buy a piece of jewelry that reminds me of him. I doubt I'll start wearing cowboy boots with formal attire, but I guess it could happen. Never say never.

Danny built me a couple bookcases for some of my handbag collection. I took that as a reason to buy more handbags, I mean what will all the extra space now.
He ever-so-gently tapped his thumb with the hammer (no blood or bruises) but made dramatic faces anyway.

Really, he's fine. Anyway, now that he has demonstrated a skill for such tasks I think we should let him loose making bookcases for our ever-expanding book collection. Who knew he was so talented?

Outfit Particulars:

Wrap dress-Can't remember (had it for years)
Boots-K Mart
Carpet bag-Goodwill
Copper earrings-K Mart
Bracelet-garage sale
Flower in glass pendant-Shop Ko

As I was re-arranging my handbags in their new home I was surprised how many I have accumulated. I like a nice clutch evening bag, but do I need 25 of them?! I could outfit an entire class' prom. At a certain point, a black silk clutch is a black silk clutch no matter how nice the rhinestone hardware is. It just seems a shame leaving them when it is often only a matter of pocket change. Unless my social life gets a lot more interesting, I think it is time to pass some of these along to people that might have use for an evening bag-there's only so many cosmetic bags/sewing kit holders/pencil cases you can re-purpose them into. In the process of getting set in the bookcases, I also found a number of bags I'd forgotten I own as they were high up on a shelf. It will be much nicer having my bags easily available without the threat of them tumbling down on my head each time I open the cupboard door.

The weekend thrifts also provided me with two long, vintage coats. One is a cashmere camel shawl collar type, the other a tweedy/green and black. I'd place them late 50's/early 60's. I've had great luck washing wool coats gently in the tub, then hanging them dry. I guess I know what I'll be doing today. The coats were only ten bucks, so I'm not about to spend upwards of thirty having them cleaned. In most cases I do a better job than the cleaners anyway.

Hope everyone has a great week.


ThriftyParka said...

hah! I know what you mean by cleaning dry-clean things in the tub! I've done it with great (and a few times not great) success.

I love your outfit, and I'm positively drooling over your lovely handbag. Is it velvet? Are the flowers embroidered on? Enquiring minds want to know.

I know the feeling when you question the amount of clutches you have. I have to limit myself too, as I moved 3 years ago (after living in the same house for 25 years), and it was quite a downsizing shock.

If only we had limitless storage and display space for accessories (sigh).

Curtise said...

I am sooooo behind on commenting, I do apologise. I've caught up on reading your posts now, and just wanted to say hurray for culottes, phoaaarrr to your magnificent boobage in that polo neck jumper, and I adore the black 60s bag in your last post.
Loving the 70s vibe in this outfit, you do suit a wrap dress. Anything with buttons up the front is an issue for the bigger boobed woman, there is always that troublesome gapping between buttons... Gorgeous bag, beautiful colours, and I am a wee bit jealous of that turquoise cuff. And even more so of a child who can make bookcases - I definitely want one of those! xxxx

Sue said...

I know what you mean about shirts and big boobs, its the button placement factor I think, and I don't do collars either. Loving your wrap dress, you so suit chocolate brown. That bracelet is divine, I like Turquoise, real or fake, I think it is the gorgeous colour that attracts me. Well done Danny the builder!! I have seen evening bags hung on a wall as an Art display, could be an idea for some of your ever increasing collection.

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka

The bag is velvet with some sort of embroidery and beading on one side. I think it is trying to mimic tapestry. I really hate the velvet handle as it catches on sweaters, so I'm looking for large dowels to replace it.

Danny's on his way over to start the carpentry lessons ;)

Collars are evil, I tell 'ya! Unless it ties in a pussy-bow or has an exceptionally pointy collar that can be opened wide, I stay away from them as well.

Beth Waltz said...

My green eyes are glowing at that velvet bag! The conversion of the coat-dress to open coat is brilliant, as is the choice of muted green tights under the soft browns of the dress and coat. This is elegant!

Agreed, that the bracelet's stones might not be authentic -- and might not be original. I've discovered a few old silver findings in the 'misc' bin, and once purchased a stamped ring for its maker's mark. (Some years later, a friend gave me a stone to fill the void; cheaper than real turquoise, of course, but now the ring is wearable.)

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

I never thought to buy the broken/stone missing pieces with a plan to re-stone them. That's a VERY good tip!

Mim said...

That dress makes a great coat. I've decided to live with button gape - I just make sure I wear nice bras!

I wash dry-clean-only items in the tub too. My sheepskin rug gets a dip each summer when it's hot enough outside to get it dry in a day, and I handwash wool skirts too. (I tack any pleats down so they hold their shape and are easier to iron.)

Goody said...


You know, the gape can be avoided if you unbutton to a 70's disco level (basically your navel). Of course, then you're going to really want nice bras.