Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rock On, Maaaaan

It was, "Embarrass Your Kids Day" at the library. We're thinking this photo should be our Christmas card this year. Don't worry, we're not the worst parents in the world-we let the kid play the Centipede arcade game at Broncos for an hour and a half this afternoon.

The nice thing about Saturdays in Nebraska during football season is that most places are abandoned when the game is on. That leaves a leisurely afternoon to enjoy the autumnal weather free of the crowds that would otherwise be in your way. I don't like football, but I love football Saturdays! I tried to find an outfit that would reflect the 80's as we were going to play a game that reached its height of popularity circa 1981. This Richard Warren cropped jacket ticks all the 80's boxes. Short, huge shoulder pads, red and black, large hounds-tooth print-the reason I purchased the jacket for my collection was how well it represents the era. As a vintage collector, I like unusual pieces, but my space is limited and I try to buy clothes that are good examples of a style/era. Is this my favourite jacket to wear? Absolutely not (I think it borders on hideous) but it is representative.
 Throw on some big earrings and rings...
...and short boots...
...and that pretty much completes the look. 
Outfit Particulars:
1980's Richard Warren jacket-Goodwill
Skirt-Sears (about 10 years ago)
Boots-K Mart
1980's "Soft Elegance" pussy-bow blouse (great name)-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
Rings-All over
Rhinestone monogram pins-Hobby Lobby
Vintage 60's handbag-a thrift store in Massachusetts decades ago
Fragrance-Cabochard (vintage)
Lippy-Loreal British Red
 I confess to playing a few games of Centipede when Danny was taking breaks. I've still got it! Even at my age there's still a bit of giddy excitement at entering your initials in the game for your high score. I majored in Centipede at University. I had a minor in Pinball. What I wasn't counting on was a migraine-guess my old eyes ain't what they used to be, and tri-focals are hell for playing video games. Next time, I'll try to limit my time, "shooting worms."
Watch out for those spiders!

...and rock on, maaaaan.


Bibi said...

I think Florida is where the 80's went to die- or at least into indefinite (but still quite active)retirement.
Like you look totally awesome, bitchin', bad, boss, righteous, radical, gnarly,& tubular(says Bibi in her best valley girl 'up speak' with a hint of vocal fry).
You do need some atrociously bigger hair though.
Also some sartorial absurdity loudly emblazoned with a designer name like Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, Perry Ellis, Pierre Cardin, Geoffery Beene, Bongo, Guess, Ralph Lauren, etc. (One's arse was a favorite place to display your chosen 'brand' of conspicuous consumption in the 80's as I'm sure you recall).
Oh yes, and do drench yourself in a monster fragrance even bigger than your hair & shoulder pads- ie Lou Lou, Forever Krystle, Camp Beverly Hills, Fendi, Love's Baby Soft or for the geriatric crowd Ysatis or anything by Gale Hayman.
I miss those Atari games. I was a big fan of Q-bert.
Sigh, memories.

Goody said...


Unless I invest in a wig, I'm afraid no amount of mousse or gel will make this hair any bigger.

I was talking with a woman in a thrift store buying clothes for her daughter's "80's Day" at school. She was having trouble finding stuff and it was funny because I was looking at a rail of 80's dresses. In her mind, (and I think she was a child of the 90's) the 80's was all leggings and big, bright sweaters. When I remember the 80's, I remember those stupid "female ties" on blouses, and suit jackets with huge shoulders. I guess your take on the decade would depend on whether you were already in the work world or not.

Beth Waltz said...

What an appropriate tribute ensemble to wear on the occasion of the passing of Jackie Collins, the Queen of 80s Fluff Literature! (But I do think she'd have worn 5" heels of some sort. Her perfume? Your guess, of course!)

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

I'm wearing heavy eyeliner-does that count as a tribute?
Gosh, what perfume would Jackie Collins wear? Poison, maybe?