Saturday, June 04, 2016

The .49 Cent Pure Linen Dress (and more)

Goodwill started doing a .49 cent sale that changes each week with the colour on the tag. As it is random what items will go on sale, the best day to get there is Monday. I rarely get to Goodwill on a Monday, and as a result rarely get the fantastic deals. Well. Last Monday was a holiday, and this dress was hanging on the rail waiting for me. I figured, if it didn't fit I could always make place mats and napkins from it.

Luckily for me, the dress fit, and is comfortable as well. The linen is quite heavy, and resists wrinkling too horribly. Mushroom/stone/greenish-grey, might not be my best colour, but a dress like this will be indispensable once summer kicks into high gear.

I believe it is from the 90's, as I had similar long dresses at the time.

For once, the leg slit isn't so high it borders on obscene. That's a feature I have trouble with on dresses and skirts. At least this one is on the side-why oh why do designers place them in the front? There's no way to sit politely.

The dress hits just about at my ankle, which is perfect as I wanted to wear fairly low heels. My memory of this sort of dress in the 90's involved much hemming, so I was pleased that this was likely designed for a shorter person. I won't say, "Petite" as that would imply generally small which I sure as hell ain't no more.

This necklace is a personal favourite I've had since student days. As I recall, it was a bit out of my limited budget, but I purchased it anyway figuring it was timeless and I'd always wear it. That turned out partly right, and after neglecting it for a couple decades I have started wearing it once more. I can't wear it for an entire day though-not without risking a neck sprain. This sucker is

Outfit Particulars:
1990's grey-ish linen dress-Goodwill
Naturalizer sandals-Goodwill
1970's Collins-esque bag-Goodwill
Necklace-The Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois, 80's(The shop wasn't limited to Mexican items, as the name would imply)
Bracelet-Garage sale
Vintage carved Bakelite earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance- Vintage formulation Coty Muget de Bois
Lippy-Estee Lauder Maplesugar

What is this? Bananas growing in Omaha, Nebraska? Why yes, they are-inside the new conservatory at Lauritzen Gardens.

It was an unusually pleasant day weather-wise so we set out to walk the grounds (and the glass house) at Lauritzen. We didn't linger too long inside as it was like being in a sauna.

 For a small city, Omaha has so much to offer nature-wise, and I'll try to feature some of these wonderful places to visit on the blog. Perhaps you'll be inspired to visit our city-and me! I'd love to show you around.

You would think a glass house would be the perfect place for natural light photography.

Outfit Particulars:
Blouse-K Mart
Organza palazzo pants (lined)-Goodwill (another .49 cent steal)
Vintage brooch-New Life Thrift
Belt-Von Maur more than a decade ago
Earrings-K Mart
Vintage bag-Etsy

Finally, I'll leave you with this branding that made me laugh.
"Duh, lookit what happens when I put my foot on the lever!"

Have a great weekend. I'm putting mine to good use sleeping.


Bibi Maizoon said...

I had a linen dress like that from the brand FLAX in the 90's. Wore it with my nubuck Dansko clogs and a large straw hat to Whole Foods & farmer's markets on summer weekends when I lived in California. Unfortunately that color looked about as good on me as it does on you, I wonder who that color does look good on? 49 cent organza palazzos, zowie!

I'd love to go to Omaha & visit you!

Polyester Princess said...

That .49 cent sales sounds great. And I thought I was doing some deals this week buying stuff at € 1. Love the necklace, I can understand it's a favourite. Have a great weekend. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

49c! Bloody hell, what a bargain! The dress looks lovely on you and I love the colour. I think that colour would like magnificent with a tan. I love your accessories, especially the bag. You look fabulous in your black (more 49c bargains!) outfit and silver accessories; so elegant,

Lovely flora and I would have never guessed that bananas grew in Omaha, Nebraska!


Sue said...

Good score with that linen frock, and it looks perfect. I love your necklace, bet you are super glad you kept that one. I would love to come to Omaha and have you as my personal tour guide, we would have sooooooo much fun!!!

Goody said...

I'd love to have you visit-you'd love our local garden centre.

I'm thinking of dyeing the dress a forest green.

You found some really great items going by your last post. You have a very good eye for quality.

Being allergic to latex in all forms, I kept a wary eye on those bananas as I passed beneath.

We'd probably get arrested for causing some sort of public disturbance if we ever got together!

Beth Waltz said...

I'd gladly swan about in the linen column this hot summer, 'neath an enormous floppy hat. The ethnic (Coptic?) necklace completes the barging down the Nile look!

Goody said...


The necklace is Afghan (or so I was told when I purchased it).

I have the floppy hats, but I keep walking into people when I wear them as it eliminates my peripheral! Who knew sun hats could be so dangerous?

Vix said...

I'd love to come and visit you, maybe one day!!
What a bargain with that dress. Monday does seem to be a good day for chazzing round here, too.
Love that ethnic necklace and you look wonderful in black.
If only our kitchen bin did that - it used to but now the lid falls on the floor and scares the hell out of the cats. xxx

Mim said...

It must be great to have something to wear in the heat - who cares (too much) about the colour when it's comfy? I see from your response to Bibi that you're planning to dye it; that's a good plan.

Goody said...

We'll see if I ever get around to it-I'm terrible about that sort of thing (you should see my mending pile).