Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Highlights From My Afternoon

Not that I make a habit of this sort of thing, but I let my son eat an ice cream sundae for lunch. He'd been so cooperative at the optometrist (having his eye re-checked) and the next couple of chores that I decided to take him to the ice-cream parlour. The following are some of the highlights from lunch.

"Can you have sundae on a Tuesday?"

(playing with my Nantucket basket necklace)"What's in there? Is there cheese in there?" (and then, loudly so all the old folks having lunch could hear) "Are there cheese maggots in there?" (proud, "That's my boy" moment there).

(Looking at pies in glass case) "That's a cherry pie, that's apple pie...what's that pie mama? Oh, that's cheesecake. Cheesecake is very good and very tasty. Mama will make cheesecake after she cans pears."

(To waitress) "The grocery store was out of Ball jars. The drug store was out of Ball jars. We need Ball jars. Mama has to go to Lincoln for Ball jars to make pears. Mama will make cheesecake."

"Two kinds of syrup!"

"The kitchen by the bathroom is where the mama bakes pies. This bathroom is by the kitchen,"

"I have to go...right now."

"I have to go again."

Me: This ice cream is pretty much melted now Danny."
Danny: (grabbing the dish) Danny will eat it. Danny will eat it." (shoots mama a "back off of my ice-cream" look).

(announces loudly to entire place) "Ice cream is very tasty...mama necklace has cheese maggots!"

(leaving) "Thank you, Danny really enjoyed that."

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