Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunshine on My Shoulders

There's off-the-shoulder, and then there's this.

 I guess I can rule this out as a potential State Fair dress-I can't lean forward in it. Don't want people whispering about, "The pie slut from Omaha," Sigh. I bought this dress in the sale at Lady Vintage, but I bought it too big. I'm so accustomed to clothes being small on top that I err on the large side of measurements. The dress is cut very generously up top for a US size 14. The sleeves are meant to fit tight on the arms as well. That's okay, I'll make a few adjustments and it will be perfectly wearable-so long as I don't bend over!

"Hey Pie Slut, didja drop something over here? Heh, heh."
Not falling for that one.
 I should mention that the dress is beautifully made from a heavy sateen cotton. The print was inexplicably called, "Art Deco" when, "Atomic" would be more accurate, and the background colour looked less grey on the website, but I'm still very pleased with the purchase. I don't wear a lot of repro, but I've been happy with the Lady Vintage dresses.

Outfit Particulars:
Dress-Lady Vintage London
Johanssen vintage handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage coil bead bracelets-both Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage panel bracelet-New Life Thrift
Vintage crystal earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Well, I've had my second cup of tea, so I'd better get moving with my Monday morning. Hope you have a great week.


Polyester Princess said...

What a dress! I seriously love that atomic print, which is looking fab with the red accessories. I would never be brave enough to wear such a seriously off-the-shoulder dress, so kudos to you, Goody. Oh, and I don't think a "pie slut" would wear such a sophisticated dress. Speaking of the State Fair, I take it you haven't decided on the dress yet? xxx

Vix said...

A pie slut would have her red bra on show rather than a belt, I reckon.
That dress looks good on you but Art Deco? Are they having a laugh? xxx

Mim said...

All hail the pie slut! I bet you'd win ALL the prizes.

No way that print is art deco. It's fantastic, and I'm heading over to their site right now because I love a good print, but it's definitely atomic.

Bibi Maizoon said...

VaVaVoom! I love that dress! too big or too small I'd wear it with a big ol' floppy red straw hat & red lippy and be Pie Queen or maybe PinU !!! Bibi loves anything 50's so she might be biased. (But it looks absolutely wonderful on you!) I err on the side of excess in tops too. Art Deco? the style, cut, and fabric pattern are soooo Mid-Century wonderfully Atomic Age & Fabulous 50's!!!!

Not to drone on but I have a child who went through an insect-obsessed stage: grasshoppers go through a nymph stage where the look like baby wingless grasshoppers. It takes about 9 weeks for grasshoppers to go from egg to adult wherein they go through 5 nymphal instar stages. Believe me, my son can blather on about insects & the minutiae thereof as much as Bibi can about plants. We are an exciting family, I know.

Radostin said...

Wonderful! You look gorgeous. The atomic print is fantastic. Yes, yes, yes.

Goody said...

I'm leaning towards the white peasant top with my red and white square dancing skirt, but no-I haven't decided yet. I'm starting to obsess about my hat now!

I wonder if website designer was smokin' something?

They have some excellent prints this year, but strangely enough, mostly birds.

OK, I'll take your son's word for it-kids always know much more about that stuff than anyone else! Listen, it is better than having them absorbed in pop music or sports-your family is MUCH more exciting than the average.

Well, you said I should show some cleavage :)

Anonymous said...

I think it would look fine (and be OK for forward leans) with a couple of wider ( 2 in or so)straps added one, either a co-ordinated color or a contrast. JanF

Radostin said...

Yup, I'm all for cleavage!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Ummm... my comment was supposed to read Pie PinUp not PinU. Sorry!

Beth Waltz said...

I second the va-va-voom! This is the dress one wears to a classic car show -- and is there invited to perch/pose on the hood of something with fins, holding a Gurrtini.

*Gurrtini, a "healthy" drink invented by Disney imagineer Bob Gurr, now an extremely active 86-year-old, living proof of the drink's efficacy... It involves dropping an olive into a large martini glass, adding vermouth half-way up the olive, then gently topping up the glass with Bombay gin. See "Bob Gurr drinks gasoline" on YouTube.

Miss Magpie said...

haha I have the same issue with various repro frocks. I don't have a waist so sizes big enough to fit my middle are always designed for ladies with huge boobs.

Goody said...

Ha! That's my idea of a martini too...but only Beefeater or Boodles, never Bombay!

@Miss Magpie
I have really big knockers so I'm wondering who the lucky ladies are that fit in this dress?!