Friday, May 08, 2020

Every Day She Takes a Morning Bath She Wets Her Hair
More of the same. Inspired by the relentless sameness of getting dressed each day, I set myself a bit of a challenge to wear some of my embellished skirts. I’ve been posting them daily on Instagram but thought I would do a roundup of some here for the people that understandably don’t want to do Instagram.
These were all thrifted, of course.
I have this pattern in several colourways. It must have been quite a popular print.
This one has such a good print!
There’s that print again!
This one is quite different as it combines tie dye with sequins.

Here’s something with uncharacteristically bright
Matching my belt to a bracelet feels like some sort of achievement 😁
And yet another long time favourite.
Not sure how many more I can dig out of storage but if memory serves , I have several more of these about. 
I’ll leave you with some randomness from the week:
Our cases are skyrocketing in Nebraska thanks to bad practices by the companies that own the meat packaging houses. People are screaming about meat shortages but don’t seem to care much about the people dying to provide their hamburgers. Have you read The Jungle? Not to get all “Marxist on Main” but the treatment of immigrant   workers hasn’t changed much.  If they’re Essential Workers we ought to treat them with better care, and provide hazard pay. Where’s the cheering and flyovers for our meatpackers? A person shouldn’t work to slaughter 1000 chickens a day and be denied a safe environment in which to work. These workers ARE heroes.*steps down off soapbox *
The next few seeks are going to be ugly. Don’t be fooled by all the talk of re- opening. Stay safe. 


Emily said...

If Instagram had a contest for people to match two accessories that weren't part of an original set, you'd win hands down for that white and gold bracelet and belt! I did a double-take because I really thought they had been sold together.

Can you wrap the 19-inch belt around your wrist three times to make a bracelet, or it would be too chunky and heavy to wear? Or could you attach it to a clutch as a strap?

Those midcentury buildings are ugly and beautiful at the same time. I'm glad you're taking photos to remember them because they are so evocative of the period and the place.

Beth Waltz said...

Got a bit of black velvet ribbon? Try looping it through the end links of that book chain belt (or open the back to create end links) and tie the ribbon in a bow! It could work.

Do admire the manner in which the black bottom border and vertical black panels on the green colorway print skirt tie it so neatly to the black top! It's very ladies-fashion show/luncheon-at-the-country-club. Can't see your shoes: would you use flats or wedgies?

My response to the revelations of working conditions in the major meat processing chains has been to establish an account with a local meat producer/processor team. Pasture raised animals only, are slaughtered and dressed by people who respect themselves and their customers. They do deliver to the door. The cost is such that I'll be eating much less beef, but enjoying it more. It seems the only votes that count now are those made with one's wallet. Meanwhile, the covidiots multiply like a virus...

Bibi Maizoon said...

My favorites are the green jungle-y floral and the floral with the black and white border. Can you tell I like flowers?
Despite recent trends, I think mid-century architecture will not be appreciated for the next 50 yrs or so.
Still under nationwide lockdown here in Nepal. No cases in our district yet but increasing clusters along the Indian border as Nepali itinerant workers return home.

Polyester Princess said...

What an absolutely amazing collection of embellished skirts you have. I've been greatly admiring them on Instagram but don't mind seeing a round-up here at all. They are all equally gorgeous, but my favourites remain the black one with the giant flowers and the green number, obviously! That dragonfly brooch is fabulous too! How horrible that cases are skyrocketing in Nebraska due to these companies' working conditions. That's very sad indeed! xxx

Vix said...

Those skirts really suit you and you've got a cracking collection of them. I don't get IG, I rarely see anyone's posts unless I actively click on names and go to the page, blogging is much more user friendly!
Well done for photographing those buildings before they get bulldozed.
We're all on tenterhooks here waiting for BoJo's big announcement at 7pm. God help us! x

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Fabulous skirts each and everyone! And amazing accessories as always!

I'm very sorry to hear your meat packers are being treated so poorly - what's the union saying/doing about it?

Stay safe and sane, Goody!

Señora Allnut said...

I've loved to see those embellished skirts in IG, but I also love a nice recap!
Actually, I love all of them in every possible color, and love how brilliantly you've accessorized them. I'm in love with the bracelet and belt matchiness!.
And I admire that all your tops go so nicely and have interesting shapes and flattering details, which is brilliant. Love particularly the red-burgundy skirt with the bolero jacket!. It's difficult to pick just one.
Totally agree about not get fooled by all the talk of re- opening, it's time to be particularly sensible and keep ourselves safe. Obviously, you're right about those 'Essential Workers' that are usually underpaid and have to work in unsafe conditions, it's outrageous.

Goody said...

Ideally I'd like to make a necklace from the chain and turn the clasp into a pendant or brooch. I always hesitate to take things apart, particularly if they look like they might be antique. I have another belt that appears to be made of early celluloid and plastic painted to look like silver that would make several great earrings, but again, I hesitate. I don't want to destroy something that's survived 100 years intact.

The ribbon is a good idea! If I ever get to a fabric shop again, I'll look for some.
There are no shoes, just my ugly house slippers. I have nice slippers, but they're less useful for standing on my feet or running laundry up and down stairs. I miss shoes. And handbags.
That's a good approach to the butchering issue. I'm a long time vegetarian, but the boys enjoy a chicken or the occasional lamb chops.

You are so lucky they closed everything off quickly. Not being able to travel for Ramadan must be hard (or a relief, depending on your situation)but home is definitely the best place to be right now.

I do love brutalist architecture.

Thank you. The dragonfly was a gift. It is a museum reproduction from the Henry Ford Museum. It is inspired by a design on a stained glass lamp in the museum collection.

I can't be too critical of "Be aware" because we haven't got much better leadership. I was sort of hoping Boris' brush with death might have had a positive impact, but well, ugh.
I keep getting unsubscribed from people's IG feeds-no idea why.

Thank you.
The Unions have been so stripped of their power over the years that they can't do much but scream about it. Now that the public has caught on there's pressure to get people tested but not because they care about the workers, but out of fear it might cause food shortages. We treat immigrant labourers so appallingly bad here. The worst is politicians blaming the workers saying their poverty and living conditions are causing the spread and that they might not have picked it up at work. Imagine being that evil! Working shoulder to shoulder in a packing house is where people are getting sick-not in their homes and neighbourhoods. The racism is so blatant.

Thank you. I'm having so much fun with the skirt posts.
In the old days there would have been a general strike. Today, people just endure the exploitation.

Mim said...

You stay safe too.

There's a lot of aggro here because people are now being encouraged to work, but not to go by public transport - when the people who do the lowest-paid jobs tend to use public transport, while the middle classes don't need to drive because many of them can work from home.

Pretty sure one billionaire is as nutritious as 50 chickens...

On a happy note, I have been very much enjoying seeing all your embellished skirts on Instagram. They're so pretty!

Miss Magpie said...

I don't really instagram (I only have a smart phone for work!) so thank you for the round up. Urgh don't get me started on the idiots who want 'freedom'. stay safe xx