Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bracing For Bad Weather

We're under a severe weather watch this evening. I took these photographs this evening; the air was dead still and very heavy. My sister used to call it "furry air" when we were kids in Illinois. Having been through one tornado in '92, I tend to get a bit nervous when the sky starts looking like this. It may be a long evening in Southeast Nebraska.

I baked two loaves of bread today and I'm glad-the rest of the week and well into next is expected to be extremely hot and humid. I already feel somewhat trapped in the house as I cannot go outdoors in the sun (hats and sunscreen don't help) but with the extreme heat and (fun trivia fact about the blogger) the fact that I no longer sweat like a normal person (really, I don't and that's more of a problem than you'd imagine) I'll be staying indoors with a bored two year old for the next 7-10 days. Yippee. It's ok, I have a stash of construction paper, glue and empty milk cartons-we'll figure something out. I'm open to suggestions as well.

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