Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dessert on a 100 Degree F. Evening

We've been in this heat for days now-and it isn't due to break until Saturday. I have a freezer filled with baked bread, and I refuse to light the oven. Tonight, we had salads, bread, and cheese. I've only left the house long enough to let the dog out to the yard. Normally one to dally, even little old poodle dog hurries back to the joy that is our window air conditioner. Yep, that's right-we don't have central air. I haven't actually, since I left home. Haven't had a dishwasher either, but I can't honestly say I miss either. We have two ceiling fans, and they do a pretty good job moving the air around.

I personally have never grown bored with ice cream. Still, the two weirdos I live with seem to need constant variety when it comes to dessert, so I employed the secret weapon that is the parfait glass. Oh, now would you look at that...mama made parfaits. That's something special.

I cut-up two ripe peaches, sugared them, added a bit of dried ginger, and tossed in some lemon juice. For the whipped cream, I used confectioner's sugar with cornstarch to help the whipped cream hold until dessert. I know, the cherry is wholly unnecessary, but what the hell-it is 100 degrees F. outside.


Raymond said...

The cherry is wholly unnecessary??!! Please! "A Cherry On Top" is tradition! Not putting a cherry on top is... is..... al Qaeda!!

Goody said...

If we omit the cherry on top, the terrorists win.