Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Lengths Some Children Will Go To Avoiding A Maths Test

I heard the crash from the next room. I'd given Danny a ten minute break between subjects, and in that time he managed to tip backward in his desk, and whack the back of his head on the edge of the (wood) toy kitchen. Excellent.

I'm not really given to panic, but I did find the goose egg forming somewhat alarming (it was huge!) so I took him to the small, local hospital. Fortunately, our family physician was on call.

As we waited, the nurse checked Danny over while he explained how you have bones to protect your organs, and how lucky that was, or he'd be stuffing his brains back into his ears by now.

"Do you know who this lady is?" she asked, pointing at me.

I suppose they need to see if his thinking is impaired, or maybe his impromptu biology class had the nurse thinking he was delirious.

"Her?" Danny asked puzzled. "That's Mama." He looked at her as though her noggin had gotten the thud.

"But do you know her name?" The nurse persisted.
"Her surname? Her name is_________________. Isn't it on the form?"

So yes, he's fine. I'll need to wake him up a few times tonight-just to be safe, and we still need to make sure he didn't get some sort of whiplash falling backward, but gee whiz! Personally, I think he just wanted to avoid taking his maths test today.

The discharge nurse handed us the instruction sheet.

"Mama, what does it say?"
"It says, take Tylenol for pain, check you during the night, and never, ever, ever lean backward in a chair again. Ever."

I could hear giggling as we left.

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