Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who Wants To Buy Books and Have a Picnic?

The Omaha library book sale is coming up in September (10, 11, 12th). I know there are a handful of local readers, so consider yourselves invited. If you're interested in doing some sort of meet-up for book buying, (and some of my famous cheese and chutney sandwiches) drop me an email.

Saturday is often the most crowded. Friday is the best for small crowds, and when they have Sunday hours (as they will this time) the books are often greatly reduced (.25 to .50). I stocked up on classics last time.

Even if you don't care to spend time with us (but really, why wouldn't you?) make plans to get over there if only for a quick run through. Of all the places I've lived, this is the library sale that consistently has the best stuff. I really marvel at the things they will sell for a dollar.

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