Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're All Going To Die

How can the little line-drawn family be in such danger-they look so happy enjoying their undercooked eggs. Oh God no! NO! Little Timmy just dipped his soldiers in a soft boiled egg and now he's got the cast and scour! No Susie, for the love of God, NO! Not the floating island!

So hey, lookie at the fun little USDA pamphlet I have from 1967. I was in the supermarket today, and noticed a large sign over the egg case indicating their eggs were not part of the recall. I swear, it was almost boastful-in big red letters.

"Oh no, not our eggs." (that wasn't the exact wording, but it was implied)

As we don't yet know if the outbreak was due to contaminated feed, that seems a bit premature to be announcing their eggs perfectly safe, unless they already know something the public does not. Personally, I think they just want to sell eggs, and aren't really all that concerned with the risk, but some people think I'm kind of cynical. *shrugs* Pretty large commercial operations at those places, I'm really amazed this didn't happen sooner (or it has happened, but was under-reported). Mr. ETB had a really bad case of the cast and scour a few weeks ago after eating a breakfast burrito from a local chain. Now he kind of wonders. Usually, that sort of thing doesn't last over a week-and his did.

So here are some things the USDA was recommending we feed our families in 1967. I wouldn't go for these today, unless you know your egg source pretty darn well.

"Use only clean, sound shelled eggs for this recipe."

-But if you have filthy, cracked, weeping ones, just bake 'em in a souffle and no one will be the wiser?

I know when I'm putting eggs on toast, it becomes really elegant with the addition of relish and parsley. Oooh, look, they suggest it for the lunch box. Weren't the 60's awesome? You could leave an egg salad sandwich in your locker all morning, eat it, and live to tell the tale?

Hey, look on the bright side-the price of eggs has come tumbling down this week.

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